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Avaaz Petition for FIFA to Compensate the Families of Migrant Workers Who Died Building Stadium in Qatar

November 1, 2022

This is another internet petition I’ve received and signed. As many people have pointed out, the conditions for migrant workers in Qatar is very much like real slavery, and it is only just that the families of those who have died building the multi-million dollar footie stadium for the coming world cup receive their proper compensation.

More than 6750 modern day slaves have died preparing Qatar for the 2022 World Cup. Hundreds of thousands more still toil for as little as a dollar an hour. FIFA stands to make billions of dollars in profit, but refuses to compensate workers or their families fairly. Sign now to demand that FIFA pay these workers and their families what they deserve! #PayUpFIFA


Dear friends,

Imagine being so desperate for work that you left your family behind to live in a squalid camp thousands of miles away and toil in the desert heat for as little as $1 an hour. Then you died, alone, and your family got nothing. This was the terrible fate of more than 6,750 modern-day slaves who died preparing Qatar for the 2022 World Cup.

Now imagine that those who exploited and abused you were set to rake in billions while the family you left behind spiraled deeper into poverty.

FIFA chose Qatar’s despotic regime to host the World Cup, well aware of reports that forced labor and abuse of poor migrant workers was a common practice in the country.  As a direct result, more than 6,750 vulnerable migrant workers have died building the glitzy stadiums and posh hotels that will be filled with football fans in a few weeks. 

That’s 40 deaths for every goal expected at this year’s World Cup.

Don’t let FIFA profit off of abuse!

FIFA is under pressure to set aside $440 million for these workers – the same amount that will be awarded to the winning teams. Rights groups, footballers, and even some of the World Cup’s top corporate sponsors are part of the push. But with less than four weeks until kickoff, we need to amplify this call to force FIFA to do the right thing. So sign now and we’ll deliver your voices straight to FIFA’s front door in Zurich.

Don’t let FIFA profit off of abuse!

Avaaz stands up for human rights and workers’ rights around the world. Already in 2015 Avaaz urged Qatar to end its modern slavery ahead of the World Cup, receiving almost a million signatures. In the years since, the Qatar government has taken steps to address these issues, but more can be done!

With hope and determination,
Bieta, Nate, Christine, John, Laura, Miguel, Marta and the rest of the Avaaz team

More information:

Petition from Internet Democracy Group Avaaz for a General Election

October 21, 2022

Liz Truss’ resignation and the prospect of the installation of another Tory prime minister without a general election has prompted the internet democracy groups Avaaz and 38 Degrees to launch petitions calling for one. Here’s Avaaz’s, which I received yesterday.

Liz Truss is gone but Tory plans to replace her with another unelected Prime Minister make a mockery of democracy. The British people must have a say! Join the voters across the UK uniting to demand an immediate general election.


Dear friends across the U.K.,

Liz Truss has resigned.

But under Tory plans, we’re not getting a vote on who replaces her. In just 7 days, they want to crown a new Prime Minister – the second unelected PM in two months.

It makes a mockery of democracy. They’ve already crashed the economy, making life worse for millions. Now they want to choose our next PM!

The British people must have a say. And they must have it now.

MPs care what their constituents think. Let’s build a massive urgent call for an immediate general election, and let’s ensure the British people, not a few Tory MPs, decide who leads the country through the economic crisis that Downing Street helped to create.

Click to demand an immediate general election

The Conservative Party has gone into complete meltdown. Political insanity has become the new normal. There is now no legitimate reason to deny the British people a say – every major political party except the Tories is calling for a general election.

Despite what Tory bigwigs would like to believe, Britain is still a democracy. Our people have the right to choose who leads them. Any leader imposed upon us would have no mandate and no legitimacy, as they make some of the most consequential decisions of a generation.

A massive call from the public right now could win us the election we need. Add your name and share with everyone you know – let’s take back our democracy, before more damage is done.

Click to demand an immediate general election

The Avaaz community has a long record of defending democracy. We’ve faced down the far right in EU elections, opposed Marine Le Pen in France, called for accountability for Trump and countered the spread of election disinformation. We won’t rest until everyone everywhere can vote.  

With hope and determination,

Nick, Antonia, Ruth and the whole Avaaz team

More information:

Please sign it if you also believe that we need a general election now.

Avaaz Survey Recommending the Taxation of Fossil Fuel Companies to Support the Poor and Vulnerable and Save the Planet

August 7, 2022

I got the email below from Avaaz, another internet demography. They were polling responses to a suggested policy that the oil and fossil fuel companies now making obscene profits while the rest of us are facing escalating costs of living, should be taxed more in order to protect the most vulnerable communities and the environment.

‘Dear David,

Today, we’d love to know your opinion!

Could you read the email below, and let us know if you’re supporting Avaaz to run this campaign?





Dear friends,

While the world cooks, Big Oil is making more money than ever – four fossil fuel giants made a combined total of $51billion in just three months!

That’s double what they were making a year ago – resulting from sky-high oil and gas prices driven by the war in Ukraine. One oil boss described his company as ‘literally a cash machine’!

