Black Computer Programmer Wants More Black Men in Maths, Computing and Medicine

This is a short from Isaac Smith’s YouTube channel. It’s simply him watching a Black computer programmer, Kwanza Kanju, go through the stats showing that Black boys would stand more chance of a job if they switched their ambitions from basketball to a career in the STEM subjects. He begins by saying that there are a million Blacks wanting to play in the NBA. He goes through the decreasing number that qualify for the sport at each succeeding level, until he shows that there are only seven places available in the NBA that these million aspiring kids are chasing.

On the other hand, there were 100,000 jobs going last year in maths, computing and medicine. He states that if you practise hard and study enough, you become what you want to be. If you spend your time playing basketball from 3 to 6 pm, you’ll be a very good basketball player. If you spend the same amount of time in libraries, you’ll be a brilliant scholar. And he knows that Black people will make excellent mathematicians and medical specialists, as the first doctor wasn’t Hippocrates but Imhotep.

He’s right, and basically saying what Black conservative writer Jason Riley says. Black people can excel academically if they spend the same time and effort on these subjects as they do on sport and music, where they already excel.

I wanted to put this up as a piece of positive, optimistic advice that a Black STEM expert was giving to aspiring Blacks after all the negative stories this week about Black looting gangs, the violence at the Notting Hill Carnival and so on.


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One Response to “Black Computer Programmer Wants More Black Men in Maths, Computing and Medicine”

  1. Mark Pattie Says:

    I believe Simon Webb has put up a video about the fact that many of the new Tory cabinet are ethnic minorities (which he, s’prise s’prise, seems to rabidly disapprove of). I kind of wonder whether he should join Starmer’s Labour, as they only have one black MP in the shadcab (David Lammy).
    The only one of those aforementioned Tories I’m really concerned about is Suella Braverman, who seems to want to leave the EHCR w/o so much as a referendum- although Kemi’s fallen on my sincerity-o-meter since Britain First endorsed her.

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