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Lower than Cockroaches: Ian Duncan Smith and his Persecution of Victims of the Bedroom Tax

January 29, 2016

Cockroaches probably come pretty low on most people’s list of lovable animals. Nevertheless, disgusting as they are, they do have their positive points. There’s supposed to be a species, which has passages running through its body through which it passes digested food to its young. Who would have thought that an insect like that would have developed maternal feelings?

Sadly, all such tenderness has departed from Ian Duncan Smith, in whose breast the milk of human kindness dried up long ago, leaving only the bitterest gall and vinegar. On Wednesday, a woman, who had been so traumatised by the harassment, stalking and her own rape by a former partner, that she had a panic room installed by the police, won her court case against the DWP over the Bedroom Tax. This was too much for the Gentleman Ranker, who immediately appealed. He also laughed about the poor woman and her predicament in parliament. Go read Mike’s blog at This includes a photo of this shameful incident.

Over the past couple of years, there’s been a big debate over whether this country has a ‘rape culture’. This comes after numerous incidents where women have been trolled with threats of rape and sexual violence. One of those who raised the issue was the classical historian, Mary Beard, after she received such threats following comments she made about their being no Muslim threat in one of the northern cities. This controversy naturally extends to jokes about rape. A month or so ago, one British comedienne felt so outraged about it that she delivered a whole evening to attacking it. And you don’t even have to go to see modern, young women voice their condemnation of this type of ‘humour’. Ted Rogers, the old school comedian and game show compere, who brought the world Dusty Bin and 3-2-1 in the ’70s and ’80s, made it plain that he didn’t find rape funny. But from the looks of it, Ian Duncan Smith found it hilarious.

I am not surprised. Violence and bullying always were part of public school culture, much to the disgust of everybody, who did not go to Eton. Way back in the 1980s Private Eye reviewed a book about the public school. The book was highly admiring, but described some of the bullying that went on. This included one of the boys having a cricket stump shoved up his back passage. The Eye’s reviewer, like just about everyone else reading the book, was revolted. The author wasn’t. He adopted the attitude that it was all jolly boyish japes. It clearly isn’t, and his attitude infuriated the Eye’s reviewer even more. But such violence, and cheerful indifference or even celebration of it, does explain IDS callous laughter and persecutory attitude to those, who have suffered sexual violence.

He’s also determined to carry with his wretched policies, even though they’re coming under sustained, and increasing criticism. That same day his benefit cuts were condemned by the Royal College of Psychiatrists for exacerbating the condition of those with mental illness. See Mike’s And yesterday there were calls on him to resign after three senior judges ruled against the Bedroom. Mike reported here: It is, of course, no surprise that IDS scuttled away from the Mirror’s hacks as fast as his chauffeur could drive him. Despite his boss’ claim that, as a former army man, IDS could crack heads with his knees, the Gentleman Ranker is an appalling physical, as well as moral, coward. He’s turned up at parliamentary inquiry surrounded by armed cops and bodyguards, just in case the disabled launch an attack on him. He’s hidden in laundry baskets to avoid protestors, fled out the back of Jobcentres to avoid them, and even delivered speeches first thing in the morning to avoid having to brave the ire of the Great Unwashed. He’s even cowardly about answering the Honourable Members questions in the Palace of Westminster. Yesterday he sat quietly by on the benches, leaving it to a junior minister to take the flack over the bedroom tax. See The minister probably thinks this’ll endear him to his boss, and he’ll be up for promotion. I wouldn’t bet on it. Smith has no loyalty to anyone, except Cameron, and the moment it becomes convenient to put the blame on anyone else for his own failing, he does. It’s only a matter of time before this willing servant of his ministerial vanity gets similarly stabbed in the back.

IDS and his policies are dismal failures, yet he continues to support them, even to the point of being accused of effectively writing blank cheques to lawyers so they can continue their campaign of harassment against those who fought against him and one: He’s tenacious in his spite, possibly because it’s the only thing he’s done in public life that counts as anywhere near a success. After all, his attempt to steer the Tory party back to electoral victory under his leadership was a dismal failure. The man’s colossal vanity and megalomania mean that he can’t allow it to fail. Even when it does.

The man is truly the Arnold Rimmer of British politics. A shabby, vain, bully, filled with spite for the poor, who laughs at the traumatised victims of real, horrific violence. The kind, which he himself has neither spine nor stomach to stand up to. He really is lower than the roaches.

