Correct, Not Political Showing Their Anti-Semitism with Meme

I’m not going to put it up, because I really don’t want to spread fascism even if its only by showing the kind of stuff that the fascists are posting. So, you’ll just have to settle for a description of it. Earlier today the Mosleyites of Correct, Not Political put up a meme showing a muscular bloke holding up the sun and a slogan stating that people would notice if all the institutions helping immigrants had people running them with names like Xjang and other vaguely Chinese-y names. It all looks obscure, until you read the comments. These applauded it, and the way it showed that ‘the tribe’, by which they mean Jews, are responsible for mass immigration. Of course, the Jews have nothing to do with it, and the respected Jewish historian, Geoffrey Alderman, found himself criticised by the Board of Deputies of British Jews because his research into the British Jewish community showed that 2 per cent of them supported the National Front, BNP and other ratbags. They did so because they didn’t want their children going to school with the new Black and Asian immigrants. And one of the Jewish bloggers – it could have been Tony Greenstein – noted that at elections in Barnet one of the right-wing Tory politicos, who was Jewish, used to hang around with the BNP at local elections. He used to complain to them about how it was terrible that the nationalist vote was split between Tories and the extreme right. Obviously, the vast majority of Jews, like the vast majority of severely normal Brits, despise Nazis and with very good reason. But I mention that there is, or was, a fringe that were prepared to support the far right against non-White immigration simply to make the point that conspiracy theories like the Great Replacement, which blame them for mass immigration, are nonsense.

I’ve posted up a number of blogs about Correct, Not Political and their fascism, which really is quite overt. When they begin a livestream, the run-up starts with old footage of Mosley and the BUF goose-stepping in front of adoring crowds while the Adagio for Strings weeps plaintively in the background. I suspected that there was an anti-Semitic undercurrent there – it would be odd if it wasn’t, considering the BUF’s Jew-hatred. It’s veiled, but becoming increasingly overt. The same type of people also comment on Simon Webb’s videos, but to his credit he’s not an islamophobe and very definitely anti-Semite. He’s even posted several videos attacking the anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, and it drives them nuts that he isn’t a Nazi like them. So much so that some of them are convinced he must also be Jewish. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said of Correct, Not Political, and I wonder how long they can go on before it becomes blatant or they get banned.


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5 Responses to “Correct, Not Political Showing Their Anti-Semitism with Meme”

  1. Mark Pattie Says:

    I genuinely wonder whether this “Correct Not Political” are actually the Shitterati of Patriotic Alternative who, upon having their Twitter account suspended, have moved onto a new grift? There’s too many similarities for it not to be them!

  2. Mark Pattie Says:

    Also, the BNP did have at least one Jewish Cllr in 2010 (the year that they got 600,000 votes- a record for any Fascist party in Britain). Also, I am reliably informed that Israel has very BNP-esque immigration policies- with only “ethnic Jews” being allowed full citizenship. As do Taiwan, Japan, Poland and S. Korea, though. Also, isn’t there an organisation that *prohibits marriage between Israelis and Palestinians*? Again, I’m sure there was something similar in NI up till recently.

    • beastrabban Says:

      I hadn’t heard about the Jewish BNP councillor, but it wouldn’t surprise me. They did have an Indian join after they were forced to open their ranks to non-Whites. It seems he only joined because he hated Muslims. As for Israel, you’re right – under the law of return only Jews are allowed Israeli citizenship, and yes, there are organisations in that country to discourage marriage and relationships between Jews and Arabs. Tony Greenstein put up a piece about them, and I think the Electronic Intifada has also written about it. As for Japan, I understood that you can only be a Japanese citizens if both parents are ethnically Japanese. I have heard of westerners with Japanese wives becoming naturalised citizens, but it’s extremely difficult.

      • Mark Pattie Says:

        I also mentioned the likes of Poland and S. Korea but only so I couldn’t be accused of anti-Semitism. As for Lehava I think it’s called, I am sure there was something very similar in Northern Ireland during the Troubles, and no doubt in Serbia/Croatia. Which proves that the whole idea of “race” is discredited hokum.

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