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Trump Blamed Muslims, But Who Really Cheered on 9/11?

May 19, 2016

As I’ve just blogged, there’s increasing pressure on Obama to release the 28 pages redacted from the report into 9/11, now that the president has given official permission for the families of the victims to sue the Saudis. Those 28 pages are widely rumoured to show that it was highly placed elements inside the government, who were really behind the attack. And definitely not Saddam Hussein and the Iraqis.

Trump in his election campaign attempted to justify his proposal to ban Muslims from entering the US by claiming that New York’s Muslims cheered during the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers. It’s a lie. Other people, who were there saw no such thing. And indeed, as Muslims were the largest single religious group among the victims, it seems unlikely that Muslims would cheer an attack that left their co-religionists, as well as so many others, dead.

Well, the Muslims didn’t, but a van load of Israeli agents were expelled from America, because they did. William Blum reports on it in his Anti-Empire Report, and I think CounterPunch have also mentioned it in one of their articles. Of course, the various conspiracy theories that the Jews were responsible for 9/11, or it was all done by Mossad, are anti-Semitic lies. But that doesn’t mean that parts of the Israeli state weren’t delighted by an attack, which they believed would draw America closer to them in their struggle with Islam.

RT on American Politicos Recommending Declassified of 9/11 Report to Allow Families to Sue Saudis

May 19, 2016

In this piece, RT interview two American politicos, Walter Jones, a Republican representing North Carolina and his opposite number in the Democrat Party, Rick Nolan, who both want to see the censored 28 pages in the official report on 9/11 declassified. This follows Obama’s decision yesterday to allow the families of the victims to sue the Saudis. Both congressmen also support this as well.

Both politicians have seen the report. Responding to official statements that the 28 pages should not be published, because they are inaccurate, Congressman Jones states that he has actually seen those 28 pages and read them. He states that security was so tight that you could not even make notes. Nevertheless, no one said that there was anything in their which you could not believe. He also denied that there was anything in the document that endangered national security. He believed that it should be published, because he felt that the American people had enough good sense to know what could be trusted, and what couldn’t.

Congressman Nolan states that those 28 pages contain details, such as the names of the people, who supplied the 15 Saudis, who took part in the attack. He also states that there were other people involved, whom he could not reveal, but advised the viewers to use their own imagination. When asked if it was right that people should use the information to launch lawsuits against the Saudis, he agreed that it was right to do so against ‘whoever was responsible’. He also made the point that the current wars in the Middle East America was involved in meant that the American people should know who was their enemy, in order to give their support to all those courageous young men and women, who have stepped up to serve their country in the forces out there.

I agree, but if those 28 pages are published, it will no doubt cause immense embarrassment in certain quarters. Those 28 pages are widely rumoured to lay the blame firmly on the Saudis and certain elements within the Saudi state and security services. The American people should know who it was, who committed this atrocity against their country. As should the people of the other nations, who have sent their young men and women into battle in the Middle East on America’s behalf.

If the Saudis were responsible, as seems almost certain, then this drives the final nail in the coffin of the Neo-Con/Likud lie that Saddam Hussein and Iraq were involved. Of course they weren’t, but the Neo-Cons in the Republican Party and Likud in Israel drew up a plan back in the 1990s for the invasion of Iraq. 9/11 and the lies about Saddam Hussein gave them the excuse they needed for a totally unprovoked invasion. As for George Dubya and Tony Bliar, well, to paraphrase the rhyme ‘They lied; people died’. And innocents have been dying ever since. This report needs to be published now, and the true culprits identified and made to pay. No matter who gets to look uncomfortable or venal.

The Young Turks On Obama’s Refusal to Allow Americans to Sue Saudis for 9/11

April 25, 2016

This is another video that shows the essentially Conservative attitudes held by Barack Obama. In this case, they’re his concern to protect the American empire by not allowing its citizens to sue Saudi Arabia for its role in aiding the 9/11 terrorists. The Young Turks’ John Iadarola and Wes Clarke, and Elliot Hill of the Lip TV, here discuss Obama’s comments to an interviewer about a bill that was passed by Congress earlier this year, that would allow the families of the victims of 9/11 to sue the Saudi government. Obama is not in favour of it, because it would also allow foreign nationals to sue America for what it’s doing around the world, as ‘we are up in everyone’s business’. Allowing foreign nations to sue America for its military actions would put American officials and servicemen at risk.

Elliot Hill points out that while there can be no compensation that can make adequate restitution for someone’s life, this is all about the 28 pages that have been redacted out of the original report in 9/11. Despite the fact that they’ve been suppressed, their release isn’t really necessary as it’s known that this material relates to Saudi Arabia. One of the 9/11 terrorists, who did not hijack the planes, possessed a flying certificate that was found wrapped in an envelope from the Saudi embassy. This shows that the Saudis had a role in aiding 9/11. Perhaps it didn’t go all the way to the very top, but certainly very important members of the government and ruling royal family were involved. In this sense, allowing the families of the 3,000 victims to sue would be good as it force the truth to come out.

Wes Clarke makes the point that the victims of American foreign policy over the past thirty or forty years should have the right to sue. Like the victims of the coup against Salvador Allende in Chile, the hundreds of thousands that have been killed in the illegal war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and now the families of the people America is killing illegally through drone strikes in Syria and the Yemen. Americans would not tolerate such drone strikes on their country, and so should not be doing it to others. He also makes the case that America was originally a revolutionary country, not an imperial power. That has changed, and America is now an empire, which is not supported by the majority of its people.

The panel also make the point that publication of the redacted part of the 9/11 report is important, because Bush and the other pro-War politicos have played on the ignorance of American citizens over the true causes of 9/11 to justify their wars. And they’re still doing it, by pushing an American invasion of Iraq. The panel also make the point that the disclosure of Saudi Arabia’s role in assisting the 9/11 terrorists would be explosive. It would blow apart America’s relationship with Saudi Arabia. Wes Clarke asserts that as they’re a ‘religious nut-job’ state with an appalling human rights record, America has no business supporting them anyway. The panel also make the case that the Saudis could threaten to wreck the American economy by withdrawing $760 billion of investment, but ultimately the Saudis need America far more than America needs them. Who else is going to sell them the arms equipment they need, or the ability to maintain and service them?

The panel does argue about the effect such disclosure would have on American foreign policy. They note that since the collapse of the Berlin Wall, America has not had a foreign policy. Everything’s been reactive. Elliot Hill makes the point that severing the link with Saudi Arabia would leave American foreign policy rudderless in the Middle East, as they are America’s one ally. Clarke makes a point questioning why America needs to be tied to one country.