GB News’ Neil Oliver Platforms Conspiracy Whacko and Holocaust Denier Peter Sweden

Hat tip to Gillyflowerblog, one of this blog’s many great commenters, for alerting me to a Zelo Street article on this, ahem, ‘person’. Earlier today I put up a piece about Correct, Not Political, a right-wing group who protest Pride Marches, Drag Queen Story Hours and Climate Change demonstrations, posting that teachers are being incentivised to tell the government if their pupils believe in any conspiracy theories, what they are, and how they are combating these beliefs. Well, it seems that GB News, much touted as the antidote to the ‘woke, wet BBC’ has been platforming one of the worst of the conspiracy crew: Peter Sweden. Sweden was invited onto Neil Oliver’s little programme to talk about declining birth rates. Apparently there was a massive decline in them last year, so that the programme asked if we were facing population collapse.

I think I saw the title to the video posted of this on YouTube, but didn’t watch it. According to some scientists, birth rates all over the world are declining to such an extent that there will be a population collapse in the middle of this century. This means that there’s going to be a shortage of people everywhere on Earth. I assumed they were going to talk about this, and so didn’t watch it. Unfortunately I was wrong. Apparently they were talking about a massive drop in British fertility that occurred last year. Peter Sweden, real name Imanuelsen, reckoned it may have been due to Covid vaccinations.

As General Jack D. Ripper says in Stanley Kubrick’s cold war black comedy, Dr Strangelove, ‘We must keep our bodily fluids pure’.

If such a drop did occur last year, I can think of a number of reasons for it which have zilch to do with the Covid vaccination. As I understand it, when animals are under stress they don’t breed. This is one reason why zoos are keen to look after critically endangered animals and make sure they are well and happy. Humans are animals, and an increasing number of us are stressed and very unhappy. The Covid lockdown, necessary as it was, meant that people couldn’t go to work and many businesses had to close for the duration. People therefore lost at least a portion of their income. Add to this Tory cuts and the problems they’ve inflicted on the Health Service and I am honestly not surprised people aren’t having so many babies.

But that isn’t all. While Sweden hails from that country originally, he currently lives in Northallerton on this side of the North Sea. He’s also appeared on Paul Joseph Watson’s YouTube videos, which is an indication of how far to the right he is. That the same Paul Joseph Watson who was Alex Jones’ British buddy on Infowars, although to be fair he was never as raving nuts as Jones.

Worse, Imanuelsen has some extremely unpleasant views about Jews and gays. He is apparently a Holocaust denier and that the concentration camps had swimming pools, theatres and cinemas. Which is very obvious grotty, horrible nonsense. He’s also said admiring things about the Third Reich and Hitler. And as well as having negative views of the Jews, he has also said that LGBT people should be put in concentration camps. Which is what the Nazis did to gay men. They didn’t imprison lesbians, apparently, because they thought they could or would eventually turn straight. Which is prejudiced, but fortunately it served to protect people rather than lead to their persecution.

Looking at this, Imanuelsen should never be allowed anywhere near a TV studio to give his views whatsoever. And Neil Oliver should never have invited him. As one of the commenters here has said, it’s a pit what has happened to Oliver as he was good on Coast. He was. And now he’s become a spokesman for the far right and bonkers conspiracy theorists.

For more information, see the Zelo Street article at:

And remember: We must preserve our purity of essence!

Here’s a clip from Kubrick’s masterpiece from poolitics’ channel on YouTube.

Or is it a clip from GB News?


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11 Responses to “GB News’ Neil Oliver Platforms Conspiracy Whacko and Holocaust Denier Peter Sweden”

  1. trev Says:

    Even if the human population does dramatically fall can that really be classed as a “shortage” of people? By whom, the factory owners, the Military, by Human Resources? The infamous Georgia Guidestones present us with an ideal of 500 Million “in perpetual balance with nature”. It’s that pesky NWO again. Makes sense to me.

  2. Mark Pattie Says:

    I didn’t even watch that GB “Spews” segment. A) the idea that Covid vaccines are causing depopulation is BS of the highest rank. Although given Peter Imanuelson’s neo-Nazi batshittery, I wonder if they were discussing lower birthrates as in “Great Replacement/White G&noc1de” anti-Semitic guff. Quite possibly. I’d like to see GBSpews go down the tubes even further when Neil Oliver invites Mark Collette, Jayda Fransen, PJW, James Delingpole, and for a token bit of “diversity”, Maajid Nawaz and David Kurten onto his show to discuss BS Q-spiracy nonsense? That would certainly drive that channel off a cliff.

  3. Mark Pattie Says:

    I think Neil Oliver is seriously in need of mental health support- otherwise he’ll go down the pipeline of the alt-right like his fellow Scot, Colin “Millennial Woes” Robinson. I actually wonder whether Neil Oliver believes the whole Great Replacement/Khaleesi (deliberately misspelt) Plan garbage- and that’s why he invites such assholes onto his show?

