History Debunked Attacks NATO Warmongering

This is shocking! Far-right YouTuber Simon Webb of History Debunked put up a piece yesterday attacking NATO’s warmongering, from the bombing of a TV station in Serbia during the war in the former Yugoslavia to the Iraq invasion and the bombings of Libya and Syria. In his view, NATO is an aggressive force, and as two of the countries it attacked were allies of Russia, one of them being Syria, it is no wonder that Putin in his suspicious and hostile towards the west. He states, however, that he is certainly not a supporter of Putin either.

This is very much what left-wing critics of NATO have been saying, like the late, long-term critic of American imperialism, William Bloom and the Stop the War Coalition on this side of the Atlantic. I think Webb also may have been critical of the expansion of NATO until it’s on Putin’s doorstep. This may have been prompted by the Ukrainian president’s statement that his country is now effectively a member of NATO. But it wasn’t meant to be like this. The original agreement after the fall of communism was that NATO would not expand eastwards. Instead the newly independent states would remain militarily neutral, and their security would be guaranteed by both NATO and Russia. But NATO’s rapid expansion to include Poland and the Baltic States put an end to that and almost certainly provoked Russian fears of encirclement.

As for the Maidan Revolution in Ukraine that is one of the major causes of this fiasco through the overthrow of its former president, who favoured closer ties with Russia, this was definitely not a spontaneous public uprising. It was very carefully engineered by Hillary Clinton and Victoria Nuland at the American State Department and the National Endowment for Democracy, the quango set up by the American government to engineer regime change after it was taken away from the CIA. Conservative critics of the war in Ukraine have also made the point that their president is as much a dictator as Putin, jailing opponents, banning rival political parties and closing down critical TV stations. Some of this is self-serving – both the British Conservative party and the Republicans in America under Trump benefited from Russian support and donations, but it is still nevertheless true. Of course, Ukraine has the right to protect itself and Putin’s invasion of a sovereign and independent state is wrong. But this seems to be a war between ruthless oligarchs and international geopolitics, rather than a defence of an independent, genuinely democratic nation. And Webb, appallingly right-wing though he is, is right to criticise NATO for its belligerence. And what is even more surprising is that some of his commenters actually know that its due to NATO’s bombing of Syria and the Middle East that we now have the migrant crisis. So, no nutters ranting about Jewish conspiracies and the Great Replacement, although I think they also turn up in the comments section..


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6 Responses to “History Debunked Attacks NATO Warmongering”

  1. Brian Burden Says:

    If the TV station NATO bombed was like the radio station in Ruanda which put out perpetual incitements to Hutus to Kill More Tutsis Now! (or possibly the other way round), then NATO had every justification. The fact that UN forces allowed the Ruanda station to keep broadcasting and did little to prevent the massacres was an indication to the world of that organisation’s total moral bankruptcy.

  2. Que? Says:

    Great write-up. I 99.99999% agree with you. I even agree with History Debunked/Simon Webb… I feel dirty. As much as I can’t stand the guy, facts are facts and right is right. You should always give the devil his due.

    Ukraine has every right to defend itself. However, the Ukrainian government and leaders are far from noble.

  3. Jim Round Says:

    As you said above, stopped clocks etc…
    It is interesting to look through the history of warfare, and the ideology and political leanings of the main culprits.

  4. Mark Pattie Says:

    As much as I despise Putin like every other respectable British patriot, I also think NATO and Zelensky has vested interests in prolonging this war (to the detriment of most actual Ukrainians). They do realise that a peace treaty would be in Putin’s best interests, given that the Mad Monster of Moscow is *dying* and, if Mad Vlad had any Christianity left in him, he would confess his atrocities so he might get through to God, rather than be condemned to the Eternal Freezing Gulag! To contextualise: this might be interesting reading for a subsequent post of yours.

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