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Avaaz Launches Meme against Murdoch the Puppet Master

May 2, 2015

I had a message come through from the internet petitioning organisation, Avaaz, asking everyone to share and publicise on Facebook and Twitter the following meme of Rupert Murdoch with David Cameron in his pocket, along with the Sun. They are campaigning against his massive influence on British politics, and particularly his extreme bias in favour of the Tories and against Labour and the Left.

Murdoch Puppet Master

Avaaz’s Sam Barratt writes

Right now, the Daily Mail and Rupert Murdoch’s media machines are feeding readers a never-ending diet of fear, smear and misinformation.

Forget any kind of balance or deliberative debate on policies — our research shows that the mainstream media has preferred engaging with dirty personality attacks over serious discussion on policies.

The reason? The Murdoch and Mail Media Mafia fear that Labour, LibDems and Greens could introduce much-needed new media laws and help to unclench their grip over Britain’s democracy.

Let’s use our people-power to make this Murdoch’s last stand, urging the 25% of undecided voters to cross their ballot paper with love and hope, not fear and hate. It’s a real David vs Goliath fight but together we can challenge Murdoch’s smear-machine by calling on our friends to share this image on social media or place the poster in your front window — click here now to even the playing field:


Rupert Murdoch is by far the UK’s biggest media mogul, and he’s really not happy. He recently berated journalists in his Sun Newsroom for not attacking Miliband more. But with the election too close to call, and around 10 million voters yet to decide which party to back, your click to share this ad with floating voters could be critical.

While other papers like the Daily Mirror have come out backing Labour and attacking the Tories, the publishing power of the Mail, Telegraph and Murdoch titles far outweigh the rest. We all agree freedom of speech is fundamental to our democracy — but with no TV or radio election ads allowed in Britain, the dirty filter of the privately owned print media always has a significant influence on our elections.

For the past few weeks, Avaaz has been working with Open Democracy to monitor the coverage of this election — and it’s clear that the Telegraph, Daily Mail and The Sun are presenting a deeply skewed version of reality.
•In all 3 papers the same attacks and soundbites from Conservative HQ appeared verbatim.
•The personal insults against Miliband (back-stabber, nerd) were running at over 5 a day but have now shifted to Sturgeon (poisoned-dwarf), which are now running at 6 attacks a day. All in all, these papers have personally attacked Ed Miliband 85 times and David Cameron only 5.
•Over the last month, newspapers have already attempted to redefine the winner of the election, with 11 unconstitutional and false claims a week that the party with the most seats is the only one with right to form the government.
No matter who we decide to vote for, let’s make this the election where Murdoch will no longer be the puppet master pulling on the Prime Minister’s strings. Take a moment now to share the campaign image with your family and friends today.

All newspapers have a bias, but The Sun and the Daily Mail are trying to undermine our democracy by framing SNP as “coup leaders” and Labour as “chaos makers”. This community fought hard to stop Murdoch buying BSkyB to protect our press — let’s rise again and fight back against the smear-media to allow people to vote for what they believe in.

With hope,
Sam, Andrea, Mike and the rest of the Avaaz team

They also provide these links for further information:

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I’m more than happy to reblog this, although I’m not on Facebook or Twitter. The press is a corrupting influence on our politics, and the corruption is especially acute in the case of the Murdoch press. Tony Blair when he was in power was always worried about his policies would go down with Murdoch and the Heil’s Paul Dacre, to the point where one member of his cabinet has described the Dirty Digger as a silent, invisible presence at cabinet meetings.

The Sun, the Mail and the Daily Express in particular are guilty of a venomously xenophobic and racist invective against asylum seekers and immigrants. The Sun in particular has a long stream of court judgements against it by the former Press Complaints Committee for its vilification of Blacks, Asians and, indeed, foreigners in general.

Murdoch always has been an extremely ardent Thatcherite Conservative, and is absolutely ruthless in pursuit of his ambition to become the monopolistic proprietor of the main news and broadcasting media. Regardless of whichever individual party he has decided to support, his newspapers have always been extremely nationalistic, anti-trade union and with a bitter contempt for the poor, minorities and people on benefits.

He is certainly no friend of the NHS, and has consistently called for its privatisation.

He would also like to see the schools privatised, as he wishes to expand into education as well.

It’s time Murdoch’s power, and that of the other major press barons, was stopped, and a proper, pluralistic press genuinely reflecting the diverse needs and views of the great British public, was allowed to develop. Rather than the court scribblers of a few, extremely powerful, oligarchs.

Avaaz Petition for Peace in Syria

September 12, 2013

The group Avaaz, which organises petitions against human rights abuse all over the globe, has launched another petition calling for peace in Syria. It is addressed to President Obama and the Iranian premier, Rouhani, and requests them to bring all parties together for a negotiated, peaceful settlement to the conflict now tearing this most ancient civilisation apart. It’s at, if you want to have a look at it. The irate Yorkshireman over at Another Angry Voice has already written a persuasive piece arguing that a negotiated peace is really the only humane way of stopping the conflict. It is certainly not a case of either attacking Syria, or doing nothing to help the innocent victims of the Civil War. His post is at I urge you to read it and then come to your own conclusion on the conflict and what needs to be done.