Protest Against the Cost of Living in Northern Ireland

There have been marches against the cost of living in London and Ireland. There’s foorage and discussion of the marches against it in Dublin and Cork on YouTube. I found this video of another such protest in Belfast. The protesters carry placards demanding the nationalisation of the energy companies and also attacking the tax cuts for the rich. One of the speakers, a man, attacks the Stormont administration for not passing the measure that would help out ordinary working Ulstermen and women. He also talks about the £300 payment that some people in the province will receive. He doesn’t begrudge anyone getting the money, but as inflation is running at over 1000%, people should get a thousand pounds instead. A female speaker attacks the tax cuts and points out that it will be working people that end up paying.

This comes from the Daily Mail, who must have had to restrain themselves at the sight of working people protesting in favour of nationalisation and against the rich getting tax cuts. But the speakers are absolutely right. Bravo and respect to them, and everyone across Britain, Ireland and Europe who’s protesting against such policies.


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4 Responses to “Protest Against the Cost of Living in Northern Ireland”

  1. trev Says:

    There will be further protests in mainland British towns & cities too I reckon, it could snowball into something significant if we seize the moment. Giving the Banksters their obscene bonuses back is just rubbing salt into the wounds. Truss is taking the proverbial. People aren’t going to stand for it.

  2. trev Says:

    Protest in Huddersfield October 1st

    • beastrabban Says:

      Thanks for the link, Trev. A lot of people are extremely angry at the Tories to the point where at least one of the speakers at the Arise meeting on Zoom I turned into was optimistic about getting them out. I hope he’s right.

      • trev Says:

        I hope so too, even if it means voting for Starmer and Reeves, I’ll just have to grit my teeth to get rid of the evil Tory menace aka Public Enemy Number One. Bonuses for the Banksters and Sanctions for the poor, this shocking state of affairs cannot continue.

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