Spite and Contempt: How Atos Weston-Super-Mare Views Disabled Protestors

February 20, 2014


Protestor with a sign found outside Atos’ Weston-Super-Mare offices yesterday.

I couldn’t let this go without a comment. Mike on his post about yesterday’s nationwide protests against Atos, ‘Delights-and Disgraces – of the Atos Day of Protest’ over at Vox Political reports how the scrawled message shown above greeted demonstrators outside Atos’ Weston-Super-Mare offices. He says of it and the nasty mentality behind it

Clearly this office contains some very hard-line supporters of government policy, whose attitude demonstrates the blinkered, small-minded, fantasy-world attitude that allows policies like the Atos assessment regime to exist in a supposedly advanced country like ours.

Ian Duncan Rimmer

Ian Duncan Smith: Has all the leadership ability and petty tyranny of Red Dwarf’s Arnold Judas Rimmer.

It also points to the kind of officious and pettily vindictive mentality now all too prevalent in the DWP under Ian Duncan Smith. I have already blogged before on the similarity, in my opinion, between Ian Duncan Smith in his delusions of political and military grandeur and his bully and contempt for those below him with Arnold Rimmer in the SF comedy Red Dwarf. It’s something of a truism that regimes take on the psychology of their leaders. The Soviet Union was a brutal tyranny, because its founders, Lenin and most particularly Stalin, were autocrats with a strong desire to seize and hold on to power and a fear of those below them. This psychology became a functional part of the system they created, with the officials at every level of the hierarchy bullying those below them, while at the same time plotting to take over their superiors’ positions when they in turn would be denounced and arrested.

Although politics in the USSR became much less lethal after Stalin’s death and the attacks on his ‘cult of personality’ in Khruschev’s Secret Speech of 1953, an attitude of petty officiousness and contempt for the Soviet public still remained among the system’s minor functionaries. Several Western writers on the Soviet Union noted how, wherever you went, there would always be a woman behind a desk, scowling at you and responding, ‘Nyelza!’ (‘It’s forbidden’) when you asked a question. One of the travel writers I read told how he was stuck in a stiflingly hot railway carriage during a journey through Russia in the 1980s. Despite the heat and the increasingly stuffy atmosphere, the carriage’s windows remained tightly closed. When he attempted to open them, the female supervisor rose up to snap them shut again with a snort of ‘Nyelza!’. The writer says at one point that the whole country appeared to be run by these ferocious women behind their desks.

The writer did, however, record a minor victory of the Soviet public over these petty officials. He was stuck in a long queue waiting to use the ‘Up’ escalator at the Moscow metro, if I recall correctly. There was no-one coming down the ‘Down’ escalator, which had a sign saying it was strictly forbidden to try to go up it. Standing in front of the escalators, making sure no-one did any such thing, was one of these ladies behind a desk. A young man then came running through the crowd, and before the female official could stop him, vaulted over the barrier and ran up the ‘Down’ escalator. The writer said he and the rest of the crowd silently rejoiced at this act of defiance. I don’t suggest anyone try this stunt, however, as I have a feeling someone was either killed or seriously injured a little while ago when doing something similar.

Ian Duncan Smith has similarly left his psychological mark on the Department for Work and Pensions. As I’ve blogged about before, this seems to be full of backbiting and treachery by the civil servants employed there, as they frantically compete for each other’s jobs. At the same time, all too many of them have complete contempt for the people below them. The Void especially has blogged about the outrage caused by some of these, who have boasted about the number of people they’ve sanctioned. He and many other Left-wing bloggers have also described the various secret instructions from the DWP to Jobcentre staff setting quotas for the number of claimants to be thrown off benefits. Some Jobcentres have even awarded prizes for those, who have sanctioned the most claimants, and there have been bonuses paid to those, who have done so.

Clearly, despite Atos claims that they are not responsible for government policy, they fully share the contempt for the disabled and the unemployed shown by IDS and his staff in the DWP and Jobcentres. This attitude is blatantly clear in the above sign. In my experience, and those of many of the disabled people and their carers, who have commented on this blog, Atos and their officials are mendacious in the extreme. They have and will lie in the assessments and will falsify claimants’ answers in the assessment forms in order to have them thrown off their benefit. Their conduct and the assessment itself is based on the presumption that most people claiming benefit are actually capable of some work, even when it is clear that they cannot. In their view, they are, like the great mass of the unemployed, just scroungers, and so should be treated as such. Hence this nasty little sign.

