Pro-Paedophile Group K13 Marches in Cologne 2022 Pride Parade

This is deeply worrying, and should never have been allowed to happen. But before I start, just in case people get the wrong impression, I want to make it very clear: I am not trying demonise gays or transpeople with this post. The only people I wish to demonise are the individuals, gay or straight, who wish to legalise child abuse.

The feminist writer and campaigner Genevieve Gluck has written a piece in the feminist magazine, Reduxx, about the inclusion of the pro-paedophile group Krumme 13, or K13, in the 2022 Cologne Pride march. Krumme is German for ‘Crooked’, so perhaps it’s the German colloquial equivalent of the English word ‘bent’ in the sense of gay. K13 is a nasty organisation that campaigns for the legalisation of paedophilia as a protected sexual identity, because banning it is ‘Fascistic’. No, banning paedophilia has zilch to do with Fascism and everything to do with common decency and protecting kids from evil predators. And if you want to talk about child abusers and Fascism, there are any number of them within Fascist organisations. One of the Mussolini’s squadristi, Starace, was a massive drug dealer and child abuser. And a year or so ago one of the British Nazis was packed off to the slammer for his vicious anti-Semitism and paedophilia. Gluck’s article talks about the way the groups subdivides into various categories the various forms of sexual attraction for underage children of different ages. She talks about the organisation’s leaders’ arguments for legalisation child abuse, how the majority of pro-paedophile organisations seem to be in the Netherlands – oh, if the Dutch could be just a little less tolerant in this regard! – the views of respectable sexologists condemning K-13’s leader. She also discusses the infamous Kentler experiment, in which I think the West Berlin social services handed orphaned kids over to child molesters for adoption in order to stop them growing up into Nazis. It seems to me that doing that to children would result in the absolute reverse: that the abused kids would develop a justifiably very bitter hatred of the left. And also extremely worrying is the support for the legalisation of paedophilia in the German Green Party. She also describes how there were moves to legalise it in Germany in the 1970s, which were only fought by the journos and activists of the feminist magazine, Emma.


This is very much what the critics of the gay and trans movement are afraid of, and have been using in their propaganda against the left in general. The Lotus Eaters put up a piece about supposed support for legalising child abuse in the left, noting that one senior female member of the British Labour party was a member of the Council for Civil Liberties in the ’70s when it supported its legalisation. They also included in this the infamous German experiment, all presented as indicative of how the Left supported paedophilia as part of supporting the gay and trans movements.

Except that the mass of Labour supporters don’t. I can’t think of anyone in the Labour party who would support the legalisation of child abuse. And from what I gather, the gay rights movement was able to make such spectacular progress over here in the 1980s because they purged the paedophiles and made a clear distinction between themselves and paedophile groups like PIE, the Paedophile Information Exchange. And the article states clearly that the majority of paedophiles are heterosexual, but the gay child abusers are being used to spearhead the campaign for legalisation because their gayness already makes them a member of protected category that has suffered abuse and persecution.

Unfortunately, there are academics outside Germany who want to see it legalised. One of these, a lecturer in Queer Studies or something similar at an American university, was put on gardening leave and the subject of student protests after he advocated legalising it, speaking online with the leader of a pro-paedophile organisation. And then there’s the popular outrage at Drag Queen Story Hour and the way young children have been taken to gay clubs for sexually explicit drag performances, supposedly as part of promoting tolerance towards trans people.

The great commenters on this blog have pointed out that the vast majority of ordinary trans people just want to lead a normal, quiet life, free of abuse and vilification. I am sure they’re right. Just as I am sure the great majority of ordinary gay people are revolted by paedophilia and any campaign to legalise it.

But it does seem that there is a tiny minority of people who are trying to use the hard-won tolerance and acceptance given to gay and trans people to promote their vile sexual inclinations. We have to vigilant here, whether we’re gay, straight, trans or whatever, to guard against these people and they way they’re attempts to legalise paedophilia are being used by the right to smear the left as a whole.

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6 Responses to “Pro-Paedophile Group K13 Marches in Cologne 2022 Pride Parade”

  1. Mark Pattie Says:

    Odious stuff, admittedly, but you’re right that the vast majority of pedophiles are definitely not gay. Just like the vast majority of Muslim men in Britain are definitely not terrorists or grooming gang members- indeed, it is practically unknown, as far as I am aware, in the Gujarati, Turkish and Bangladeshi Muslim communities in Britain. I am convinced most of this is just homophobia repackaged to a more “highbrow” audience.

    • beastrabban Says:

      Thanks for stating that the grooming gangs seem to be unknown in the Gujurati, Turkish and Bangladeshi Muslim communities. I think individuals from these communities may be involved, as are Whites and others, but I think the gangs themselves are largely Pakistani. But there’s seems to be an agenda by Mark Steyn and GB News to claim that it’s a problem in British Islam as a whole.

  2. Mark Pattie Says:

    As for the odious Nazi who was carted off to jail for pedophilia, wasn’t he the member of a hatefilled British Nazi youth “organisation” who did Nazi salutes in Buchenwaldt concentration camp? Surely the German authorities would’ve arrested him! Therefore, he was unintentionally proving the veracity of the Holocaust to all his scumbag cronies.

    • beastrabban Says:

      I hadn’t realised he did that. God, what I disgusting individual! And yes, I agree, he was unintentionally proving the historicity of the Holocaust. But then, I think Holocaust denial is just one enormous lie intended to make Nazism respectable so they can do it all again.

      • Mark Pattie Says:

        If my memory serves me right, Simon Webb put up a vid pseudo-defending him. Except Britain is much more lenient on its Nazis than Germany (Holocaust denial being apparently legal in this country, although Lord knows how). Sometimes the Electoral Commission even lets them stand in by- elections! (they let Jayda Fransen stand in three in the last 18 months, and Britain First stood in the Wakefield one recently!)

  3. Jim Round Says:

    Very concerning, I hope appropriate persons find out just who authorised this and act accordingly.
    To see just what damage this so called “culture war” can do, search BBC News trans paramedic.
    Free speech has consequences.

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