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The AVROcar – the UFO Airplane that Never Made It

December 21, 2015

This is another photo of an experimental plane, like the French Coeloptere, of which great things were confidently predicted, but which was a failure in practise. Its the AVROcar.

AVrocar pic

From what I can remember, this was developed by A.V. Roe Canada for the American airforce. It was disc-shaped, and expected to fly at speeds of over 300 miles an hour at many thousands of feet. In practice, it was a colossal failure. It couldn’t rise more than 8 feet, and it was doing well it did as much as 30 mph.

And obviously, because of its shape, it’s of immense interest to the Ufolks. It’s also the subject of a conspiracy theory. This runs that the plane was really developed to give a false mundane explanation to the UFO phenomenon, and prevent the public realising that they’re alien spacecraft. I’m very sceptical about this theory, but the AVROcar does show that at one point there was an interest in developing ‘flying saucer’ type planes.