Calvin Robinson Uses Fears of Left-Wing Indoctrination to Push Private Schools

I know it’s still the Christmas season, but we’re in those days between Christmas proper and New Year when there’s a sort of lull in the festivities. I’m therefore going to post one or two pieces about politics. And one of the issues I want to tackle is a video from GB News’ and the New Culture Forum’s Calvin Robinson, which stated that the way to prevent your children from being politically indoctrinated in schools was to support free school. The thumbnail for the video shows the message, and says that children were told by the teacher to vote Labour.

This comes from an interview Robinson did with a woman, who was suing her local school because of political indoctrination. According to this lady, the school was teaching the gender ideology and Critical Race Theory. One teacher told the class to vote Labour and the children were also encouraged to sing ‘Our prime minister is a racist’. This was presumably back when Johnson was in power. If all this is true, then I think the woman’s quite right to complain and sue. It is political indoctrination. Gender ideology and Critical Race Theory aren’t facts, although a poll cited by various right-wing media channels claimed that 75 per cent or so of those polled said that this had been taught in school, and 68 per cent said it had been presented as fact. There is an organisation set up to combat the teaching of the gender ideology, the Safe Schools Alliance, and there is a similar organisation to fight indoctrination by Critical Race Theory. And while I believe that people should vote Labour and that Johnson is racist, this shouldn’t be taught in school any more than the lie that Jeremy Corbyn is an anti-Semite.

There have been fears and scandals over left-wing indoctrination in schools since as far back as the 1980s, when the Scum was running stories about teachers in Brent teaching kids to sing ‘Ba Ba, Green Sheep’ as an anti-racist revision of ‘Ba ba, Black Sheep’. There were also stories in the Scum and Depress about Communists indoctrinating children with the new-fangled subject of Peace Studies, and ‘English’ being renamed ‘Language’. Their solution was to take failing state schools, where all this was going on, out of the control of the Local Education Authorities and transform them into City Academies. These were the Thatcherite precursors of Blair’s academies. They didn’t work, and Thatcher’s education secretary, Norman Fowler, wound them up. Then Blair won the election, took the idea out of the bin, and relaunched them. And the result has been the part-privatisation of our schools for corporate profit, many of which are still failing.

If children are being indoctrinated in schools, then it isn’t just in those schools left under local government management, but also in the academies. One of the other victims of ‘woke’ ideological censorship interviewed by the New Culture Forum’s Peter Whittle was an Anglican chaplain at a private school. He’d been sacked after raising questions in his sermon about some of the LGBT teaching that had been delivered to the school by an outside activist. According to the chaplain, the man had made them out all chant ‘Smash heteronormativity!’ during a meeting in the headmaster’s office beforehand. The clergyman had been alarmed by this, and in a following sermon simply said that students should question this for themselves. Such independent thought wasn’t allowed, and he was censured and sacked. Smashing heteronormativity, the social status of heterosexuality as the norm, goes far beyond teaching tolerance for gays. The EDIJester, a gay critic of the woke ideology, states that heteronormativity should continue, as without straight people breeding there would be no more gays like him. But beyond the specific nature of the radical indoctrination is the fact that this happened in a private school.

This is also going on across the Atlantic. James Lindsay, another fervent critic and opponent of the woke ideology, did a piece on his New Discourses YouTube channel about a paper published in an American education journal by a radical activist about indoctrinating the children in private schools to be woke, anti-capitalist, anti-racist activists. If the goal of privatisation is to stop political indoctrination, then it clearly isn’t working.

I’m very sceptical of these stories about ‘woke’ teachers, at least in Britain. My mother was a teacher, and I did my first degree at a teacher training college. My own experience of teachers is that the vast majority of them aren’t in it to indoctrinate children to be young communists or radical LGBTQ+ and race activists. They’re there simply because they want to stand in front of a whiteboard and teach. If radical doctrines are being taught in schools, then most likely they’re coming from the headmaster, the LEA or the academy chain. The teaching staff may not be aware how radical they are, as these doctrines are presented as just a form of conventional liberal teaching about tolerance to gays and transgender people and anti-racism.

And there is already a solution to the problem of indoctrination in schools. It’s banned by law, introduced by Blair. Teachers may not present political or religious ideas or opinions as fact. If they do tell the class their personal view of a political or religious issue, they have to make it clear that this is only their opinion. A teacher that tells their pupils to vote Labour or any other party is breaking that law.

But Robinson isn’t interested in such legal niceties. He just wants to push right-wing fears of evil, left-wing activist teachers in order to promote the establishment of free schools. This is another right-wing Tory idea. Toby Young was behind an attempt to set up a free college a few years ago. That collapsed, and I don’t doubt that any attempt to set up free schools will go the same way. But it’s all an attempt to privatise education and make it two-tier, with the state-educated poor at the bottom and the rich elite, who are able to pay private school fees, at the top. All under the guise of protecting children from indoctrination.

Privatisation isn’t working. The academies are terrible and free schools are going to be worse. Renationalise schools, give them proper funding and make sure they obey the rule of law when it comes to political or religious indoctrination. That’s the way to improve education.

Oh yes, and don’t listen to Calvin Robinson.


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6 Responses to “Calvin Robinson Uses Fears of Left-Wing Indoctrination to Push Private Schools”

  1. Mark Pattie Says:

    Ah yes, Calvin Robinson. He’s the plastic-Anglican “vicar” who pushed Ivermectin as a remedy for Covid a year or so back. Slightly off topic, but I did notice that a Certain YouTube “Historian”/Charlatan made a video about his speech at the Traditional Britain Group.

    • beastrabban Says:

      I did. I keep meaning to watch it, but it is The Traditional Britain Group. I found myself on one of their discussion sites years ago, and wasn’t impressed. They were talking about slowly weaning Brits off the NHS so it could be privatised. And this is apart from the Nazi stuff.

      • Mark Pattie Says:

        I scrolled through their channel b/c of this- and it seems they don’t mind having full blown Nazis and eugenicists speak at their conferences! I wondered why SW was keeping his political allegiances a secret- now I know. I did notice that a fair few of the English Democrat members had spoken at their conference- I feel as though SW’s allegiance is with them rather than Reclaim or Ukip.

      • beastrabban Says:

        I knew they were somewhere between the Tories and the far right, and that some of them had an interest in the Third Reich, but I didn’t realise they were outright Nazis. But I’m not surprised, nor am I surprised they include eugenicists. And yes, it seems to me that SW is more towards them than the English Democrats or Reclaim. The eugenics would certainly fit with his ideas that Blacks are, in general, not as intelligent as White and Asians.

  2. Jim Round Says:

    This appears to have been imported from the USA.
    I vaguely remember an article where a parent reported the alleged teaching of CRT in a school over there.
    A journalist investigated (take note UK journalists, this research coming from the US media of all places) and found it to be nothing more than a hit job, I think it had something to do with the local republican party, can’t remember where I read it but I’m sure it can be easily found.
    Also, we have been here before with this type of smear, Tim Fenton over at Zelo Street had some good blog posts on the so called Trojan Horse plot in Birmingham, also the Muslim adoption story.
    It shouldn’t be left to bloggers and the like to research and correct stories like this.
    We deserve a better media.

    • beastrabban Says:

      As far as I’m aware, apart from this woman the only other allegation I’ve seen of CRT being taught in schools was in Brighton, where it might be true. The council does seem to be Green and very ‘woke’. As for the Birmingham Muslim school and Trojan horse, that was also the subject of a programme on Radio 4 debunking it. Now the right is claiming that these attacks on the story are also false.

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