Liz Truss Member of Pro-Privatisation Organisation against the NHS

Bog-eyed, pork and cheese promoting Brexiteer Liz Truss is this fortnight’s issue of Private Eye, dated 12th-25th of August 2022. And as any fule kno, that ain’t good. The satirical magazine has revealed she’s a member of a bonkers free trade organisation which wishes to have the NHS privatised and its funding replaced by social insurance, like what they have on the continent. The snippet about this, on page 9 of Ian Hislop’s mighty organ, runs

Health Threat

Would-be leader Liz Truss has offered little on how she would fix the crixix in the NHS, beyond soundbites on cutting management and installing a “strong” health secretary and withdrawing plans to “level down” health workers’ pay in regional rates.

Nor has she mentioned to the Tory faithful that she is on a six-strong board of parliamentary supporters for the obscure think-tank, 1828. Its mission? To “champion freedom and make the case for free markets and limited government.

1828’s advisory board includes Eurosceptic Julian Knight, climate “luke-warmer” Matt Ridley and other assorted right-wingers, including former Ukipper Douglas Carswell. In 2019 it published a “Neoliberal Manifesto for a freer and more prosperous Britain”. But for whom? Its health chapter condemns the NHS record as “deplorable” while ignoring years of Tory government underfundiing, and calls for “far-reaching reforms” – ie a new social health insurance scheme, ,similar to that used in “Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Israel, among others”.

In 2020 Truss said: “1828 is huge part of what’s happening to the right of politics, where a lot of new ideas are coming to fruition. There will always be a need to fight for the forces of freedom.” Is an expansion of NHS plc on her not-so-hidden agenda?’

It certainly looks like it, which is why she, nor Sunak nor indeed any other Tory should be allowed anywhere near the NHS.

Tories very definitely out!


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3 Responses to “Liz Truss Member of Pro-Privatisation Organisation against the NHS”

  1. Mark Pattie Says:

    Why is this organisation called “1828”? I thought the Conservative Party was founded in 1835, not 1828. It’s also quite strange how the Eastern European countries idolised by free-market right-wingers like Simon Webb (Poland, Czechia, Hungary, Lithuania) have fairly socialist economies with near-full employment. If they’d’ve embraced Thatcherism in the 90s/00s I wouldn’t’ve blamed them, but they don’t seem to have done. At this rate, I can imagine a lot of Brits possibly emigrating to those countries (the reverse of what happened in the mid-00s to mid-10s here).

    • beastrabban Says:

      That’s interesting. I though these countries had engaged in an orgy of privatisation like Russia under Yeltsin. I didn’t realise their economies were socialist despite the strident nationalism and the homophobia. And I’ve got a feeling that economics is partly behind the war against Putin. Don’t get me wrong – I utterly condemn his invasion of Ukraine. But apparently our business leaders hate him because he’s renationalised a lot of the industries Yeltsin handed over to western firms. This is partly about the advancement of western capital.

      • Mark Pattie Says:

        Certainly the Polish and Hungarian governments are very in favour of massive state intervention (imagine an extreme right-wing version of Sunak)- although interestingly some of the MPs most sceptical of Covid restrictions over here have been Labour socialists. Becky Long-Bailey particularly, although even Jezza himself rebelled against the November ’20 lockdown. Anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah, highlighting the apparent contradictions of right-wing “freedom-loving patriots” such as Simon Webb and Douglas Murray supporting mixed-market-ish countries such as Poland and Hungary. Admittedly, they support them for their, er, “robust” reaction to mainly-desperate Syrian refugees and very low immigration rate (apparently).

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