It’s Predictable: Farage Blames Blair for Muslim/ Hindu Riots

He also blamed Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Theresa May as well, but it’s mainly Blair’s fault. Because he encouraged diversity. GB News interviewed Nigel Farage over the continuing riots between Muslims and Hindus in Leicester. They disturbances have now spread to Smethwick, where Muslim protesters are standing outside a Hindu durgan. The protest has supposedly been caused by the temple inviting a right-wing preacher to speak there. A news report about this from one of the Indian news networks showed a Muslim lad in a black balaclava talking about how they had come down from Birmingham and elsewhere to protest. It was peaceful, but, he added, if things did happen, they’d be there.

Farage inevitably had to blame Tony Blair. He said that immigration could be a great asset and Britain had benefited from it, but when it was uncontrolled and let in unassimilated groups, it resulted in scenes like this. And Blair was primarily to blame because he promoted diversity. This accusation comes from a single senior civil servant, who claimed that Blair had promoted mass immigration in order to rub the Tories’ noses in diversity and multiculturalism. This is just one person saying this, and it’s possible that his memory is mistaken, or he’s lying. But the accusation has spread around the racist right like a rash, so they all hate Labour as the party of mass immigration.

The Fuhrage, however, did have a point when he agreed with one woman, who had responded to the statement by Claudia Webbe that the rioting was due to extreme right-wing ideologies imported from the subcontinent. Yes, that woman, had said, racist, colonialist, sexist patriarchal ideologies were imported from elsewhere. This turns the tables on the attitude of the anti-racist left that Britain is a terrible, racist, colonialist, patriarchal society and it’s reflected in our culture, which has to be reformed if not torn down. Farage also blamed our leaders for not acting against ethnic racism because they were afraid of being accused of racism in turn, as shown by the grooming gang and a number of other scandals. But that’s only part of it. Certain politicians on the left stated that they didn’t want to tackle ethnic racism because this was a threat or distraction from campaigning against White racism. Diane Abbott was one of these. She was asked by an Asian gent at some kind of Labour meeting what she intended to do about racism in ethnic communities. She replied that she was against doing anything, because it would allow ‘them’ to divide and rule.

Sadly, the Asian guy was right. Ethnic tensions and racism in Britain were ignored, and as a result these communities have been influenced by fascist propaganda from outside.

Now is the time to reform anti-racist campaign so that it includes all forms of racism and far right, populist ideologies and not just White.


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5 Responses to “It’s Predictable: Farage Blames Blair for Muslim/ Hindu Riots”

  1. Mark Pattie Says:

    So he blames Blair for the Leicester riots? Bullshit- these youths aren’t even immigrants from India and Pakistan, but *British* born. If anything, if the youths were Pakistani *and* Bangladeshi British (like in Oldham, Bfd, Burnley) the media would be all over it, but in this case the media are like “B-b-but they’re Hindu! Surely not!”. Strangely enough, I have never heard of similar disturbances in Bury, Bolton or Ashton-under-Lyne (all towns with large Muslim and Hindu and/or Jewish populations).

    • Mark Pattie Says:

      He’s also blaming David Cameron? Is he mad? Cameron was very much focussed on promoting integration between communities and “British values”- the same “British values” that Boris and co have trashed since 2019. Maybe he should be blaming TrussLiz over her apparent support for Saudi Arabia (where many of the Imams in British mosques are from). If we cut all ties with Saudi, and made sure new Imams were British-trained, that would go a long way to preventing Islamist extremism in this country. As would Britain withdrawing from stupid wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

      • beastrabban Says:

        Somewhere in there someone from the right recalls that David Cameron said that multiculturalism had failed. But I think they resent him because they think that although he recognised that multiculturalism wasn’t working, he still allowed mass immigration and carried on with it. But you’re right – he did insist on integration through British values. And you’re absolute right about the causes of Muslim radicalisation. Moderate imams in this country back in the ’90s wanted a block on foreign imams with radical views entering the country. They wanted more native British Muslims to become Islamic clergy that so that the British Islamic community would have preachers who grew up with and whose preaching reflected British values of tolerance and so on.

      • Mark Pattie Says:

        I am amazed Farage doesn’t blame Priti Patel, despite the fact that she completely broke her Conservative manifesto promises to control immigration- not that I believed her in the first place (she has significant previous in the Insincerity Department). Not that the Tories really wanted to control it anyway, as they are still the party of big business, and very high (unskilled) immigration=more workers to exploit= higher profits for the likes of Johnson, Sunak and Gove. Also, for the complete Hall of Shame, he should blame Liz Truss for her lack of sincere condemnation of Saudi Arabia.

  2. Jim Round Says:

    Excellent points there Mark.
    I have read that the disturbances in Leicester are not related to the cricket match, but have been brewing far longer, it is alleged that some extreme Hindu Nationalists beat up a young Muslim and also a Sikh.
    Strangely, Simon Webb’s “research” does not stretch this far.
    One thing I will note, is this kind of thing is almost always young men of all races, colours, creeds.

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