    • beastrabban Says:

      Millennial Woes struck me as quite a sad individual. A lot of his videos seemed to be of him in the bathroom, in a bathrobe, smoking a ciggie in complete blackness. I can sort of understand some of his fears. He says he developed his highly reactionary views about race when he came down from Scotland to study art in London, and was shocked by how multiracial London was. I’ve heard that only about 3 per cent of the Scots population is BAME, so depending where he comes from seeing masses of Blacks and Asians would have come as a shock.
      But he’s way down the rabbit hole. There’s one video of his where he describes talking to another young guy on a train, who appeared articulate and intelligent, only to be shocked to discover that this chap still believed the standard narrative about the Holocaust. That’s real Nazi stuff.
      He also said on another video that he’s been asked what the most extreme thing he believes is. He said the return of slavery. I think that was one of the unspoken policies of the BNP. I knew a Black academic whose ancestor had been enslaved. The man had been the model for the kneeling slave in the logo of the Anti-Slavery Society which Thomas Wedgewood put on their mugs. The academic went in search of his ancestor’s slave manacle, which had been preserved. He managed to track it down to its owner, who’d just sold it to one of the BNP’s Nazis. This piece of work used to bring it to their meetings and definitely didn’t want to sell it.
      Lobster, the conspiracy magazine, has published stuff on the Kalergi plan, I think. There attitude seems to be that it was an idealistic scheme developed to prevent war in Europe. Which makes me think that when Kalergi talked about mixing races up in different countries, he was talking about European nations and ethnic groups, rather than those from outside the continent. And I don’t think that the plan was ever taken seriously, along with other similar plans. If Oliver believes in the Kalergi plan, then he really has parted company with reality..

    • beastrabban Says:

      With the list of extreme right-wing bozos you mention who would finally destroy GB News by appearing on it, I find myself wondering which one of them is the most offensive. I’d have to say that, for me, it’s James Delingpole as there’s High Tory class hatred in there with the racism/ xeonphobia.

      • Mark Pattie Says:

        So Kalergi was a sort of pro-EU unionist, not the kind of evil villain the fascist bastards claim him to be. As for Orban and his fellow fascists’ demonisation of Soros- I have a message to them. Just fcking stop it! You’re demonising a ninety-odd-year-old Holocaust survivor, you evil bastards.

      • beastrabban Says:

        That’s the impression I had of Kalergi. As for Orban and George Soros, people have said that it really does conform to the anti-Semitic trope of the Jewish banker trying to destroy western civilisation. Unfortunately it ain’t just Orban running this kind of nasty conspiracy theory – you get it from the Republicans in America and some of the right-wingers over here.

  4. Mark Pattie Says:

    Further to my comments about Neil “Batshit” Oliver, he doesn’t mention that birthrates have been falling worldwide for the last 40 years or so. Even countries like Niger, Mali, Chad have lower birthrates now than in the Seventies. Therefore, the “Great Replacement” conspiracy would have made more sense then than it does now. Nor do they mention China’s former State-sponsored one-child policy, or that Japan/ S. Korea have the lowest birthrates in the world. Probably because East Asia is so ethnically homogenous (is that even PC these days?)- China is 92% Han Chinese (and probably increasing due to Tibetan/Uyghur genocide and displacement), Japan and South Korea are >99 percent Japanese and Korean respectively. Which doesn’t fit Batshit Neil’s narrative if he’s spewing conspiracy bullshit with a former *Holocaust denier*. If Peter Northallerton has really changed his tune and now supports Israel, can he please help “Dick” Spencer, Millennial Woes et al see the darkness of their own path and come into the light of moral decency? (I know, I’ve gone full Baptist preacher there but I think it’s relevant as a Christian myself).

    • beastrabban Says:

      Nothing wrong with Baptist preachers so long as the right. I’ve listened to a few myself. It never struck me before that the falling global how much the falling global birth rates disprove the ‘Great Replacement’ nonsense, but you’re right. In fact the demographers who predict there’ll be a population crash in the coming decades states that some African countries will see their populations shrink, and that they’ll be a global competition by nations to attract immigrants.
      As for the ethnic homogeneity of the east Asian countries, that’s what the ethnocentric right would like for this country. But somehow I don’t see Peter Sweden convincing Millennial Woes and Richard Spencer of the reality of the Holocaust any time soon.

      • Mark Pattie Says:

        I do find the alt-right to be monumental hypocrites what with Richard Spencer, who apparently denies the Holocaust, screeching “G*s the (racial slur for Jews)” in a leaked video, and also the aforementioned Scottish video creator hating Muslims but whose views align very strongly with Wahhabis and Deobandis. As for the “white British being a minority by 2060” shtick regularly parroted by far-right groups in this country, I believe that will only apply to England- as you say, Scotland, N Ireland and Wales are still well over 90 percent- if I may use this term- “ethnically homogeneous”. Please advise me if that is not the right terminology as I may have been watching too many SW vids. However, as for the Tories’ apparent promise to get yearly immigration down to five figures post Brexit, that was complete BS. I hate to say it, but Simon Webb has been recently proven right re non-EU immigration statistics…

  5. Mark Pattie Says:

    This record non-EU migration surge (1.1m visas since 2019) completely contradicts/obliterates the “Vote Con and we’ll take back control of our borders and cap immigration at 100,000” message promoted by Johnson in 2019. I am fairly sure this partly explains why most of my generation will struggle to afford to by a house. I hate to say it, but I would trust Starmer or Sunak to keep net immigration at five-figures more than I would Liz Truss (as evidenced by her “British workers are shirkers” comments the other day). I might be seriously considering voting SDP at the next GE- or if not, then it’s Labour.

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