Right Said Fred and the Lotus Eaters Take on Drag Queen Story Hour in Britain

Remember Right Said Fred, the pair of baldies who set the charts alight with their hit ‘I’m Too Sexy’ a few years ago before fading once more into pop obscurity? The two brothers have emerged recently to give their considered opinions on various issues. They were on GB News a few days or so ago, and the Lotus Eaters put up this video in which they discuss the Drag Queen Story Hour tour round Britain with infamous ex-kipper, Carl Benjamin, aka Sargon of Akkad. Or as I dub him, Sargon of Gasbag. This drag tour has met with protests in Reading, and in two libraries in Bristol, whose library service I think is behind the tour. One of the brothers is gay and the other straight, but gay friendly. That brother describes how he worked in gay pubs because everyone thought he was gay. They come across as normal blokes with a common sense attitude towards drag and Drag Queen Story Hour.

They don’t believe in Drag Queen Story Hour because they don’t consider it suitable for children. It’s a highly sexualised performance, and, as they explain, there’s a reason why it’s put on between midnight and one O’clock in the morning in gay clubs. I think this is part of the problem. I don’t know what the performances are like over here in Blighty, but some of the protests in America have been directed at grossly inappropriate drag events aimed at children. There was one a week or so ago in Texas, where children were taken to a bar to see the drag queens go through very sexual dance routines, including scantily clad trans strippers having money shoved into their underwear. Whatever you believe about gay or trans acceptance, it seems very clear to me that this went way too far. You wouldn’t take young children to an ordinary, straight bar to see such performances, so it shouldn’t be acceptable to take children to this kind of display either.

Regarding transgender people themselves, one of the brothers had a friend who transitioned from male to female. The brother states that it was his friend’s decision, and he met with her for a drink afterwards. He just accepted it. This was before the issue became politicised, and it is this politicisation that he dislikes. He believes that Stonewall and the other gay organisations have taken up promoting the trans issue in order to remain relevant and continue as organisations. I’ve heard this from other gay critics of the transgender ideology. The former head of Stonewall looked forward to a time when it would be obsolete as completely unnecessary. There’s a feeling that this was achieved when gay marriage was finally legalised. At this point, gays finally had equality, at least de jure. It now seems to some gender critical gays that the new head of the organisation seized on the transgender issue as a way of continuing its existence. And many gay people are unhappy with the emphasis on trans because of the way it appears to them to have taken over the gay rights movement to the exclusion of gays themselves.

The two brothers also aren’t fans of the Pride festivals and marches. One of the brothers says he doesn’t like it because of all the banners boasting corporate sponsorship. He states that for every person at the march, there are 10 gay people at home wondering what on Earth it all has to do with them. The other brother says he doesn’t understand what they have to be proud about, because it’s like him being proud of being 5’10”. To his credit, Sargon of Gasbag puts him right and says it was all about fighting the terrible prejudice a few decades ago, as with the infamous Clause 28. This sought to ban the discussion of homosexuality in schools, but was met with very strong opposition so that it could not be enforced.

The brother is also not impressed with gays resenting the presence of heterosexual couples in their pubs and clubs. He sees it as another form of prejudice, and so nonsensical coming from the gay community. It is, he says, like being a Jewish Nazi.

Then they move on to one of the books the drag queen, Ada H. Dee, had written and from which he was reading. This was about three goats uniting against a threatening wolf. I believe this may have been the book with the anti-bullying message one of the great commenters on this blog mentioned in his comments to my post about the protests in Reading and Bristol. They see this book as another example of intersectional woke propaganda, as the goats are coloured pink, brown and black, while the wolf is white.At one time I would have said that they were reading too much into it, but unfortunately there are sections of the LGBTQ+ movement which is highly politicised and does support intersectional feminism and Critical Race Theory.

The video includes footage of the protests in Reading and Bristol, though it’s mostly about Reading.

I’ve made clear many times my attitude towards the Lotus Eaters and their rotten libertarianism. But this time they do seem to have a point and the anti-left sneering is kept to a minimum. And regardless of where you stand on the trans issue, there is one thing the brothers have done which I hope most people can support. They went round children’s hospitals meeting children with cancer who’d lost their hair, just show them that it wasn’t all bad being bald like them. I thinks that’s great, so kudos to them for doing it.

And here’s the video for their song from 2006, from Radial By The Orchard’s channel on YouTube.


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7 Responses to “Right Said Fred and the Lotus Eaters Take on Drag Queen Story Hour in Britain”

  1. Mark Pattie Says:

    The Freds? Aren’t they the S-lister pop duo who’ve spewed some utter bovine excrement (h/t to one of the other commenters) about the vaccine? Re Sargon, I wonder if he is gay or bisexual himself. I certainly think many of the “manosphere” probably prefer to be in relationships w/ other men, given the odious bile they spew about women. As for the drag queen controversy, I think some of it is sincere, but most of it is probably sheer homo/transphobia. After all, there are straight, female drag queens out there. Michelle Visage is one.

  2. Jim Round Says:

    The Fred’s, really????
    Did they produce a bingo card of conspiracy theories they have been retweeting, from COVID-19 to the “Great Reset”.
    As I stated in a previous comment, the anti-lockdowners have found a new bandwagon to jump on.
    Yes, I know I keep mentioning it, and I am well aware of its faults, but it is worth joining Twitter, even anonymously, just to find out other sides to the stories.

  3. beastrabban Says:

    Thanks Mark and Jim, for putting me right about the Freds. I wasn’t aware of the anti-Vaxxer garbage they’ve been spewing. That explains so much. Lobster has reviewed a recent book on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which I’ll post about in a bit. apparently you can trace this nasty conspiracy theory right back to the Protocols, because they claimed the Jews were using inoculation to control people. It doesn’t stop, does it?

  4. beastrabban Says:

    As to the poisonous misogyny in the manosphere, yup, I wonder as well. Sargon’s married with children, so I doubt he’s gay for all the anti-feminism. But with some of the others, you wonder. There was speculation, if I recall correctly, about the sexual orientation of Davis Aurini, who’s very Alt Right. On the other, he had sex with his best friend’s wife, so he may not be gay. But he is slimeball.

    • Mark Pattie Says:

      I also get the feeling PJW might be gay. There were certainly some crude jokes about his apparent “friendship” with Alex “Globalist Illuminati Space Lasers” Jones of InfoWars fame. Milo Creepopolis is certainly gay.

      • beastrabban Says:

        I remember some of them, like the remark it wasn’t surprising he left Alex Jones as he was getting it from both ends from Jones and his producer.

  5. beastrabban Says:

    I also take your point about straight drag performers, or even the old fashioned types like Danny La Rue, who was basically a continuation of the music hall tradition. As I remember he was on about 7.30 or thereabout on Wednesday evenings in the 70s along with Max Bygraves. Now there’s a blast from the past.

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