Michael Eavis Donates Land and Funding for Social Housing

Maximum respect to Michael Eavis, the man behind the Glastonbury festival. My mother takes the People’s Friend, and according to that ancient and venerable magazine, Eavis has donated land and promised to pay for the tools and material for the construction of 20 social houses. These are to go to locals who are being priced out of the housing market.

This is a serious issue in Somerset and many other rural areas, as houses are bought up by wealthy outsiders either moving permanently to the country, or picking them up as holiday homes. There’s a desperate need for social housing about the country as whole, as I don’t need to tell anyone reading this blog. It’s therefore really great news to hear that Eavis has stepped in to do his bit for his community.

If only others were the same, but somehow I doubt that another Somerset magnate, Jacob Rees-Mogg, will do anything similar any time soon.


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2 Responses to “Michael Eavis Donates Land and Funding for Social Housing”

  1. trev Says:

    Good old Eavis. Not that I want to see England’s green and pleasant land completely covered in bungalows and Barratt houses but here’s a few people who could also donate a bit of land to help alleviate local housing shortages:


    It would be nice if traditional materials local to a particular area could be used, whether that be Yorkshire sandstone, Cumbrian/Welsh slate, or even log cabins, or those Irish cottages/crofts with Peat roofs, whatever blends into the environment with the least imposing appearance. I am reminded also of something I read in Robert Pirsig’s ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance’ many years ago, whereby he comments on the old buildings in an area he is passing through, on how they have sagged and are leaning in-keeping with the landscape having taken on a non-Euclidean geometry of their own, and how Architecture students might do well to bear this in mind in their designs.

    • beastrabban Says:

      I’ve got a feeling that some people have done that in certain areas. There was a TV show on Channel 4 a few years ago following a couple of blokes as they built their dream home following the design of medieval houses, though with a few modern inclusions so that nobody confused them with the real medieval homes.

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