Trailer for UFO Film ‘Above Top Secret’

Here’s something that’s a bit more fun. It’s a trailer for the forthcoming UFO movie, Above Top Secret, presented by Dr. Stephen Greer with retired FBI agent John DeSouza alongside aerospace historians and others. The blurb for it on its YouTube page runs

‘We’re at a tipping point in history, the hidden technology that could change everything has been suppressed for decades. Dr. Steven Greer presents mind-blowing information along with never before seen access into the crusade behind disclosure. Retired FBI special agent John Desouza, Aerospace Historians James C, Goodall along with Michael Schratt breakdown the implications of the cover-up, and the false UFO narrative created by the major media. How much does the President of the United States really know about the UFO phenomenon, and the Above Top Secret projects involved with exotic technology? Billy Carson presents the real motivation behind the major media, and the U.S. Military role out of the UAP phenomenon. Multi award filmmakers Blake and Brent Cousins travel across the country to find the real answers to everyone’s questions whether we are alone in the universe, and expose the above top secret projects involved with ET recovered craft not of this world. Is they’re an Alien threat among us, or is the real threat human in nature? Above Top Secret the technology behind disclosure will change the way you think about UFOs, and the world of suppressed technology. Cast: Dr. Steven Greer, James Goodall, John Desouza, Billy Carson, Michael Schratt, Brent Cousins, Blake Cousins.’

The people featured in the trailer claim that the American government and aerospace industry are creating radical new air- and spacecraft using technology taken from crashed UFO, such as that at Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. These have given scientific secrets such as Zero Point energy and gravitics, and that the spacecraft are thought actuated, moving through the ‘thought field’. The American government is also responsible for pushing a non-existent alien threat.

It looks fun, but I’m sceptical of all of this. The title seems to come from Tim Good’s book published in the 1980s, which contained all the conspiracy theory rubbish about alien abductions, the Majestic 12 group of scientists and senior military officers responsible for keeping it all under wraps, whose chief was called His Cerebral Phosphorescence. In short, pretty much the stuff that ended up in the X-Files in the 1990s. Good was, I believe, entirely genuine, but some of the material he published consisted of hoaxes, and misremembered or misidentified incidents. I do believe, however, that there are secret air- and spacecraft that have been developed that very much look and behave like alien spacecraft and are responsible for many UFO sightings.


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9 Responses to “Trailer for UFO Film ‘Above Top Secret’”

  1. trev Says:

    Entertaining and thought provoking if nothing else but Greer is a charlatan and narcissist who bought a mummified feotus and sells photos of it to journalists for an extortionate price, claiming it’s an Alien, among other things. He makes (paid) personal appearances on stage at UFO conferences and always does the same routine of name dropping and making veiled hints with no real info, then says how warm it is before removing his jacket and commenting on how many weights he’s been lifting. He’s been peddling the “zero-point” energy theory for years. He even claimed to have “debriefed” a sitting FBI chief on the UFO phenomenon but failed to mention that the guy in question was sitting for dinner at the time, a charity function where Greer shared the same table and started ranting about UFOs to the other guests who were polite enough to humour him!

    • beastrabban Says:

      Thanks for that Trev. I got the impression that there was something a bit ‘sus’ about Greer for a long time. Just the odd comment in some of the sceptical UFO journals that he was fake without actually saying so. As for the mummified foetus, something similar was going on with an allegedly alien skull that some of the Ufolks claimed had been found in the American southwest. Experts examining it said it was the remains of a small child, who’d suffered from hydrocephalus. A few more such skulls have been produced since, and they all look to me like the results of skull deformation as practised by some of the indigenous peoples.