This ‘machine’ is killing the planet, stealing our future, and driving millions into poverty. It has to stop. The UN Secretary-General has just called on all governments to tax these obscene profits – and use the money for the good of society.

Let’s echo his call, demanding a tax on fossil fuel profits so the money can be spent on protecting the most vulnerable communities and urgently investing in renewable energy – when we hit a million, we’ll deliver our call directly to governments at a major UN summit in September!

With hope and determination,

Bert, Patricia, Stefanie and the rest of the Avaaz team

Do you support Avaaz running this campaign?





For me, there’s absolutely no question: I strongly support this proposal. Because it absolutely obscene that companies like BP are raking in £9 billion while ordinary people are looking at starvation and being unable to heat their homes.

And it says everything about the complacency and profiteering of one Jacob Rees-Mogg of Bath and North-East Somerset that he defended these companies on BBC Radio and their giving dividends while ordinary people suffer.

Petition from Avaaz against War and Nuclear Weapons

April 1, 2022

I got the internet petition below from Avaaz last Tuesday. It’s on behalf of a number of world figures, including the Dalai Lama, various winners of the Nobel Peace Prize and an organisation of medical doctors against nuclear weapons, and it’s against the war in Ukraine and the threat of nuclear war. I’ve had absolutely no hesitation in signing it, and if you feel the same way I do, perhaps you will too. The petition runs

‘Dear friends,

His Holiness the Dalai Lama, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, and other Nobel Peace Prize Laureates have launched a historic call to reject war and nuclear weapons. Now they are asking Avaaz and citizens around the world to join them in protecting our planet.

Let’s all sign with one click and share now — when it’s huge, they will deliver our voices for peace to key leaders from the Russian Federation, NATO, and the media:


Open Letter From Nobel Peace Prize Laureates and Citizens of the World Against War and Nuclear Weapons

We reject war and nuclear weapons . We call on all our fellow citizens of the world to join us in protecting our planet, home for all of us, from those who threaten to destroy it.

The invasion of Ukraine has created a humanitarian disaster for its people. The entire world is facing the greatest threat in history: a large-scale nuclear war, capable of destroying our civilization and causing vast ecological damage across the Earth.

We call for an immediate ceasefire and the withdrawal of all Russian military forces from Ukraine, and for all possible efforts at dialogue to prevent this ultimate disaster.

We call on Russia and NATO to explicitly renounce any use of nuclear weapons in this conflict, and we call on all countries to support the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons to ensure that we never again face a similar moment of nuclear danger.

The time to ban and eliminate nuclear weapons is now. It is the only way to guarantee that the inhabitants of the planet will be safe from this existential threat. 

It is either the end of nuclear weapons, or the end of us. 

We reject governance through imposition and threats, and we advocate for dialogue, coexistence and justice. 

A world without nuclear weapons is necessary and possible, and together we will build it. It is urgent that we give peace a chance.


Signatories list of Nobel Peace Prize Laureates:

His Holiness The Dalai Lama (1989)
International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (1985)
International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (2017)
Juan Manuel Santos (2016)
Kailash Satyarthi (2014)
Leymah Gbowee (2011)
Tawakkul Karman (2011)
Muhammad Yunus (2006)
David Trimble (1998)
Jody Williams (1997)
Jose Ramos-Horta (1996)
Pugwash Conference on Science and World Affairs (1995)
Óscar Arias Sánchez (1987)
Lech Walesa (1983)
American Friends Service Committee (1947)
International Peace Bureau (1910)

This campaign is launched in collaboration with  IPPNW. Avaaz members have joined forces with many movements and activists to fight for difficult challenges in our time. IPPNW is a non-partisan federation of national medical groups in 55 countries, representing tens of thousands of doctors, medical students, other health workers, and has dedicated decades of time and energy to creating a more peaceful and secure world freed from the threat of nuclear annihilation and armed violence. Please join us today!

With hope and determination,

Michael, Chuck, Molly, Carlos, Huiting, Nax, Luis and the rest of the IPPNW and Avaaz team

More information:

Ukraine and the Threat of Nuclear War (The Nation)
As Russia struggles in Ukraine, will Putin break the nuclear taboo? (The Guardian)
Russian Forces Take Control of Europe’s Biggest Nuclear Plant After Shelling It (TIME)
Why the world should not underestimate Vladimir Putin ‘going nuclear’ (Herald Sun)
What the Cuban Missile Crisis can teach us about today’s Ukraine crisis (IPPNW)

Avaaz Launches Meme against Murdoch the Puppet Master

May 2, 2015

I had a message come through from the internet petitioning organisation, Avaaz, asking everyone to share and publicise on Facebook and Twitter the following meme of Rupert Murdoch with David Cameron in his pocket, along with the Sun. They are campaigning against his massive influence on British politics, and particularly his extreme bias in favour of the Tories and against Labour and the Left.

Murdoch Puppet Master

Avaaz’s Sam Barratt writes

Right now, the Daily Mail and Rupert Murdoch’s media machines are feeding readers a never-ending diet of fear, smear and misinformation.

Forget any kind of balance or deliberative debate on policies — our research shows that the mainstream media has preferred engaging with dirty personality attacks over serious discussion on policies.

