Mad Right-Wing YouTuber Alex Belfield Found Guilty of Stalking

Oh ho,, here’s a turn up for the books! Hat tip to Gillyflowerblog, one of the great commenters here, for this interesting snippet from BBC News. For a few weeks now, internet radio host, YouTuber, and friend of right-wing celeb and former Apprentice contestant ‘Hatey’ Katie Hopkins, has been on trial on a charge of stalking. Some of this harassment goes back decades to when Belfield was taken on at Radio Leeds in the 1980s, but didn’t have his contract renewed after a year. He then went on a campaign of abuse and intimidation against his former colleagues and bosses.

Not that you would think this by the way Belfield, who calls his wretched programme ‘The Voice of Reason’, spins it. As one of this many critics on YouTube put it one video, Belfield has presented the trial as he was taking his former colleagues and victims to court, rather than the other way round. In fact Belfield has consistently presented himself as the working class underdog in his bizarre dispute with the Beeb. If you listen to him, he’s just an ordinary, working class lad from a pit estate, who was sneered at discriminated against by ‘Guardian-reading, oyster-eating, champagne-guzzling Naga Manchushi types’, who are naturally university-educated, as well ‘Celia Imrie-type BBC diversity managers with clipboards’. HIs channel’s content is the usual right-wing targets – channel migrants, whom he dubs ‘dinghy divers’, immigration, welfare scroungers, the trans craze and various gay or sexually ambiguous celebs he describes as ‘swishies’ and ‘a bit light on their feet’. Oh yes, and he’s also frequently demanded the privatisation of the NHS to improve services, despite the fact that it’s privatisation that is killing the health service, and that privatisation will result in the creation of a for-profit health service which many of his listeners will be unable to afford. Precious little of what he says is original. If you have the feeling you’ve seen it before, you probably have. Most of it seems to be drawn from the pages of that day’s Heil, or whatever has been going around YouTube at the time. Just as much of Simon Webb’s stories seem to be drawn from whatever is in that day’s Telegraph.

The BBC report on the verdict begins

A former BBC radio presenter has been found guilty of stalking four people including broadcaster Jeremy Vine.

However, Alex Belfield was found not guilty of stalking four other people he was accused of targeting.

Belfield, who now runs a YouTube channel called The Voice of Reason, told jurors he had legitimate reasons for his online communications.

The 42-year-old, from Nottingham, is due to be sentenced on 16 September and has been warned he could be jailed.

Belfield was not accused of physically stalking the complainants, who were mostly current or former BBC staff.

Instead, he made YouTube videos about them, posted messages on social media, and sent emails either to them or about them.

In his closing speech to jurors at Nottingham Crown Court, Belfield said he had a right to freedom of speech, and some of the communications were in his role as a journalist, holding the BBC to account.

The full wording of the charges stated that he “pursued a course of conduct that amounted to harassment” of the complainants, which “amounted to stalking” and caused them “serious alarm or distress”.

He was found guilty of this offence in relation to only two of the complainants – BBC Radio Northampton presenter Bernie Spedding, who is known as Bernie Keith, and videographer Ben Hewis.

In relation to Jeremy Vine and theatre blogger Philip Dehany, he was found guilty of two lesser offences of “simple” stalking, which does not require serious alarm or distress to be proved.

The verdicts in relation to each complainant were:

  1. Rozina Breen – not guilty
  2. Liz Green – not guilty
  3. Helen Thomas – not guilty
  4. Stephanie Hirst – not guilty
  5. Bernard Spedding – guilty (majority verdict)
  6. Ben Hewis – guilty (unanimous verdict)
  7. Philip Dehany – not guilty to the charge on the indictment but guilty of the alternative charge of “simple” stalking (majority verdict)
  8. Jeremy Vine – not guilty to the charge on the indictment but guilty of the alternative charge of “simple” stalking (unanimous verdict)’

The report concludes that there is a chance Belfield will get a custodial sentence.


If Belfield is going to head off to chokey, it’s going to mess up some of the events he’s advertised on his channel. He’s been appearing as a kind of double act in theatres across Britain with Katie Hopkins. He obviously won’t be able to do this if he’s jailed. Nor will able be able to use the money he’s been given from his followers’ donations to go on expensive holidays to places like Vegas, from which he then posts his YouTube videos saying how much he’s enjoying his break. This has also annoyed some of Belfield’s detractors, who rightly point out that many of Belfield’s viewers are probably on much lower incomes. They’ve given him their hard-earned money in the expectation that Belfield himself is hard-up, and needs the cash to continue broadcasting. But Belfield appears to live in a very grand house, complete with baby grand piano. His videos about his wonderful holidays seem designed to alienate people by rubbing their noses in how well Belfield is doing living off their money. It looks like a massive grift.

As for what Belfield will do now, I expect he may well appeal. And I don’t doubt that we’ll get a lot of complaining about how the trial was biased and he is being persecuted by them because he’s telling the truth. In other words, the same spiel the notorious islamophobe Tommy Robinson spins whenever he lands up in jail.


