Media Suggests New Farage-Led Party Could Challenge Tories with 25 per cent of the Vote

I’ll believe it when I see it, but that was what the headlines said on two videos I found on two right-leaning channels on YouTube yesterday. I think one was GB News, which in some cases is so right leaning that it’s actually fallen over. Farage has been making noises about a political comeback and was reported as recommending that the various fringe right-wing parties like Reform and Reclaim should unite to challenge the Conservatives. Because apparently the Tories aren’t the Tories anymore, and Rishi Sunak is following socialist policies. This comes from the bonkers Brexiteer right, the kind of people who declare that the Nazis and Italian Fascists were socialists because they started out on the left and were all in favour of state control. Which conveniently ignores the fact that both parties were nevertheless frantic supporters of private industry – Mussolini even included it as one of the fundamentals of the Fascist state. I wonder what they would have made of Harold Macmillan, who supported the social democratic consensus and memorably described Thatcher’s privatisations as ‘selling off the family silver’. ‘Supermac’ widened access to the universities so that people from more ordinary backgrounds could attend and expanded the construction of council houses, though these were poorer quality than those built by Labour under Clem Attlee. Presumably he was a socialist too? The Lotus Eaters have also got in on that act and were pushing David Kurten’s Heritage Party as ‘the real Conservatives’. Yeah, David Kurten, whose name reminds me of Peter Kurten, the gay serial killer of 1920s Germany, dubbed the something-or-other vampire or werewolf, because he drank his victims’ blood. Obviously, the only thing Dave has in common with that monster was the surname.

I’m sceptical of all this. I think Tice and Fox are too possessive of their own positions as leaders of their respective parties, and I can’t see them merging for the same reason other small parties on the political fringes, like the NF and BNP, seem to fragment into ever smaller political sects, due to personality clashes and differences in doctrine and strategy. Besides which, Farage has had his day. He was never elected to parliament despite his many attempts, did absolutely nothing as an MEP except collect his paycheque and moan, and jumped ship from UKIP, leaving it to sink under the inspired leadership of Gerald Batten.

As for 25 per cent of the British electorate voting for them, this reminds me of one of the stats the Independent reported back in the ’90s. This claimed that a poll had found that a majority of Brits would vote for a far-right party. In fact, the closest the BNP ever got to sweeping into power was in 2007 and it imploded under massive public criticism soon after. Before then I think it had never got more than 2 per cent of the vote. The prediction of a new, even more right-wing party challenging the Conservatives seems very much like that prediction. Though the Tories themselves are now horrifically right-wing, no matter what the demented Brexiteer right may think.


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9 Responses to “Media Suggests New Farage-Led Party Could Challenge Tories with 25 per cent of the Vote”

  1. Mark Pattie Says:

    I’d give *that* statistic a *very* wide berth- although (Tice’s) Reform party are on 6-8 percent. The only way a right-wing party could get 25% would be the SDP (left-wing economically but socially and culturally conservative). Surely you wouldn’t consider voting for that madman Galloway’s party in 2024? Or would you consider the SDP if they were standing in Bristol?

  2. trev Says:

    It should be blatantly obvious by now to the entire electorate precisely where a decade or more of Right-wing policies has brought us; to the brink of Recession, Bankruptcy, and the most appalling levels of poverty and inequality, public services cut to the bone already to the point of Societal dysfunction and the Retail and Hospitality sectors brought to their knees. Further Right-wing politics is the last thing we need. Socialism offers the only solution.

    • beastrabban Says:

      Totally agree, but part of the problem is that the British public has been saturated with 40 years of Tory propaganda about TINA – There Is No Alternative.

      • trev Says:

        It’s very depressing to think we’re right back there again, it’s nearly a century (albeit in Germany) since Brecht & Co. were trying to awaken people to the possibilities of a different reality and encouraging them not to blindly accept the status quo but to challenge it. Now people are backing the Right-wing like Hitler and Mussolini never happened.

  3. Brian Burden Says:

    I’d guess that Farage foresees his party holding the balance and becoming the junior partner in a Tory-Brexit alliance. You’ll recall that after his trouncing in 1972, Heath tried to keep himself in power by forming an “anti-socialist alliance” with Thorpe’s Liberals. People on the left of his party, like John Pardoe and (I think) Paddy Ashdown expressed vociferous opposition to the idea before Thorpe had a chance to make a decision. Since then an unwritten rule seems to have developed that unless a major party obtains more votes than its main opponent, it can’t take power by forming an alliance with a smaller party. When it seemed that Gordon Brown might form an alliance with the Lib Dems to stay in power, Labour right-wingers like Blunkett were in his office shouting No No No! – Better thirty years of tory austerity! Thus, when Jeremy was neck and neck with Theresa in 2017, all the pundits were busy inventing constitutional arguments against a possible alliance between Labour and the Scots Nats. Yes, we tend to underrate old Supermac – politically speaking a thoroughly good egg! He was very mindful of the fact that, thanks to a blatant gerrymandering of constituency borders by the Boundaries Commission, his substantial parliamentary majority had no democratic legitimacy.

    • beastrabban Says:

      Fascinating – I knew about the Lib-Lab pact but not that Heath tried to form an alliance with the Liberals, nor that Blunkett and the other right-wingers wanted to stop Brown forming an alliance with them. Thanks for bringing these murky facts to light.

  4. Brian Burden Says:

    P.S. That shd have been “People on the left of THORPE’s party”!

  5. Mark Pattie Says:

    As for Kurten- he is the sort of nutter that Reform should steer *well* clear of. I believe he is pro-Putin, anti-vaccine, Christian nationalist homophobe- basically Belfield’s ideal politico. Not sure about Simon Webb being a Kurten supporter. Given SW’s own High Tory Anglican ethno-nationalist views I think he may be English Democrat- or Ukip but I don’t think he is a Unionist.

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