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Lobster on the Shooting Down of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17

February 2, 2015

In the same ‘View from the Bridge’ column in Lobster 68, Robin Ramsay also reports the conclusion of an American journalist, Robert Parry, that the pro-Russian Ukrainians shot down the civilian Malaysian airliner last year. NATO showed the scorch marks left by what was supposed to be a Russian BUK-17 anti-aircraft system, used to destroy the plane. They did not, however, produce pictures of such a system. Through talking to former American intelligence officers, Parry has concluded that such photos aren’t being shown because they simply don’t exist. He believes instead that the explanation’s fake. In reality, they plane was shot down by Ukraine nationalist forces under the mistaken opinion that it was carrying Putin.

It’s an interesting theory. Only time will tell if it’s right.

That piece is entitled ‘MH17’, and it’s at, on pp. 11-13.