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ISIS’ Destruction of Muslim Shrine to Prophet Sheth/ Seth in Iraq

March 16, 2015

It isn’t just ancient, non-Islamic or pre-Islamic monuments and remains that are at risk from ISIS. This is a report from last year about the Islamic State’s destruction of the shrine to Seth in Iraq. Seth is one of the great figures in the Bible and the Qu’ran. He was one of Adam and Eve’s sons, and is venerated in Islam as a prophet. ISIS, however, decided that the shrine was not ‘Islamic’ and so destroyed it.

The report also mentions that they attempted to destroy one of the most ancient minarets in Iraq, but were prevented from doing so by the local people. If the minaret is the one I’m thinking of, then it’s truly unique. It’s built in steps, almost like a ziggurat, and shows the architectural continuity as the country made the transition from paganism to Islam.

Whatever they claim to the contrary, ISIS are simply the enemies of civilisation, both Muslim and non-Muslim.