History Debunked Speculates about King Charles and the World Economic Forum

I put up a piece yesterday about how right-wing counterprotest group Correct, Not Political took the occasion of Her Maj’s death to push stupid, right-wing conspiracies inherited from Resistance GB and God knows who else. The Queen was posthumously accused of presiding over the British public being stripped of their ancient liberties as well as sneers about giving birth to paedophiles and being a cousin to her consort, Prince Philip. The nadir was reached when they put up a photograph of our new king wearing a skullcap in a pew during a service with Jewish men also wearing skullcaps. This was captioned ‘Close it down’. This strongly seems to suggest to me that, despite angrily denying that they believe in the Great Replacement, they do believe in some godawful conspiracy theory about Jewish power, the Zionist Occupation Government or some other utterly malign nonsense like that.

But they weren’t the only people to suffer from a sudden attack of conspiracy paranoia. Simon Webb of History Debunked put up a video asking whether Charles was going to institute the neo-feudalism of the Great Reset. Now this is a conspiracy theory I don’t know very much about. From what little I’ve come across of it, it seems to consider that the World Economic Forum led by Klaus Schwab will use the ecological crisis to push a form of ‘Green communism’. The global economy will be reconstructed to become a form of Communism in which people will own nothing and be happy. Motor transport is a particular concern to those holding this theory. They’re very worried about current moves to ban oil-driven cars in favour of electric, and so there are forms of the slogan which run ‘You will have no car and be happy’. I didn’t watch the video. I tried but got very bored after a couple of minutes. I think the logic here is that because Prince Philip and King Charles are very much into ecology – I think Philip was patron of the World-Wide Fund for Nature, formerly the World Wildlife Fund – they must be keen on closing down the modern industrial economy and establishing this green economic system. A system in which they would be the new, feudal, ruling class.

Webb isn’t an anti-Semite. To his credit he’s put up any number of videos debunking the stupid conspiracy theories about Jews. A recent video he put up attacked one of the arguments used by the Holocaust deniers. This was that Auschwitz had wooden doors. These wooden doors would have been permeable to gas, so if Auschwitz was used as gas oven, the gas would have escaped to kill the guards. Therefore, it wasn’t. Webb described how the Nazis had initially tried killing Jews by putting them in the back of vans fitted with hoses leading from their interiors to the exhaust pipe and then driving around until their victims will killed by the carbon monoxide. This didn’t kill enough of them, so they settled on Zyklon-B instead, a highly toxic pesticide. And if that had been used with wooden doors, it would have seeped through them to kill the guards. It was so toxic that the men handling the canisters had to wear gas masks. So, the Nazis didn’t use wooden doors in Auschwitz. They used metal. Regardless of the right-wing nature of the rest of his views, he has done something absolutely laudable in putting up this post against one of the arguments used to deny the Holocaust. Unfortunately, I doubt that the people who really needed to take it on board did so. The comments below the video were full of the usual anti-Semites and Nazis stating that they were right and lamenting that Webb hadn’t come round to their views.

Despite his opposition to anti-Semitism, it strikes me very much that the conspiracy theory about the Great Reset and the World Economic Forum, which Webb appears to have embraced, is just another form of all the conspiracy theories about the Rothschilds, the Bilderberg group and the Trilateral Commission and the globalists Alex Jones used to rant about. And Klaus Schwab seems to be taking over from George Soros as main international Bond villain in these peoples’ imaginations.

But it doesn’t matter who the villains are now, it’s still the same rubbish.

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16 Responses to “History Debunked Speculates about King Charles and the World Economic Forum”

  1. gillyflowerblog Says:

    Prince Philip an ecologist? Surely some mistake. Is this a different one to the hunting and shooting one?
    And yes it’s right wing shite but Andrew?

    • beastrabban Says:

      I think so. I think it’s Prince Philip was patron of the WWF, incredible as that sounds. And yes, the Queen has produced an alleged paedophile in Prince Andrew, who I don’t think has any ecological credentials whatsoever. Or indeed any moral ones either.

