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Secular Talk: Trump’s Rise Is the Product of a Broken Media

February 28, 2016

In this piece from Secular Talk, Kyle Kulinski gives his reasons why he believes there’s an 80 per cent chance that Donald Trump will become president. It’s because the media does not do its job. It gives the Nazi chump airtime, and does not challenge his many factual assertions, most of which are outright lies, nor the outrageous policies he says he supports such as waterboarding, torture, the targeting of civilians in the war against terror. Instead, it concentrates on the details where he is ‘politically incorrect’, such as when he attacks journalists. he also states that the supposed neutrality of the media actually works to bias them in favour of the right, as they treat all statements as merely differences of opinion. So even though the Democrats are right more than the Republicans, especially on issues such as Climate Change, the media does not challenge the Republicans on their failings, and so in effect supports them. He also states that the media are so afraid of being accused, as they have for three decades now, of liberal bias, that they ask soft questions to conservatives and much harder questions to liberal and Democrats. For example, when Anderson Cooper interviewed Ted Cruz or whoever the other night, Cooper was asking him such easy softballs as whether he sings to his wife and what musicals he liked. Bernie Sanders, however, gets asked tough questions on how he differs from Latin American dictators and if healthcare would be rationed under his system. Even Hillary Clinton gets asked much tougher questions, like when she’ll release transcripts of her speeches to Wall Street. Now Kulinski certainly wants her to release them, but the broader point is that she’s asked harder questions than those lobbed to the Republicans.

It’s a massive failing of the media. He states that Trump is winning through confidence and repetition. He makes a point, they repeat it, but don’t try to apply the same criticisms to Trump that he makes of his opponents. For example, Trump will accuse Ted Cruz of being a liar. The media focus on that as a horrendous allegation. They repeat it. But they don’t do the same, and report how many times Trump has lied. Similarly, Trump states that he’s not taking money from the corporate donors. But the mainstream media is silent on the fact that the only reason Trump isn’t taking money from them, is because they turned him down. And it’s only the New Media that’s holding Trump to account for his monstrous policies, like advocating torture ‘even if it doesn’t work'(!) and targeting civilians – which are war crimes. He states that if the mainstream media pointed this out, and cited the international treaties Trump would be violating, showing that it makes America look bad, and took a day, or three days on these issues, then it would be all over for the Corporate Clown. But they don’t. They let him get away with it, and so he effectively frames the narrative, taking control of what’s being discussed.

Trump is also extremely vulnerable when it comes to his stance on international trade. He claims he’s against the outsourcing of American jobs, but his ties are made in China. So the question can be asked how he can challenge outsourcing, when he can’t stop himself from doing it.

Kulinski states that the Republican mainstream establishment will back some of the more moderate candidates. Their favourite at the moment is Marco Rubio, but he doesn’t give much for their chances. Several of the mainstream Republican favourites have the backing of talk radio personalities like Rush Limbaugh. They are not going to carry the popular vote, as increasingly very few are listening to right-wing talk radio. Most people probably have never heard of Limbaugh, at least not those voting for Trump. Besides which, Marco Rubio also has a very stilted, robotic delivery, which puts off voters.

And so it looks like, in Kulinski’s words, we may have to get used to saying ‘President Trump’. A chilling prospect.

And part of the blame for this lies in a media that’s paralysed by the fear of being accused of liberal bias, does not check facts or pull Republicans up on their falsehoods, and prefers to concentrate on the election as a kind of horserace, focussing on personalities, rather than policies. And so they’ve allowed American politics to be pulled so far to the right by the Republicans, that it borders on Fascism. And so Trump has an all-too-real possibility of entering the White House.

The Young Turks on Trump’s Call on Howard Stern’s Show to Invade Iraq

February 20, 2016

Part of Trump’s appeal lies in his repeated statements that he never supported the invasion of Iraq. Ooops! Seems like someone, in the words of George Dubya, may have ‘misremembered’. In this piece from the Young Turks, Bill Mankiewiecz, Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola discuss a recording of Donald Trump on the Howard Stern show, made before the Iraq invasion. It was made before the Iraq invasion, and it clearly shows Trump stating to the great shock jock that America should invade Iraq.

The clip was later used by the American newsman, Anderson Cooper, who asked Trump about it during an interviewed with the bewigged buffoon. Trump attempts to dismiss this evidence disproving his stance on the War by saying that he said it sometime before the Iraq invasion. He also claims that as someone in the private sector, he gets asked a lot of things, and simply didn’t remember. However, later on, shortly before or just at the time Iraq was invaded, he had changed his opinion and no longer supported the invasion.

The Turks aren’t impressed with Cooper, who they castigated for being ‘cowardly’ and too deferential to the bombastic bully. For example, Cooper asks Trump if the recording’s of him, when it’s very clear that it is. The network has factcheckers, and for them to broadcast the clip at all the clip would have to have been checked and made sure that it was definitely of Trump.

They contrast Cooper’s deferential, timid treatment of Trump with George Stephanopoulos, who also raised the question of the recording with America’s future Duce. When Oberleutnant Trump claimed that this was a long time before the Iraq invasion, and that he had changed his position to opposing the invasion by 2003, Stephanopoulos told him outright that there was absolutely no evidence he had. And he’s right. The closest there is to that evidence is a comment Trump made a party after the invasion, stating it was ‘a mess’. Trump opposes the War now, but in that he’s no different from the 70 per cent of Americans, who also changed their opinions after the War continued to drag on and deteriorate into the grinding bloodbath it is now. The Turks make it clear that that’s good enough for ordinary, regular Americans, who make no claim to running the country. But not from a candidate for leadership of the most powerful country in the world.

The Turks are keen to make the point that this isn’t a ‘gotcha’ moment. They aren’t trying to catch Trump out just to score points or embarrass him. Although in my opinion, these are good and righteous gaols in themselves. They’re trying to make the point that while Trump claims not to be a politician, he has their faults but none of their virtues. Trump’s winning because Americans feel politicians are all greasy liars. But, as Ana Kasparian points out, Trump lies like one. The professional politicos, however, no matter how mendacious, deceitful and corrupt, are expected to know and act on policy once in government. Trump doesn’t have any policies. It’s all whatever sounds good, and spin.

So not only can you not trust anything Trump says, but there’s a real danger that he still doesn’t know anything about the Middle East. America and civilisation desperately need intelligent, sensible, and informed leadership to stop the mass killings there. Putin – Putin, of all people! – has warned that there’s a real danger the situation will set off World War 3. And I think the old thug’s right. But Trump is all aggressive bullsh*t with absolutely no sensible or even settled policies for that region. A Trump could only, based on his aggressive views elsewhere, make matters worse.