The Labour Party Is Preparing to Campaign for a General Election

Rishi Sunak is the second unelected Prime Minister who’s been foisted on us following the resignation of Boris Johnson. He hasn’t even been elected by the Conservative party, like Truss, but has been chosen by the Tory MPs in parliament. He has absolutely no democratic, popular mandate and his policies threaten to impoverish and immiserate this country’s great, hardworking people further. Open Democracy and other internet advocacy groups have stated that they are going to push for a general election. Keir Starmer, the head of the Labour party, has also called for an election. And he means business – serious business. I’ve had emails from deputy leader Angela Rayner asking me to volunteer for their campaign for a general election, Labour Southwest are organising a conference to discuss tactics and the Arise Festival are also requesting donations to fund their meeting about the issue. I’m fully behind these initiatives, although my ability to actively help out is limited. I’ll let you know what else the Labour party are doing as and when I get any more information.


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3 Responses to “The Labour Party Is Preparing to Campaign for a General Election”

  1. Brian Burden Says:

    “immiserate” – Great coinage! I’ve heard nowt from the party, though they’re still taking my direct debit, so I assume I’m still a member. Actually, I’m too old to do anything active, but I’ll still show a poster, providing the local candidate doesn’t prove to be one of the people who worked to undermine Corbyn’s campaign. All you can say for Starmer is that a Starmer-led govt wd be bound to be better than the current shower (fingers crossed). Meanwhile, the witch-hunt bandwagon continues to roll, with muffled wheels.

    • Mark Pattie Says:

      I also see that the Usual Suspects who condemned Corbyn for his apparent association with the IRA have not condemned Liz Truss’ excusing away of Saudi Arabia (‘cept for Chris “Skewering Sincerity” Bryant). Nor have they condemned Jeremy Hunt’s pro-China stance.

  2. Mark Pattie Says:

    Unfortunately, the Tories won’t allow a GE any time soon. Presumably to give themselves a decent chance of denying Labour an absolute majority of the vote share (which is a rare thing in this country). I unfortunately think we’re looking at May ’24 before a GE.

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