The Changing Tory Prime Ministers as ‘Carry On’ Film Farce

I was talking to a friend a few days ago, who joked that the change of Tory Prime Ministers was so farcical and stupid it was like a ‘Carry On’ film. And this inspired me to create the satirical drawing below, ‘Carry On, Prime Minister’. I thought the film would star Kenneth Williams as Rishi Sunak, Sid James as Boris Johnson, ’cause James always played bawdy schemers, while Liz Truss would be played by Barbara Windsor. I’ve therefore drawn Sunak and co. as those leading members of the ‘Carry On’ team, giving them the Williams’, James’ and Windsor’s faces with their hairstyles. Kenneth Williams actually doesn’t look much different as Sunak. This suggests the horrifying prospect that one day Sunak will arise in parliament and say, ‘Oooooh, no! Matron! ‘Ere, stop messin’ about’, and greet foreign dignitaries by telling them how ‘bona it is to barda their dolly old eke again’. I’ve also showed the characters from the BBC comedy series, Yes, Minister, and Yes, Prime Minister, looking on, highly perplexed. Because compared to these machinations and shenanigans, the Jim Hacker, Minister for Administrative Affairs, and his civil service team of Sir Humphrey Appleby and Bernard look like political titans.

The writing at the bottom reads ‘Humphrey, are they all morons?’ ‘Yes, Prime Minister’.


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2 Responses to “The Changing Tory Prime Ministers as ‘Carry On’ Film Farce”

  1. Mark Pattie Says:

    Brilliant! I’m fairly sure Liz Truss is in fact a LibDem sleeper agent who was shoehorned in to destroy the Tory party. She made a bloody good fist of it!

  2. trev Says:

    A Carry On film is about right but it reminded me of the great tradition of British Farce, what with Truss clinging on whilst her colleagues conspired to oust her, Sunak and others waiting in the wings, and then rumours of Johnson’s return, I half expected Brian Rix to drop his trousers just as the Archbishop of Canterbury walked in.

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