Right-Wingers Outraged at Trans/Gay Pop Video, But It’s just a Return to the ’80s

Now for a bit about the latest right-wing rage about pop music. This morning there were a number of videos on YouTube by various pundits, right-wing and otherwise, discussing or denouncing a pop video. I honestly don’t know who the pop star who made it is, and have actually forgotten his name. I gather he had quite a successful career a few years ago, after which he came out of the closet and revealed he was gay. A little while later he said he was non-binary and now he seems to have gone a bit further in declaring his sexual identity. The video showed him in a revealing dress or robe, surrounded with dancers wearing chaps to expose their rear ends, during which he mimes various sex acts. Right-wing American YouTuber Matt Walsh was outraged, while somebody on GB News defended it, and claimed the video’s critics were homophobic.

What struck me, as someone who grew up in the 1980s, was how familiar it all was. I can remember when Frankie Goes to Hollywood were shocking the press and provoking scandal and outrage with their single ‘Relax’. It’s video seemed to be about a man in suit being pushed and pulled about the dance floor in a gay club by people dressed as gay bikers, watched by a fat bloke dressed as Nero. The single was banned, so say, by the BBC, although I’ve heard since that it was simply that one particular DJ refused to play it. This was entirely counterproductive, as the moment people heard it was banned they went out and bought it, with the result that it got to No. 1. And then there was Divine, an overweight drag queen and friend of American underground filmmaker John Waters, who starred in several of Waters’ deranged productions. Divine also had a hit in that decade, ‘Walk Like a Man’. Of course, Divine was a drag queen, rather than trans, but he wasn’t too far away from this latest attempt to climb the charts. The video’s shocking now, but it’s little different from what people were listening to and watching in the ’80s.

And the worst thing that came out of that decade was Margaret Thatcher. Her policies have done far more damage than anything that came out of the charts ever did.


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12 Responses to “Right-Wingers Outraged at Trans/Gay Pop Video, But It’s just a Return to the ’80s”

  1. trev Says:

    Right-wingers are always getting outraged about something. Usually the wrong thing. They should be outraged by the existence and widespread necessity of foodbanks in 21st century Britain and the amount of child poverty.

    • beastrabban Says:

      I think they’re deliberately concentrating on the ‘culture wars’ because, thanks to them, the economy is totally wrecked and they’ve nothing they can point to as a success.

      • Mark Pattie Says:

        I’m sure these same right-wingers would have no problem taking little 4-year-old Elijah to see Craig as Nana Twankey (?) in Aladdin. Apparently Neil Hamilton (now Ukip leader) had no problem posing next to a drag queen to divert from his Sleaze!

      • beastrabban Says:

        I’m sure you’re right. But what concerns some of the gender critical crowd, like the EDIjester, isn’t the drag. For them, it’s just a gay bloke, who may not be gender ideologue, just making a living. The Jester has posted a video where he talks about how British drag originally started as gay men sending up the notion that because they were gay, they weren’t really men but women. But he also states quite rightly that both gay and straight men did drag. I can remember when Danny La Rue was entirely mainstream evening viewing in the 1970s. I think he was on about 7-8 O’clock in the evening, and nobody saw anything offensive in his show whatsoever. Then there was the Two Ronnies

      • beastrabban Says:

        What worries some of the gender people is the ideology being promoted. Some of those responsible for Drag Queen Story hour state they’re using it to push the gender ideology, in which kids must question their identities and everything and everyone must be ‘queered’, going back to the ideas of the founders of Queer Studies back in the 1980s.M

      • beastrabban Says:

        Many of the gay critics of the Queer ideology are gays, like the Jester, Clive Simpson and Denis Kavanagh, and they particularly object to the use of the term ‘Queer’ for ‘gay’ or gay adjacent. They remember when it was an unpleasant slur and have bad memories of when it was hurled at them by real homophobes. I suppose it’s a minor point, but on a personal, emotional level, these things matter to people.
        A few years ago a gay American radio host tried to reclaim the word ‘fa**ot’. He encouraged people, when they were phoning in, to greet him with, ‘Hi fa**ot’. He eventually gave up because the insult is too far into the word for it to be reclaimed.

      • Mark Pattie Says:

        Plus, there are straight, even married, drag queens out there. Michelle Visage being one of them. Would some of those right-wing types be alright about her going into schools? Or is it genuine concerns about the sexualised content that is in drag, but not in panto? As for the Drag Queen Story Hour protests, I do wonder who is funding them- as far from them being a bunch of concerned 40-something parents, there are some decidedly insidious elements getting involved!
        I am in no way saying that the Drag Queen protesters are Fascist infiltrators (many of them may even be conservative Starmerites or Farronite LibDems, as well as mainstream Tory or Reform supporters) but there is a disturbing element to it…

      • beastrabban Says:

        I don’t think Starmer’s going after drag queens, as he’s very much behind the trans lobby and the idea that ‘transwomen are women’ etc. And yes, what many of the gender critical crowd find unsuitable for children is the hypersexualised nature of contemporary drag. The EDIJester’s posted about this. And you’re also right about some of the protesters being members of the extreme right. Some of the protests against LGBTQ+ marches and drag queen story hour up and down the country have included Correct, Not Political, who are a bunch of Mosleyite fascists.

      • Mark Pattie Says:

        As for Starmer’s position on transgender issues, he seems to say one thing 9-3, Monday to Friday, but another thing entirely at the weekends, if you get me. Unlike Becky Long-Bailey, who does sincerely believe transwomen are women, but is very principled. However, despite her pro-transgender stance, I think she would be much more respectful towards the likes of Rosie Driffield or Miriam Whatsername (Con, Barnsley) than Lloyd Russell Moyle was!

      • beastrabban Says:

        Absolutely. I think Starmer will say anything to get support. That was shown very clearly with his sudden conversion to Black Lives Matter and taking the knee after he initially dismissed it as a moment. And I think Rebecca Long-Bailey would have been far more polite to Rosie Duffield and Miriam Cates. Lloyd Russell Moyles has done his side a disservice by appearing as rude and intolerant.

  2. gillyflowerblog Says:

    Think it’s Sam Smith. It’s not anything to get riled up about imo. I remember Mick Jagger in an alleged dress in the 60s

    • beastrabban Says:

      That’s the fellow! Sam Smith. Thanks for jogging my memory. As for the video with Jagger in a dress, I think that was for the Stoned’s ‘We Love You’. I think it was directed by Ken Russell, never shy of controversy. It was after Jagger or the Stones had been busted for cannabis possession. Russell said that he viewed it as gross hypocrisy on the same level as the Victorian persecution of Oscar Wilde. Hence the video showed Jagger in the dock in court in drag.

      At the same time Jagger and Richards were also shocking people with their sexual ambiguity. One lady I used to work with told me that her father forbade her from seeing them in concert, so that must also have been part of it.

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