  2. Brian Burden Says:

    Watch Alien Files Unsealed on Blaze and you will be in no doubt that UFOs are a reality. The problem is that the issue is knee-deep in misinformation. Remember George Adamski of Flying Saucers Have Landed fame? A total charlatan – but not entirely. Google “Haunebu”, and you will see pictures of a nazi flying disc project which is a dead ringer for the “scout ship” George photographed. Not a benign chariot of the Venusians, then, but one of Hitler’s last ditch wonder weapons! Roswell was an authentic UFO crash, complete with alien corpses. If in doubt, read Colonel Corso’s The Day After Roswell or watch any of the recent documentaries – mainly on Blaze. Interestingly, Roswell (IMO) prompted an elaborate deception operation, designed to shift public attention away from New Mexico to Washinton State – the Maury Island incident. See the detailed account in Paris Flammonde’s UFO Exist. There are still misguided souls who insist that Maury Island was a real event!

    • trev Says:

      I do believe in the existence of UFOs as I have seen one myself though I don’t know who or what they are, where they come from or why they’re here. My own opinion is that they are from another Dimension, maybe, but I am pretty sure the whole Nazi UFO story is a hoax. Those UFO shows on freeview are interesting and entertaining but I don’t necessarily believe all they say, though there are some cases that do stand out as having some truth to them, e.g. Rendlesham Forest, P.C. Alan Godfrey, Betty & Barney Hill, the Livingston UFO, Travis Walton, and several others including at least three incidents at schools, I think there was one in Australia, one in South Africa, and another in Wales, all witnessed by pupils and teachers. But Nazi UFOs are B.S. in my opinion and serve to grandize Nazi achievements.

      • beastrabban Says:

        Looking at some of the recent books on saucer-shaped craft built by real aviation pioneers and aerospace companies, like the American flying flapjack and the Canadian Avrocar, it does seem that the Nazis were experimenting with similar disc-shaped device in Czechoslovakia, but it doesn’t seem that these got further than a few test flights. Certainly all the myths that they had interstellar space craft built according to telepathic messages from Aldebaran, as in the ’90s video ‘UFO Secrets of the Third Reich’, are complete codswallop.

  3. Brian Burden Says:

    Google “Haunebu” and then google the Adamski photos and Adamski’s Silver Spring film. Arch-sceptic Patrick Moore liked Adamski and believed that he was a sincere dupe, I understand. I agree. The common factor which links Kenneth Arnold – 100% authentic – with Adamski – fraud or dupe – is that both were contacted by Air Force Intelligence. Kenneth Arnold’s “saucers” were not saucers at all, but crescent shaped – like the Roswell UFO. The official line is that the press latched on to Arnold’s description of the objects’ movements, but there is evidence that they used his account as an excuse to bring the term “flying saucer” into public discourse. It seems that US airmen returning from Europe brought with them tales of being buzzed by flying discs, which they dubbed “flying saucers”. These wd have been the products of nazi technology, and it was no doubt one of these which delivered Adamski’s aryan spaceman for that desert encounter! By the way, the Avrocar was so totally useless that, IMO, it was designed as a cover for the real research going on. Phil the Duke visited Avro Canada in the 1950’s and reported being shown “amazing things”. That would hardly describe the Avrocar!

    • trev Says:

      The Avrocar was rubbish, wobbly and unstable. You wouldn’t get into space in one of those that’s for sure! The UFO I saw in 2011 over Bradford in West Yorkshire was a saucer shaped metallic disc, I doubt it was of Nazi origin though.

      • Brian Burden Says:

        Absolutely. IMO the Avrocar was public cover for rather more serious flying disc research. The weight of evidence indicates that the Roswell saucer was ET (and not the Orford Ness light house a few thousand miles off course). I recommend Colonel Corso’s The Day After Roswell, and the more serious UFO programmes on Blaze.

      • beastrabban Says:

        I’m sceptical about the various UFO crashes, but totally agree with you about the uselessness of the Avrocar. It was supposed to be the great plane since Orville and Wilbur Wright, but instead of flying to unprecedent heights at immense speeds it got three foot off the ground and could just about do 300 mph. Hence a lot of people believe it was a distraction away from what else was going on.

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