The reason? The Murdoch and Mail Media Mafia fear that Labour, LibDems and Greens could introduce much-needed new media laws and help to unclench their grip over Britain’s democracy.

Let’s use our people-power to make this Murdoch’s last stand, urging the 25% of undecided voters to cross their ballot paper with love and hope, not fear and hate. It’s a real David vs Goliath fight but together we can challenge Murdoch’s smear-machine by calling on our friends to share this image on social media or place the poster in your front window — click here now to even the playing field:


Rupert Murdoch is by far the UK’s biggest media mogul, and he’s really not happy. He recently berated journalists in his Sun Newsroom for not attacking Miliband more. But with the election too close to call, and around 10 million voters yet to decide which party to back, your click to share this ad with floating voters could be critical.

While other papers like the Daily Mirror have come out backing Labour and attacking the Tories, the publishing power of the Mail, Telegraph and Murdoch titles far outweigh the rest. We all agree freedom of speech is fundamental to our democracy — but with no TV or radio election ads allowed in Britain, the dirty filter of the privately owned print media always has a significant influence on our elections.

For the past few weeks, Avaaz has been working with Open Democracy to monitor the coverage of this election — and it’s clear that the Telegraph, Daily Mail and The Sun are presenting a deeply skewed version of reality.
•In all 3 papers the same attacks and soundbites from Conservative HQ appeared verbatim.
•The personal insults against Miliband (back-stabber, nerd) were running at over 5 a day but have now shifted to Sturgeon (poisoned-dwarf), which are now running at 6 attacks a day. All in all, these papers have personally attacked Ed Miliband 85 times and David Cameron only 5.
•Over the last month, newspapers have already attempted to redefine the winner of the election, with 11 unconstitutional and false claims a week that the party with the most seats is the only one with right to form the government.
No matter who we decide to vote for, let’s make this the election where Murdoch will no longer be the puppet master pulling on the Prime Minister’s strings. Take a moment now to share the campaign image with your family and friends today.

All newspapers have a bias, but The Sun and the Daily Mail are trying to undermine our democracy by framing SNP as “coup leaders” and Labour as “chaos makers”. This community fought hard to stop Murdoch buying BSkyB to protect our press — let’s rise again and fight back against the smear-media to allow people to vote for what they believe in.

With hope,
Sam, Andrea, Mike and the rest of the Avaaz team

They also provide these links for further information:

More Information
The press campaign so far – the ‘coup’ gathers pace (OpenDemocracy)‘coup’-gathers-pace/feed

Rupert Murdoch berated Sun journalists for not doing enough to attack Ed Miliband and stop him winning the general election (The Independent)

Labour vows to protect media plurality and implement Leveson proposals (The Guardian)

The newspapers are preparing for a coup, and Labour is doing nothing to stop them (OpenDemocracy)…

Election 2015: Murdoch tells The Sun ‘future of company’ depends on stopping Miliband becoming PM (International Business Times)

Ed Miliband says Rupert Murdoch is ‘worried’ Labour will win (The Independent)…

I’m more than happy to reblog this, although I’m not on Facebook or Twitter. The press is a corrupting influence on our politics, and the corruption is especially acute in the case of the Murdoch press. Tony Blair when he was in power was always worried about his policies would go down with Murdoch and the Heil’s Paul Dacre, to the point where one member of his cabinet has described the Dirty Digger as a silent, invisible presence at cabinet meetings.

The Sun, the Mail and the Daily Express in particular are guilty of a venomously xenophobic and racist invective against asylum seekers and immigrants. The Sun in particular has a long stream of court judgements against it by the former Press Complaints Committee for its vilification of Blacks, Asians and, indeed, foreigners in general.

Murdoch always has been an extremely ardent Thatcherite Conservative, and is absolutely ruthless in pursuit of his ambition to become the monopolistic proprietor of the main news and broadcasting media. Regardless of whichever individual party he has decided to support, his newspapers have always been extremely nationalistic, anti-trade union and with a bitter contempt for the poor, minorities and people on benefits.

He is certainly no friend of the NHS, and has consistently called for its privatisation.

He would also like to see the schools privatised, as he wishes to expand into education as well.

It’s time Murdoch’s power, and that of the other major press barons, was stopped, and a proper, pluralistic press genuinely reflecting the diverse needs and views of the great British public, was allowed to develop. Rather than the court scribblers of a few, extremely powerful, oligarchs.

Avaaz Petition for Peace in Syria

September 12, 2013

The group Avaaz, which organises petitions against human rights abuse all over the globe, has launched another petition calling for peace in Syria. It is addressed to President Obama and the Iranian premier, Rouhani, and requests them to bring all parties together for a negotiated, peaceful settlement to the conflict now tearing this most ancient civilisation apart. It’s at, if you want to have a look at it. The irate Yorkshireman over at Another Angry Voice has already written a persuasive piece arguing that a negotiated peace is really the only humane way of stopping the conflict. It is certainly not a case of either attacking Syria, or doing nothing to help the innocent victims of the Civil War. His post is at I urge you to read it and then come to your own conclusion on the conflict and what needs to be done.