Independent Article about Anti-Muslim Racism In Britain’s Hindu Community

Today’s Indie has published an article in their ‘Voices’ section by Smriti Singh, ‘Voices: British Indians have a racism problem – we need to be honest about it’ talking about anti-Muslim prejudice in the British Hindu community. This has been generated by Modi and his Hindu-supremacist BJP, with their hatred of non-Hindu minorities and particularly Muslims. Anti-Muslim messages and images have as result been published not just for domestic Indian Hindus audiences, but also for the consumption of Hindu communities abroad, particularly in Britain. The article begins

‘I was recently sent a WhatsApp clip of a street vendor in India, dressed in a manner that suggested he was Muslim, apparently spitting into food containers. The clip was clearly doctored and shared in the name of “raising awareness”. But in fact it was intended to stir up more hatred against India’s Muslims – not just there, but among Hindus here in Britain.

I come from a family of immigrants – my parents came to the UK from India and we all experienced racism, particularly in the early days. Yet despite this, I am heartbroken by how much racism I am seeing from British Hindus today, directed at Muslims and stirred up by India’s extreme right-wing government.

Since the election of the BJP government in 2014, Hindu fundamentalism has been growing in India. Legislative changes from the top, with the judiciary and mainstream media capitulating to this agenda, are turning India from a secular country to one that puts “Hindu” first.

In 2019, the BJP passed the Citizenship Amendment Act, providing Indian citizenship to refugees from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan – but specifically excluding Muslims. Muslim girls who wear the hijab are increasingly excluded from schools. There are frequent reports of lynchings of Muslims for (allegedly) killing cows. Day-to-day life for religious minorities, particularly Muslims and lower-caste Hindus, is becoming harder.’

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Respect to the Indie for publishing this article, which would surely annoy Diane Abbott. I’ve said for a long time that racism in Britain is complex and not simply a case of White prejudice against and victimisation of people of colour. I’ve heard that in some schools in Bristol, the big problem of racial friction and gang fighting in the playground wasn’t between Blacks and Whites, but between various groups of Asians. But the mainstream anti-racists really don’t seem to want to recognise the complexity of situation or that it simply isn’t Whites against non-Whites. One Asian man at a Labour gathering asked Diane Abbott about doing something about racism amongst Britain’s different ethnic communities. She reply that she didn’t want anything done, because ‘they’ would use it to ‘divide and conquer’. Which shows you how fixed and racist her own anti-racist views paradoxically are.


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7 Responses to “Independent Article about Anti-Muslim Racism In Britain’s Hindu Community”

  1. trev Says:

    Apparently they’re even putting their hatred to music!

    • beastrabban Says:

      I noticed one of these bastards described himself as a ‘national revolutionary’. Yup, that’s how the Nazis also saw themselves.

  2. Mark Pattie Says:

    Narendra Modi can be fairly described as a fascist, although he at least hasn’t (yet) invaded Bangladesh or Nepal. It does seem strange how many Western far-right “personalities” seem to idolise the BJP (who are basically the Hindu version of Patriotic Alternative/BNP). Surely, therefore, given their “ethnonationalist” (the PC term for fascist) views, they would also praise China as an ideal ethnostate (given the genocide of the Uyghurs and the Tibetans)? I am aware that many of them idolise Japan and South Korea (in fact, certain alt-right Americans have emigrated to Japan!) for their *very* strict immigration policies.

    • beastrabban Says:

      I think western Fascists admire India because (A) the ancient Aryans, who conquered it, and (B) the Hindu caste system. One of the western Fascists discussed in Nichoas Goodricke-Clarke’s book on modern neo-Pagan Nazism, The Black Sun, says he became a Fascist when stationed in India as a squaddie because of this.

      • Mark Pattie Says:

        As I previously mentioned, western Fascists also have an obsession with countries such as Japan and South Korea. Probably China as well, given that Government’s desire to genocide Tibetans and Uyghurs in order to make China “ethnically pure” or some such guff. As for Indian influence on the Nazis, the “Aryan” name is originally Hindi (or Persian), and there was a female Nazi who worshipped Hitler as some kind of reincarnation of Vishnu.

      • beastrabban Says:

        Thanks, Mark. The Fascists admire the east Asian countries you mention because their laws only grant citizenship to people who are racially Chinese, Korean or Japanese. As for the bizarre Nazi who thought Hitler was an incarnation of Vishnu, that sounds like Savitra Devi, who I think was part Greek and converted to Hinduism.

  3. Mark Pattie Says:

    Savitra Devi is exactly who I mean. Also I believe a lot of alt-right grifters seem to now admire Putin, even though he is Russian (so Slavic) and Christian (ergo secretly Jewish or something)- although he seems to have completely forgotten the Sixth Commandment, what with him orchestrating the genocide of thousands upon thousands of Ukrainians. Viktor Orban (another charlatan who those assholes like) is also himself a Christian, but they like him because of his *heartless* immigration policies, desire to “reclaim” half of Romania, and his desire for “ethnic Hungarians” to have more children, because “Muslim invaders being sent by the Globalists!” or such?

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