Video on the Africans Who Sold Africans into Slavery

This comes from the SOE TV channel on YouTube. It’s a series of potted biographies of various African slavers though two of them were actually of mixed African-Portuguese extraction. Among them are King Guezo of Dahomey and Efunroye Tinobu, the notorious Nigerian female slaver who has a square and statue erected to her. The first person shown in the video, however, is an African prince, who was sent to Britain for his education in the 18th century. During the journey to the West Indies, however, he was enslaved, but word was managed to be passed to his father, who arranged for him to be freed and come to Britain. Once here, he studied in libraries before taking up slaving himself. To us in the 21st century, it’s almost incomprehensible how someone, who had been enslaved themselves, could go on to inflict this on others. But it was part, unfortunately, of the common mindset of slave societies. From the ancient world to the 19th century, slavery was so much a part of the contemporary cultural mindset that even those enslaved themselves saw nothing wrong with the institution. They just hated the fact that they personally were enslaved. The British colonial authorities at Sierra Leone several times had to launch searches to arrest ‘liberated Africans’, that is, former slaves who had been freed by the British navy and transported to the colony, who had seized other Africans to sell into slavery further south. I’m putting this up because, apart from being an important part of the slave trade, it’s an aspect I feel is being played down in order to put the blame for slavery solely on White Europeans and Americans.


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6 Responses to “Video on the Africans Who Sold Africans into Slavery”

  1. Mark Pattie Says:

    Slightly off topic, but has SW done a video on the fact that the richest man in the 14th Century was a black African Muslim- Sultan Musa of Timbuktu? Or about the Christian Axum empire of Ethiopia? At first such facts would seem to contradict his narrative, but I think he would upload a video on the subjects as they would fit with his views about Christianity and Islam “civilising” the otherwise “savages” of the Sub-Sahara.

    • beastrabban Says:

      Interestingly he hasn’t made a video about Mansa Musa, the emperor of Mali, or the Axumite empire. Others on the right have mentioned Musa in videos about the African slave trade because Mali was one, if not the major exporter of African slaves in the Middle Ages. Axum also had slaves, as did very many African states and peoples, but I don’t think they were a major exporter. I think his interest in ancient Ethiopia began and ended with much of its culture being derived from South Arabia colonists c. 7th century BC or thereabouts.

  2. Que? Says:

    I always find the whole ‘Africans sold other Africans’ canard very dishonest. The statement is true but it’s always taken out of context and almost always usually stated by people with less than honest intentions and frankly know very little about history in general.

    Here are my takes:

    1. Africans/SSA/Black people were never unified (and will never be unified). People from one tribe, ethnic group, kingdom, etc attacked and enslaved a different tribe, ethnic group, kingdom etc. This happened on many continents throughout human history. In this case, they just happen to be Africans. This distinction has to be made. To repeat the ‘Africans sold other Africans’ canard is to deny the complexities of history.
    This leads me to my second point.

    2. Why do those who spout off the ‘Africans sold other Africans’ canard never apply this reasoning to other parts of the world?
    Europeans sold other Europeans – The Norsemen/Vikings raided and enslaved many Europeans like other Germanics (Saxons, Franks etc), Finnics, Baltics, Slavs, etc and sold them to Middle Easterners.
    The Romans… So many European peoples. Too much to count.
    Slavs raided and enslaved other Slavs (look up Kievan/Kyivan Rus).
    Middle Easterners sold other Middle Easterners – During the conquest of the first Caliphate, the Caliphate armies (mostly of Gulf Arab origin) pillaged, enslaved and sold many Middle Easterners like Persians, Jews, Lebanese, etc. Remember ISIS/ISIL/Daesh? Remember how they took Middle Eastern Christian and Yazidi Kurdish girls and women as ‘wives’?
    Here’s a thing that many people don’t know. The Mali Empire actually had quite a few non-African slaves. They had Turkic slaves. They even imported Syrian girls as slaves.
    Amerindians sold other Amerindians – Aztecs raided neighbouring ethnic groups for slaves. In fact, the Aztec empire fell because the neighbouring ethnic groups got fed up with the Aztecs and sided with the Spanish. Native Americans (in what is now the USA) would routinely raid and enslave other Native ethnic groups and sell them to each other and the Europeans.
    East Asians sold other East Asians – The Mongols, anybody? Also because of China’s ‘One Child Policy’ and their preference for boys, there are a lot more males than females. Because of this many East Asian (including SE Asian) gangs have taken up kidnapping and selling East Asian (Koreans, Thai, Filipino, etc) women to Chinese men.
    South Asians sold other South Asians – Happen throughout history and it still goes on to this day. Some Pakistani gangs are kidnapping and selling Pakistani women to Chinese men.
    This leads me to my third point.

    3. ‘Africans sold other Africans’ canard is damn near always used as a gotcha and justification for what happened during TAST. You know the spiel. “If Africans never sold other Africans then the trade would’ve never happened.”
    I’m sorry but that is moral at all. That doesn’t excuse anybody from owning and abusing people. Imagine some foreign gunman for ISIS/ISIL/Daesh owning a Middle Eastern Christian and Yazidi Kurdish girl/women and saying. “If Middle Easterners never sold other Middle Easterners then the trade would’ve never happened.” or A Chinese man owning a South Asian woman saying. “If South Asians never sold other South Asians then the trade would’ve never happened.” Would we find that reasoning acceptable!? I hope not. We rightfully would find it disgusting and it should be the same with the TAST.

    Ultimately, it comes down to this. Slavery is morally wrong whether it comes to selling, raiding or owning.

    • Que? Says:

      “I’m sorry but that is moral at all.”
      Should be. “I’m sorry but that isn’t moral at all.” My mistake/bad. LOL

    • beastrabban Says:

      Mo worries about the slip of the keyboard, Que. We know what you meant. I completely agree with you about this, though it should be said that Sowell in his books Race and Culture does point out that other races were selling each other into slavery as well. He does so to make the point that slavery wasn’t simply a matter of race but availability: people were enslaved because they were vulnerable, and those enslaved were frequently of the same race as the slavers.

      • Que? Says:

        Exactly. I agree with Sowell for the most part. I have to say that slavery in the Americas did take a racial element (as in the overwhelming amount of slaves were SSA/black).

        As I stated though, Slavery is morally wrong whether it comes to selling, raiding or owning. No matter the perpetrator or victim.

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