Open Britain Invites You To Give Your Personal Message to BoJob on His Leaving Card

I got this message yesterday from the pro-democracy group Open Britain. They’re organising a giant, six-foot leaving card for Johnson and inviting people to write their own personal messages for his departure on it. Here’s the email

‘Dear David,

As our disgraced and scandal-ridden PM stumbles through his final month in office, we’re taking a stand on behalf of all of the people affected by his corrupt leadership and rotten policies. Before he goes, we’re going to make sure he knows EXACTLY what the people of this country really think of him.

We’re sending Boris Johnson a GIANT LEAVING CARD and we want YOU and as many of your friends as possible to sign it.

When you sign, make sure your farewell message reflects what you think of his leadership, his conduct in office, his policies, whatever you feel strongest about. No holds barred.

By the time he receives it, we want this six-foot card to be filled to the brim with all the things the people of this country have wanted to say to him over the last three years


This isn’t a mere stunt. This leaving card will be a sobering testament to the disappointment and anger felt by millions of ordinary people across the country at the lies, incompetence and corruption that characterised Johnson’s time in office.

It will serve as a stark warning to future leaders that we, the people, will not tolerate this rotten politics any more.

History will show that this PM was one of the worst ever. He will claim that the country mourns his departure and will bask in the false plaudits of his cronies in the media. But the truth will shine out from the pages of our giant leaving card…and he will know it.

So sign the card and tell him what he needs to hear…don’t be shy!

Very best wishes,

The Open Britain team’

Well, I’ve got no problem telling Johnson what I think of him. He’s coarsened and degraded this country’s politics, wrecked the economy and reduced our great people to even great poverty. And please let the door hit him on the bum on his way out.

If you feel as strongly about Johnson’s inept, selfish, and arrogant conduct, and the clear contempt he feels for ordinary people as well as our great political institutions, then please feel free to sign the card.


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