Asian News Agencies Now Covering Pakistani vs. Hindu Rioting in Leicester

And the Indian government is getting involved as well. A few days ago, Simon Webb of HIstory Debunked put up a piece about the ongoing riots in Leicester between Pakistanis and Hindus. When he blogged about it the rioting had been going on for 13 days and, although covered in the local press, had received scant coverage on the Beeb or the national news. Webb considered that this was because the rioting didn’t fit the narrative that only Whites can be racist. He also claimed that the police officers sent to quell the riots weren’t British because they had Asian names.

Now the Indian news channels are covering the riots. There have been reports by The Quint, the Hindu Times and WION, frequently using the same footage. According to them the riots started on the 28th of last month (August) when a fight broke out after a Pakistan versus India cricket game. Three men were arrested. The fighting broke out again this weekend as Muslims attacked Hindus due to a rumour that a mosque had been desecrated. The rumour was completely untrue, but it didn’t stop the Muslims from seeking revenge. An orange flag was videoed being torn down near a temple. According to the Muslims, this rioting was started by Hindus marching through Muslim areas chanting ‘Jai shri ram’. The Indian High Commissioner has sent the government a strongly worded message condemning the attacks on Hindus and demanding that the British government do everything possible to protect them.

Claudia Webbe, the local Labour MP, has written a message to the city’s people stating that the city is a wonderful example of diversity, and the way different peoples can live together peacefully. She urges people to be calm and not go out and so protect their community. This praiseworthy message has naturally drawn sneers from Paul Joseph Watson. As for the ethnicity of the police at the rioting, the videos show a number of White cops. So, the policing of the riots has definitely not been given over to foreigners. And the foreigners Webb mentioned were likely to be British Asians, whose families could well have been here for three generations or more.

I do believe that Webb has a point when he talks about the riots not being covered because of ethnic minority racial sensitivities. My own experience has been that Black and Asian anti-racist activists do not like crimes by ethnic minorities being reported because they see it as promoting prejudice against them. Hence when the Beeb did start covering the riots, they merely mentioned that it was by gangs of ‘youths’. I suspect another reason may have been to prevent the violence spreading if there was a danger that other Asian communities would also begin to divide and follow suit.

But it also seems to me that the rioting also corroborates a danger to social cohesion caused by the demographic decline of Whites, suggested by Thomas Sowell. Sowell, a Black Conservative, believes that America is in danger of balkanisation. White culture is currently the glue that holds America together. As Whites decline as a percentage of the American population and White culture is challenged by other groups, so there is a danger that America will become nothing more than a collection of different races and ethnicities competing against each other. The decline of White America will therefore result in more ethnic violence as these peoples directly confront and come into conflict with each other. There is some low-level violence between ethnic minorities already. For example, the attacks on Jews that occurred at Christmas weren’t done by White anti-Semites, but by members of Black Israelite groups. These believe that only Black Americans descended from slaves are the authentic Jews and despise White Jews as ‘Khazars’. See the section on the Black Hebrew Israelites in Donna Kossey’s 1995 Kooks: A Guide to the Outer Limits of Human Belief, published by Feral House for more information. In Britain I remember there being rioting between Blacks and Asians in Birmingham in the 1980s.

I think Sowell’s got a point about balkanisation, which is why I strongly believe that ethnic racism needs to be tackled as well as White, regardless of opposition from Black politicos like Diane Abbott.


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5 Responses to “Asian News Agencies Now Covering Pakistani vs. Hindu Rioting in Leicester”

  1. Brian Burden Says:

    You mention the Beeb misrepresenting the ethnicity issue. I remember that during the N.Irish troubles there was a period when, seemingly, no Catholics were getting killed. The victims, according to the Beeb, were either “young Protestants” – victims of the IRA – or “young men”.

    • beastrabban Says:

      Interesting – I’ve not heard that before.

    • Mark Pattie Says:

      I think the same reticence applies to the Leicester riots. I think the BBC were reticent to mention the Hindu arch-nationalist background of many of the perps. If they’d been Pakistani vs Bangladeshi British vs white British (as in Oldham, 2001) the media would be all over the show. Re Sowell’s comment about Balkanization- I think the same is happening in England (FYI, I do not share a certain right-wing historian’s English-nationalist views- I’m very much a Labour-supporting Unionist). I just hope they can contain this before it spreads up North to towns like Bolton, Ashton and Preston- or even, God forbid, Liverpool (specifically L8 or L7).

      • beastrabban Says:

        It might be that these communities are far more resilient than we realise. Let’s hope so. I also found another report from GB News in which they interviewed Suleiman Nagdy, who was president of the umbrella Muslim organisation in Leicester. He said it wasn’t the older, settled generation in the city that was doing the rioting, but newer immigrants from the subcontinent that hadn’t taken over British values. This might be right. Ed Hussein when he met Muslims worried about the radicalisation in their communities blamed much of it on immigrants from the war-torn countries, who couldn’t settle down to peace. And for nearly 30 years now the BJP and radical Muslim groups have been taking India and Pakistan further down the road to intolerance and Fascism. Hussein states in his book that the way to tackle this extremism is to stress British values such as the rule of law, which benefits everyone regardless of creed and colour.

      • Mark Pattie Says:

        Amen to that. That’s a much more feasible solution than restricting immigration from Muslim nations- for instance I think we’ve a moral duty to allow Kurds into this country, and likewise with Uyghur Muslims. I do find it curious, though, that certain Muslim ethnicities in Britain are generally more integrated than others (a sort of integration “Bell Curve”)- with Bangladeshi, Turkish and Gujarati-origin British Muslims being more willing to integrate into mainstream British society than Pakistani-origin. That may be also because Pakistan is an Islamic Republic (capital-R emphasised) whereas Bangladesh isn’t.

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