Internet Site Votes Alex Belfield 85 Per Cent Gay

The collapse of Alex Belfield continues. I don’t mean this to sound homophobic, but I do find it funny considering the innuendo and sneers Belfield makes about various camp TV presenters and celebs. He describes them as being ‘light on their feet’, and the various remarks about his off-camera assistant, Tarquin. It seems to be based on some of the camp humour of the 1970s, and particularly Larry Grayson’s, and his jokes about Everard and Slack Alice and his punchline ‘seems like a nice boy’. There’s a big difference between him and Grayson though, quite apart from the fact that the humour itself is 40 or so years out of date. It’s that Grayson was genuinely funny and seemed to be a genuinely nice person. He never stalked or harassed anyone, did not con people out of money by claiming that he was going to sue the BBC or police, or that he needed it to pay a barrister and then defended himself. He was a gentlemanly host on the Generation Game, and my parents preferred him to his predecessor on the game show, Bruce Forsythe. And when Grayson made those camp jokes, it was genuinely meant in fun. Looking at Belfield’s sneers, it seems like a touch of real homophobia combined with jealousy that they have jobs with the Beeb and he doesn’t.

This is why this little snippet of news is quite ironic.

There is, apparently, a site on the net called ‘Gay or Straight’, where people go to vote about the sexuality of particular celebs. According to the utterly scurrilous Sir Jimmy Savile channel on YouTube, 77 people went on there to vote on the issue of Belfield’s sexual orientation. And they voted that Belfield, who will be sentenced tomorrow for his crimes, was 85 per cent gay. As the average percentage for people voted gay seems to be 69 per cent, this means that, by the standards of the site, he is very gay indeed.

And this is about a man who constantly criticised Pride parades and other gay stories, largely taken from the Daily Heil.

Well, as the genuinely nice and great Larry Grayson would say, ‘seems like a nice boy.’

But Belfield only seemed to be.


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5 Responses to “Internet Site Votes Alex Belfield 85 Per Cent Gay”

  1. gillyflowerblog Says:

    Well, I know for a fact AB has gay friends. I personally know one. The friend that is not AB! Not sure why my friend is a friend of AB, not having asked him, but I know they both grew up in the same town. A few years ago AB covered himself in no glory whatsoever by slagging off Benidorm, none of his claims being true. My Benidorm friends certainly went for his jugular.
    So to get back to his gay jibes, he probably is joking but to my mind that makes it worse

  2. Mark Pattie Says:

    I wasn’t sure about Belfield, but I do think a lot of these right-wing anti-feminist, basement-dwelling 40-something blue-ticks are gay or bisexual. I certainly think PJW is gay- although I find myself wondering what sort of bloke would find him attractive? Likewise, I think the now-suspended boxer and all-around asshole Andrew Tate is probably gay.

  3. Maisie O’Mara Says:

    He actually came out during the trial, if you look up the judges sentencing remarks it’s mentioned in paragraph 41. He tried to claim that some of the harassment couldn’t be homophobic because he was LGBT+ but this was rejected.

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