Video on the History of and Evidence for the Aurora Steal Plane

Here’s a very short video on the American SR-92 Aurora stealth plane from the Future Machine Tech channel on YouTube. This suggests that Aurora was developed as a black project by the American air force in the 1980s as a replacement for the SR-91 Blackbird spy plane. During the ’90s there were sightings of mysterious UFOs dubbed ‘black triangles’ because of their shape and colour. The Aurora fits this description exactly, and many of the sightings of such UAPs may be of this mysterious, but definitely not extraterrestrial, aircraft. The video mentions a tracking image of it flying across the Pacific on its way to America, probably to touch down at the very top secret research base at Groom Lake, Area 51. The aircraft leaves a very distinctive contrail, which has ben described as ‘doughnuts on a rope’ and may have been tracked flying over Belgium according to an article back in the 90s in the defunct UFO Magazine. I’m putting this video up because I and some of the great commenters on this blog have an interest in UFOs, although we differ in our views of the phenomenon. Some UFO sightings are almost certainly of top secret military aircraft. Others are hoaxes, some of which may be perpetrated by the intelligence agencies for their own purposes, one of which may be the deliberate destabilisation and discrediting of UFO research groups and investigators. Some, as suggested by French-American astronomer and computer scientist Jacques Vallee and the late journalist of the paranormal, John Keel, may be paranormal in origin, beings from other dimensions. Others may be real alien spacecraft. People over here have also had sightings of the Black Triangles, and so it’s quite possible that they’ve quite a glimpse of this classified plane.


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One Response to “Video on the History of and Evidence for the Aurora Steal Plane”

  1. trev Says:

    It’s certainly a strange looking thing that might cause anyone to question what they were seeing but is it capable of flying very slowly or hovering at low altitudes then acceleration from standstill to gone, all without making a sound? Some of the most impressive accounts and amazing sightings in the USA were by on duty police officers across different Counties/States, who risked all to report what they had seen. Of course it is possible that more than one type of Black project has been developed and tested, including perhaps the next generation of high velocity (and silent) derigibles that the military were said to be working on some years ago? Either that or ‘visitors’ from *elsewhere*! And of course there was the famous Belgian Wave of black triangle sightings that caused General Wilfried de Brouwer, Chief of Operations, Belgian Air Staff, to hold a press conference in which he stated that the craft in question were “extraterrestrial”.
    Apparently, researchers have (allegedly) discovered a portal to another Dimension in the sky directly above Skinwalker Ranch in Utah!

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