The Three American Presidential War Criminals

I found this meme on The Trumpest’s community page on YouTube. Obviously, this is a staunchly Republican Trump supporter. However, I’m posting it here, as whatever the source of the meme, it’s true: Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and George Dubya Bush are war criminals, who backed illegal military campaigns in foreign countries. I’m prepared to excuse Clinton for the war in Bosnia, considering the horrors the Serbs were committing against the Bosnian Muslims, though they and the Croats were also quite capable of perpetrating atrocities themselves. But Bush and Obama started wars which wrecked whole nations. If I have any grips about it, it’s that it omits one other war criminal: Tony Blair.


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2 Responses to “The Three American Presidential War Criminals”

  1. Brian Burden Says:

    The US right wd like to add JFK to the list for (they say) ordering the assassination of Diem in S.Vietnam and thus (they say) prolonging the Vietnam conflict. JFK certainly authorised the removal of Diem by military coup. He talked to an aide about “Installing a leader who will ask us to leave”. This was General “Big” Minh, who led the coup, but was ousted within weeks of JFK’s death on the grounds that he was a “neutralist”! There is so little evidence of JFK’s ordering Diem’s death that Nixon had Howard Hunt fabricate a telegram from JFK to this effect to insert in the National Archives. When the S.Vietnam regime finally collapsed, who did the US drag out of retirement as the best man to negotiate surrender with the insurgents? General Minh, of course!

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