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14 Responses to “Mad Right-Wing YouTuber Alex Belfield Found Guilty of Stalking”

  1. Jim Round Says:

    For some strange reason, YouTube’s mysterious algorithm recommended one of Belfield’s videos back in 2020, out of curiosity, I watched it and actually agreed with what he originally said about genuine talent being overlooked.
    Problem was he then started ranting about “diversity” even though those getting more exposure than the more talented were white????
    He also made that and every video all about him.
    Anyway, watching his video gave “recommendations” for Simon Webb etc….
    It was something Simon Webb commented on that I myself had a bit of knowledge on made me further research these “videos”.
    I instantly recognised Mail Online as the source Belfield was using (strangely never crediting them, almost trying to pass it off as his own)
    It was also a few days old.
    A quick internet search took me to the “other side” of Belfield, with examples of how “free speech” only applied to him and those who agreed with him.
    An early caller to his phone in who politely corrected him was ridiculed and cut off????
    A lot of polite YouTube comments constructively criticising him were deleted.
    When questioned on why he was not being 100% truthful about his court cases and where donations were going, he was quick to shout down and delete/cut off.
    It appears he is also being sued by Jeremy Vine and DC Percival for defamation in separate cases.
    There is a lot more publicly available information on him and his case if you are bored for half an hour or so.
    An interesting point here, going back to why I first watched one of his videos, is that he could’ve really called out the MSM for things like client journalism, how offshore billionaires own most of it, and actually looking critically at the “stories” he repeated.
    On a final note, ever since this all began, he has openly boasted about “getting his day in court” but when that time arrived, because he represented himself, (despite asking for donations to fund lawyers) he gave around a three hour “speech” about how he was the victim.
    If he was cross examined, he would have to back up with evidence all his points.
    It is not surprising (to me) that he didn’t want to be cross examined.
    Notts Live/Nottingham Post is a good source for further reading.

    • beastrabban Says:

      Thanks, Jim – I’ve found a number of YouTubers criticising him for taking people’s donations, deleting their comments even when they’re polite and so on.

  2. Mark Pattie Says:

    Alex Belfield really is a noxious b*stard. No doubt he’ll blame everyone but himself (the judges, Jeremy Vine, Jeremy Corbyn, Naga “Manchushi” Munchetty, the LibDems, Sunak, Matt Hancock, Richard Tice, the police, David Davis…) and create the “I’m being persecuted b/c of my right-wing beliefs!” narrative. BS. He’s not a messiah, he’s a very naughty boy indeed!

    • beastrabban Says:

      And one who could well do a bit of porridge. Do you think he’ll still be able to do the voice of reason from ‘C’ block?

  3. trev Says:

    Yes, I heard this story on the news, made me smile. I do hope he gets his comeuppance, same as is now also happening with American gob**ite Alex Jones, how the mighty have fallen!

    • beastrabban Says:

      I read on one of the YouTube news channels that Jones is going to have to pay the Sandy Hook parents $49 million. And you really can’t say he doesn’t deserve it with the nonsense his spread.

      • Jim Round Says:

        In relation to that, I note that Neil Oliver is commenting on “The Truth” about vaccines and how if everyone “knew The Truth” there would be outrage, or words to that effect.
        My point here is that he has his own show on GB News, so he could quite easily host a sensible debate on this very subject.
        There was/is a clip showing what looks like a 2/3 on 1 “debate” about vaccines, in reality the person defending the vaccines was regularly shouted over/at.
        To me, that is not debate, and it serves no purpose.
        It just gives more fuel to reactionists.
        GB News have done the same in regards to grooming gangs and asylum seekers, 99% of the time it is the likes of Farage etc… giving their views with no comebacks or debate.

      • gillyflowerblog Says:

        Yes, that Neil Oliver chappie seemed such a nice boy when he was presenting Coast. Can’t believe its the same guy.

      • trev Says:

        ‘Nice’ Oliver turned into ‘Nasty’ Oliver after he did that programme about Scottish DNA and discovered that he’s not a real Scot. Now he’s got a chip on his shoulder against Science. (That’s my theory anyway).

      • beastrabban Says:

        Neil Oliver not really Scottish! Good heavens! It must have come as a shock. Mind you, the head of one of Hungary’s Fascist party’s got a shock a few years ago when he took a DNA test and found that he part Jewish. Consultations with a rabbi for some real spiritual guidance swiftly followed.

  4. beastrabban Says:

    It surprised me as well when he became a wild-eyed reactionary. And unfortunately the anti-vaxxers are everywhere. I found a series of videos on YouTube by some group calling themselves ‘Correct Not Political’. I think they could be one of the groups protesting outside a couple of libraries in Bristol last week about Drag Queen Story Hour. They’ve posted videos of them protesting against it in Brighton, also protesting against Pride events, Extinction Rebellion, Just Stop Oil and they’re also anti-vaxxers. It seems there’s something about vaccinations and the reactionary right. It must be taking over from all the conspiracy theories about fluoride in the water. You can imagine them all at home reciting the words of General Jack D. Ripper in Kubrick’s Dr Strangelove going on about preserving their ‘purity of essence’: They must keep their bodily fluids pure!

    • trev Says:

      All this has come about after a couple of decades of people like Alex Jones and David Icke making a fortune from spreading fear, paranoia and disinformation about everything under the sun including “Big Pharma”.

  5. Mark Pattie Says:

    Alex Belfield is a nasty, horrible bugger. As for it only being right-wing Tories voting against lockdown, that is unfortunately largely BS. I believe Jeremy Corbyn has been pretty critical of most of the Covid legislation. I just hope that’s based on his own principles (I believe he doesn’t speak to his much-more-wayward brother any more). As has RLB, and also the LibDems managed to vote against vaccine passports etc.

    • beastrabban Says:

      I think Belfield has been losing friends rapidly over the past few days. The right-wing YouTuber Paz49 has put up a video attacking him. There’s also another video of him phoning up the local radio host Iain Lee as ‘Andy’, where he comes across as actually quite spiteful and insistent despite repeat claims that he’s worried about Lee. It’s quite a peculiar video, in that far from being a polished radio host he comes across as Alan Partridge.

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