Our Nurses Are Striking against Real Starvation Wages

According to the news, the NHS nurses are going on strike on the 15th and 20th of December. I don’t want the nurses to strike, but I don’t blame and absolutely support them. Or rather, what I should say is that I don’t want the nurses to have to strike. Because I don’t believe they have a choice. I went to one of the fringe Labour meetings online a few weeks ago. I can’t remember whether it was organised by Arise or the Labour Assembly Against Austerity. Not that it really matters. One of the speakers was a medical professional or activist with the NHS. And what she said was really chilling. One quarter of the country’s NHS trusts – I don’t know whether this is Britain as a whole or just England – were running food banks for their nursing staff. For the nurses! And we have student nurses considering dropping out, because they can’t afford to feed themselves and study! And that obese abomination Therese Coffey wanted the NHS budget cut further. Like all the other right-wing Tories, including Farage, who boast about they’re going to cut waste. The Irish vlogger, Maximilien Robespierre, asked in one of his videos whether she was the most odious Tory politician. She had responded to an interviewer’s question by saying that if nurses didn’t like it, they should look for work elsewhere. It’s the standard Tory answer that you hear trotted out whenever there’s a strike. Presumably Coffey thinks we could get more poor immigrants to work for cheap wages to replace them, as one of these horrors suggested we could do to plug the labour shortage in other industries. I’m sick of Coffey, sick of Hunt, and sick of the Tories full stop.

Defend the NHS!

Pay nurses a living wage!

Tories out!


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2 Responses to “Our Nurses Are Striking against Real Starvation Wages”

  1. trev Says:

    The Work & Health Programme providers, Reed in Partnership (aka ‘Better Working Futures’) , who I am now mandated to be under the control of, are now pressurising me to take Min. Wage agency work. It says something in Reed’s blurb about “helping people to achieve their potential “! I had appointments with Reed twice this week on both Wednesday and Thursday, then they’ve been ringing me all bloody day today. They never give it a rest. I wish the Unemployed could go on Strike! (especially the unemployed over-60s).

    • beastrabban Says:

      So many people are sick of that. One of my friends challenged one of these ‘job coaches’ or whatever other euphemism these pests use to describe themselves why she did it. The woman on the other end of the line wailed, ‘I’m motivating you!’ No, you’re not. You’re pestering the extremely vulnerable into taking potentially unsuitable jobs for exploitative wages for the profits of a bloated corporation and its noxious management and shareholders.

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