Liz Truss Co-Author of a Report Which Demanded Savage Cuts and a £10 Charge to See the Doctor

This is another piece from the Mirror which reveals precisely what a prize right-wing scumbag Liz Truss is. According to the article, ‘Liz Truss report demanded vast cuts and £10 fee to see GP – ‘true colours’ in full’ by the paper’s political editor Dan Bloom, the Tory leadership contender was the joint author of a 2009 report published by the think tank, Reform, calling for massive cuts to public spending. This included cutting pensioners’ benefits, doctors’ pay by ten per cent, and imposing a £10 charge for seeing the doctor.

The article begins:

‘Liz Truss is accused of showing her “true colours” in a paper that called for vast spending cuts and a £10 fee to see your GP.

The runaway favourite to be Prime Minister was one of seven people who wrote a 44-page slash-and-burn policy document for the 2009 Budget.

The ‘Back to Black’ paper for the Reform think tank recommended cutting £28bn in a year by introducing “user charges for GPs” and whittling 10% off doctors’ pay.

It also demanded ministers “remove pensioner gimmicks” to save £3.2bn, force civil servants onto a four-day week with a 20% pay cut, and hike the pension age at the last moment.

And it called for major military projects to be axed – including the Royal Navy’s planned aircraft carriers HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales.

Despite her being Deputy Director of Reform at the time, Ms Truss’ campaign bizarrely claimed: “Co-authoring a document does not mean that someone supports every proposal put forward.”

Despite saying it shouldn’t be in 2009, a Truss ally insisted the likely Prime Minister does believe in an NHS free at the point of use – and she’ll not cut GPs’ pay or defence spending as PM.

Ahead of tonight’s Tory hustings in Manchester, an ally argued: “The purpose of a think tank is to put forward bold, radical ideas in the hope the government will pick up one or two.”

A campaign spokesman added of the document written 13 years ago: “This is a nearly two decade old document written against the backdrop of Labour bankrupting the economy.”

But Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner said: “Liz Truss’s track record shows her true colours. She is out of touch and out of step with the public.’

The article can be read at:

Ah, we’re back to the old ‘high spending Labour’ refrain, in which Labour is accused of bankrupting the economy and that savage cuts to public spending, meaning primarily the NHS and the welfare state, are needed. Do I believe that somehow, in the past thirteen years, she’s had some kind of conversion to Nye Bevan’s vision of an NHS that provides everyone with care, free at the point of use?

No. Because she’s a liar in a party of liars.

Remember the last election when an independent fact checking organisation found that while Labour had made no untrue statements, the number of lies the Tories told was off the scale in the thousands?

And the Tories don’t believe in the NHS. Not since Maggie Thatcher wanted to privatise it, but was only prevented by a massive cabinet revolt. Since then they’ve privatised everything they could, starting with the ancillary services and progressing to the medical services, as these have been contracted out to private medical companies and hospitals. And the other year various Tory scumbags were demanding an expansion of the list of services for which fees could be charged.

If she doesn’t believe in these cuts now, it’s only because that they’re a political liability. It looks to me very much that she strongly believed in them when Cameron was in power and Gideon, sorry, George Osborne was chancellor.

You cannot trust her with the NHS.

You cannot trust her to look after the elderly.

And you cannot trust her on defence.

Get her out, and her foul party with her.


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6 Responses to “Liz Truss Co-Author of a Report Which Demanded Savage Cuts and a £10 Charge to See the Doctor”

  1. trev Says:

    Is she really the runaway favourite? Good grief, I had no idea, not that Sunak is much better, they’re both Tories (obviously) and Thatcherites at that, but I was thinking she was a joke with no Political credibility whatsoever, a clueless also-ran who would never cut the mustard as PM. Mind you I thought the same of Cameron and Johnson. I am sick of the lot of them but can’t bear the thought of Liz Truss in No. 10. And she did also co-author that Ultra Right-wing book too with Patel, Raab, et al. God help us either way.

    • beastrabban Says:

      Ah, she was part of the coterie behind ‘Britannia Unchained’? That explains her complaining that British workers are lazy. Cobblers! The people I know work damned hard to support themselves and their families. Patel, however, was the laziest MP in the House, so Truss is probably describing herself as well.
      As for the Tories generally and the system that supports them, that just shows you what decades of unrelenting Thatcherite ideology has done – the Tories will elect as their leader the maddest, most doctrinaire and swivel-eyed as long as she or he is a panting-mad free marketeer.

      • Mark Pattie Says:

        She really is a cruel, heartless, unprincipled…er, snob. Re her “British workers are lazy” schtick, guess which authoritarian regime she wanted us to be more like? China. Surely even Ian Duncan Smith should’ve called her out for that (his one good point being his opposition to China and Russia)- as the reason most Chinese work so hard is because many of them are practically slave labourers! I just think that comment has exposed her insincere “plastic patriotism” for all to see. Hence why most of the remotely sincere patriots in the Tory party (Ben Wallace, David Davis) are backing Sunak.

      • trev Says:

        Yep, all part of the ‘Free Enterprise Group’

      • beastrabban Says:

        Thanks for the link, Trev. And I’m really not surprised. Nor am I surprised that she’s an admirer of China, a country where many of the workers rare, as Mark says, practically slave labourers. Where some factories have anti-suicide nets to stop their workers killing themselves. What an utterly vile, unspeakable woman!

  2. Liz Truss Co-Author of a Report Which Demanded Savage Cuts and a £10 Charge to See the Doctor | sdbast Says:

    […] Liz Truss Co-Author of a Report Which Demanded Savage Cuts and a £10 Charge to See the Doctor […]

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