Kali Fontanilla Explains Why She Will Never Support Black Lives Matter

Kali Fontanilla is a Trump-supporting, Black American Conservative. Naturally I don’t support her Conservatism, but she does say some very interesting things about race. In this short video, she explains why she definitely doesn’t support Black Lives Matter.

She states that the movement is founded on the assumption that the cops go out hunting Black people to kill. But in fact Black cops shoot more Black people than their White comrades. It if was simply a case of race, this would be the opposite. She also states that all but one per cent of the people shot are armed, and that 95 per cent of them are men. If it was simply a case of racism, she argues, then we’d see more Black women shot. But the reality is that men commit more crimes than women, and more Black men commit crimes than White men. She also states that in 2020 there’s a 59 per cent rise in cops being murdered. And in 2021 all the headlines about White cops killing Black suspect disappesred.

Another Black Conservative said something similar in one of the books I was reading recently. They cited statistics from various American police forces to show that the cops waited longer before pulling a gun on a Black suspect than on a White, more cops were shot by Black perps than the other way round, and that in New York the police stopped and searched less Black suspects than had been racially identified as the perps.

That said, there have been some terrible incidents. There have been several cases, if I remember correctly, where boys have been shot for carrying toy guns or the Black suspect was otherwise unarmed. There’s a long history of hatred and suspicion between the police and Blacks, as well as attempts by the force to combat racism in its ranks. But I’m quite prepared to believe as a general picture that Black Lives Matter’s assumption that the cops are killing Black suspects from sheer racism fundamentally false. As for Black cops killing more Blacks than White, I have heard stories over this side of the pond of the odd Black policemen, who hated other Blacks. But that might be a result of the particular hatred they get from their own community for joining the force.

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5 Responses to “Kali Fontanilla Explains Why She Will Never Support Black Lives Matter”

  1. Mark Pattie Says:

    Interesting. I am no fan of BLM now- despite having initially been supportive- but I’m not sure they can be classed as “anti-white” when most of their supporters (at least in Britain) tend to be White Labour-supporters, and some of their most strident critics tend to be Black or Asian. Plus, if their founders were genuinely concerned about the welfare of poor Black folks, they would not be living in large mansions in majority-white LA neighbourhoods. That being said, I share their loathing for Priti Patel and Suella Doberman- I mean Braverman (but curiously not Kemi Badenoch, who I find to be rather more sincere). FYI, I’m no Tory shill- I backed Corbyn in ’19.

  2. Mark Pattie Says:

    Slightly off topic, but there’s an interesting Ch4 documentary on Wednesday exploring the “GI babies” who were born to white British mothers and African-American GI fathers in the early 40s- the first generation really to be considered Black British outside of port towns. If true, this predates the Windrush Generation (they weren’t at the time “immigrants” at all, but British citizens as Jamaica didn’t gain Independence till 1962 and Barbados till 1966) by at least 5-10 years.

  3. Que? Says:

    I don’t support BLM, especially after their ’90 million dollars and living it up in mansions’ scandals.

    However, I seldom take American conservative bootlicking cop lovers seriously when it comes to their defence of cops. Like SW/HD, they usually tell half-truths. They omit certain facts like:
    Most American cop deaths don’t come from getting killed by a perp.
    The biggest killer of American cops is suicide (they also have a high murder-suicide and domestic violence rate).
    Being a cop in America isn’t even in the top 10 of the most dangerous jobs.
    Or how the cowardice of the Uvalde cops is actually the norm for cops throughout the USA.

    The typical American conservative bootlicking cop lover just wants to make excuses for Police corruption and ineptitude while spouting inane statements like:
    Deydoaharjob (They do a hard job).
    Without law enforcement, they’d be nothing but anarchy.
    It’s just a few bad apples (completely omitting the rest of the say, “that can spoil the whole bunch.”)
    Don’t call the police when a criminal does something bad to you (people criticise all types of occupations. What makes the police so special?)

    I could go on but you get the picture.

  4. Brian Burden Says:

    A reasonable point, no doubt. But beware of playing devils advocate for the right. You don’t on the whole find mouthy right wingers doing the same for the left! I lost respect for Met chief Condon, when, on a discussion of the misuse of stop n search, he was pesented with a couple of patently decent black kids who related how, two or three successive Sunday mornings, they were on their way to football practice when a police car pulled up and they were ordered to tip their kit out on the pavement, an obvious case of bloody minded harassment. Instead of addressing the issue, Condon retreated into “they must have had good reason”, and only when pressed by the presenter did he vaguely agree to “look into it”. When an official enquiry into the Stephen Lawrence case described the Met as institutionally racist, I believe the response was negative and out came the “poor me” reaction that morale was at an all time low. How many times have we heard that one?

    • beastrabban Says:

      Point taken, Brian – and I appreciate that. The right doesn’t reciprocate as a rule. The Lotus Eaters and Matt Walsh will use these issues simply to score points off the left, though to be fair the Lotus Eaters have had on their videos dissident left-wingers, who have fallen afoul of the intolerance of other left-wing groups.

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