I don’t know if this would actually help anyone, but if anyone in Weston-Super-Mare is in dispute with Atos over the results of their assessment, it might be worth pointing to this sign as an example of the prejudice and contempt Atos has towards their claimants.

I am also of the opinion that whatever Atos and the DWP try to say to the contrary, this sign should be given all the publicity it truly deserves to show just how Atos and its staff are motivated by contempt and spite towards the most vulnerable members of society. At a time when even the nastiest companies are concerned to give themselves the best, media-friendly image possible, this might cause them some degree of embarrassment. It probably won’t embarrass their boss, Thierry Breton, or Ian Duncan Smith and the disabilities’ minister, Esther McVey, as their too far gone for any kind of shame or even basic humanity by now. But it might – just might – add another little piece to pull their marketing managers up short, and make others question the wisdom of doing business with a company with such a bad reputation.

Okay, it probably won’t. For all the bad publicity, Serco, Atos and G4S are still in business. But as ASDA keeps reminding us, ‘Every little bit helps’. Or is that Sainsbury’s?

If you’re planning another protest against Atos in Weston-Super-Mare, their address is Regent House, Oxford Place, Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, BS23 1JH. They also have a website here

The Real Identity of Ian Duncan Smith: Part Two

November 24, 2013

A few weeks ago, I post a piece suggesting that the Ian Duncan Smith bears more than a passing similarity to a certain Red Dwarf character. This character was also cowardly, bullying, fixated on military glory and with delusions of the magnitude of his own abilities far beyond his own, meagre talents. This character, however, was entertaining and with a noble and heroic alter ego, who roamed the spacelanes righting wrongs and fighting against tyranny and Fascism, which is far more than can be said for IDS. One of the excellent commenters on this blog suggested that all that was needed to make it really funny was for someone to produce a photoshopped image of IDS as his Red Dwarf counterpart.

Well, your wish is my command, matey!

So behold your master, Ian Duncan Rimmer!

Ian Duncan Rimmer

So, I’m standing here in a red gingham dress, with my welfare policies given to me by the king of the Potato People, and you don’t think I’m mad? We don’t like Lefties and benefit scroungers, do we, Mr Fribble?

‘This Joke of a Man’: The Real, Metaphorical Identity of Ian Duncan Smith

November 10, 2013

Thinking over some of the low actions and policies for which Ian Duncan Smith has been responsible, it struck me which cult figure on television he most resembles. let’s go through some of these, and list his most outstanding qualities.

1. A fundamentally incompetent man, with delusions of promotion far above his proper place in society. Check.

2. A complete lack of any kind of magnificence or personal greatness. This is clearly shown in his attempting to overturn the court’s decision on Mrs Laurel Duut’s benefits and have her, an Englishwoman, deported to her husband’s homeland of the Netherlands. Check.

3. Colossal personal vanity, and delusions of military greatness despite its apparent complete absence. Well, he claims to have a degree from an Italian university, which issues no degrees. Vox Political calls him RTU – Returned To Unit, because of his questions over whether he actually completed officer training. I’m inclined to believe he has taken the exam, possibly as many as thirty times, and each time blacked out, covered his hand in ink, and put it down on the paper as his only answer.

4. Sneering and overbearing attitude to his subordinates. Definitely check. He tried to lean on the parliamentary committee for work and pensions and bully them into blaming his permanent secretary, Robert Devereaux, for his mistakes.

5. Claims to be a leader, despite having absolutely having no leadership ability whatsoever. He was after all ‘the quiet man’ leading the Tory Party, until they lost once again to Labour and he was replaced by Cameron. So much for his determination. Certainly check.

In short, he reminds me strongly of the description of this notorious personage, seen regularly on television, especially during the 1980’s and ’90s.

Yes, Ian Duncan Smith is indeed an Arnold Rimmer de nos jours! With the possible exception that Arnie was aware of his faults, and could at times aspire to be better than he was. In other respects, all IDS lacks is the ‘H’ for ‘Hologram’.

Ian Duncan Smith Rimmer pic.

Another difference between the two is that Arnold Rimmer had a far superior alter ego, Captain ‘Ace’ Rimmer, who roamed the dimensions fighting evil wherever he found it. Unfortunately, there’s no chance of that happening to IDS any time soon.

But just to take your mind off how awful IDS is, here’s the clip from Red Dwarf where the crew tour through the specially constructed ‘Arnold Rimmer Experience’ to remind them how great the great man was. Enjoy!