Trev Describes the Personal Effect High Energy Prices Have on Him

Yesterday I put up an episode of Michael Bentine’s Potty Time, in which an attempt to steal the crown jewels was thwarted by the police and the Beefeaters. The thieves were caught, and their leader revealed to be a computer. This was captured when it was down during a power cut. Trev, one of the great commenters on his blog, posted this remark describing how we don’t have electricity cuts just yet, but the high prices are leaving people like himself cutting back. Trev wrote

‘That’s great. I remember Potty Time and the power cuts. Now we still have power (for now) but can’t afford to use it. I’m only putting heating on for about an hour in a morning but in the evenings I’m wrapped in blankets and a wooly hat trying to keep warm. It’s not good. I don’t qualify for any of the discounts because the electricity account and bill are in the landlady’s name, and I don’t get the right Benefits to qualify for Warm Home discounts or Cold Weather payments (when they are due).’

This is what millions of people are being faced with, due to the greed of the energy companies, fully support by Sunak and the Tories. The energy companies’ vicious, exploitative avarice was even defended by Jacob Rees-Mogg back in the summer. It’s why we need to get the Tories out and Labour in, hopefully to do something that will really benefit the British public on this and other issues.


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One Response to “Trev Describes the Personal Effect High Energy Prices Have on Him”

  1. trev Says:

    All true, and the worst thing about it is that it’s not even freezing outside yet, daytime temperatures are a balmy 9 or 10 degrees, but what’s going to happen when it falls down to freezing and below say in Dec/Jan/Feb? That’s when people are really going to suffer. Funnily enough I got a letter today saying I might be entitled to warm home discount and how to apply by ringing the provided number, all very well but it stipulates in the letter that either you or your partner has the bill in their name, so no use to me as I don’t have a partner and the bill is in the landlady’s name.

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