    • beastrabban Says:

      You are right in that there does seem to be something suspicious about Prince Philip’s connection to the WWF. Robin Ramsey wrote a piece in Lobster a while ago that he’d been talking to a producer for Despatches. The producer had got interested in investigating the WWF after he noticed that Prince Philip and other top people were involved in it. But he dropped the project after being warned off. There’s something mysterious going on with it, but it’s too dangerous, it seems, to investigate.

  2. Jim Round Says:

    Would this be the same Simon Webb who put up a video (discussed on this blog) about black people believing in conspiracy theories?

  3. trev Says:

    I own nothing now! If I am to be happy then all the better, bring on the “Great Reset”!

  4. Mark Pattie Says:

    Simon Webb seems to be obsessed with the nonsense about “Green communism” and how the eeeevil net zero brigade are banning oil-driven cars.
    Except for the fact that petrol prices have come down significantly from July (my local Shell is £1.63, 3 months ago it was £1.87). If he, Delingpole and the rest were right, we would be paying £2.50 or more for a litre of petrol.
    That being said, SW is right about Boris Johnson not being a patriot, or a conservative. He *lied* to Her now-late Majesty about Partygate for instance! One thing I’m not happy about with Liz Truss is her apparent support for North Sea Oil exploration, which will take years to develop. I’ve also noticed that SW is a (slight understatement) Ukraine “sceptic”. Not sure he’s outright pro-Putin, but he idolises Orbàn.

    • beastrabban Says:

      I’ve not that a lot of the conservative right in Britain and the US are sceptical about Ukraine, and there’s a lot that support Orban as a conservative nationalist.

  5. Brian Burden Says:

    It’s established, I think that a right wing cabal in MI5 was undermining Harold Wilson by spreading rumours that he was a Soviet agent. It’s been alleged that Lord Mountbatten believed this nonsense and planned a coup with some of his military buddies. The story goes that when he mooted his scheme to HM, she told him not to be a silly ass and sent him away with a flea in his ear. If this is true, we can thank her for saving British democracy!

    • beastrabban Says:

      I haven’t quite heard that version of the story, but I totally agree with you that there were elements in MI5 who really did think that Harold Wilson was a communist agent. They weren’t alone – it was also believed by the head of the CIA at the time, James Jesus Angleton. And also, so I’ve read, one Margaret Thatcher of Grantham, that was.
      MI5 were publishing material designed to destabilise his government and there certainly were nutters plotting a coup. Mountbatten rings a bell, but I can’t remember anything about him approaching Her Maj. In the version I’ve read, the plotter was the editor of the Mirror, who wanted to install Oswald Mosley (!) of all people as the dictator after the coup. He approached the old colonels at the big military academy, and they told him to get back in his panzer and bugger off, or words to that effect. I also heard that there were retired military officers setting up their own private militias to save Britain from Wilsonian communism.

      • trev Says:

        Didn’t Lord Admiral Hill-Norton once plot some sort of military coup, or did I dream it?

      • Brian Burden Says:

        It was Cecil King who fancied himself as the head of a coalition and, as I recall, implied as much in a Mirror editorial. Private Eye ridiculed him in a cover depicting Napoleon and captioned “Lord Gnome, a recent portrait”! I think you are too kind to the MI5 plotters. They simply hated serving under a Labour government and were prepared to resort to any means to undermine Wilson. Who knows what goes on in the minds of right wing nutters!

      • beastrabban Says:

        Thanks, Brian – I thought it was the editor of the Mirror, but didn’t know his name. I also didn’t know that Private Eye had sent him up as Napoleon. As he deserved. Very scary times. I and wonder if we aren’t heading for a replay of them if there is a winter of discontent and the Tories are ready to start channelling their inner Fascist under Braverman.

  6. Brian Burden Says:

    There were a couple of right wing militias. One called itself GB75. There was also the National Association For Freedom (NAFF!).

    • beastrabban Says:

      Thanks for that, too. I’d read something about them in Lobster, but didn’t know that much about them. I think they were supposed to be goose-stepping about the South Downs, ready to combat Communism. As for Lord Hill Norton, he later turned up as one of the heads of an anti-UFO abduction group, UFO Concern.

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