Norman Finkelstein Lays into Zionist Student for Using the Holocaust to Defend Israel

Okay, I’ve been put on probation by the Labour party for posting nasty things that are historically and philosophically true and correct, but which upset the delicate sensibilities of Zionists that are all for silencing any supporters of the Palestinians. Well, here’s something that will annoy them. It’s a longer version of a clip I found on YouTube of the veteran Jewish critic of Israel, Professor Norman Finkelstein, tearing into a young female student for the way she hides behind the Holocaust to defend Israel.

Finkelstein was a speaking at an event at Waterloo University. The girl complains that during his speech Finkelstein had described certain people as Nazis, and through tears says it’s very hurtful to Germans and to people who suffered under the Holocaust. This is too much for Finkelstein, whose parents were also Holocaust survivors. He tells her to shut her crocodile tears and that he doesn’t like using the Holocaust, but his father was in Auschwitz and his late mother in Majdanek. His father’s family were also involved in the Warsaw ghetto and were murdered by the Nazis. And he protests against Israel because of what his parents taught him. And if she had any real feeling, she’d be crying for the Palestinians, for the brutality they suffer, and the house clearances and other atrocities.

The girl really was going to lose when she tried to use the Holocaust to silence Finkelstein. Not only had his parents and relatives also suffered, as so many Jewish people have had parents and relatives suffer in the camps, but he also wrote a book awhile ago on the political uses of the Holocaust and the nasty, exploitative policies pursued by lawyers and firms claiming to be trying to get compensation for its victims, The Holocaust Industry. Quite often this has seen the compensation due to the Holocaust survivors swallowed up in lawyers fees. Israel has invited Holocaust survivors to settle, but really only wants their money through various schemes, and there are instances of the victims of Nazi brutality living in poverty or on the streets. The Zionist movement originally played down the Holocaust because they were afraid it made Jews look weak and unable to manage their own state. It was only after the Six Day War that the Holocaust was played up as a propaganda tool by Israel. It’s a horrible, cynically politically utilitarian attitude to one of the most horrific atrocities in human history and its victims.

The result of this is that the crowd goes nuts. Some cheer, others boo. But Finkelstein simply grins into the camera and says ‘I’ve never been in a crowd like this. They’re insane.’


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6 Responses to “Norman Finkelstein Lays into Zionist Student for Using the Holocaust to Defend Israel”

  1. Mark Pattie Says:

    I feel as though I’ve heard Norman Finkelstein’s name somewhere. I thought he was the Tory peer who wrote columns for the Times.

    • beastrabban Says:

      No, that’s another Finkelstein. And is one the one you’re thinking of responsible for Tory anti-Blair poster that showed him with upside down red eyes? That poster may have lost the Tories the election because people thought it was just too ridiculous. It was called ‘the curse of Finkelstein. by one wag.

      But Norman Finkelstein is well-known as a critic of Israel. Mike reblogged one of his satirical maps showing that there’d be absolutely no problem if Israel occupied America instead of Palestine, or something like. And because of that, he was also accused of ‘anti-Semitism’.

  2. Mark Pattie Says:

    Wrong Finkelstein. The one I was thinking of was *Danny* Finkelstein, who is responsible for that ad. Which GE was it posted for? ’05 possibly?

  3. Mark Pattie Says:

    Prof Finkelstein will probably be called an anti-Semite for such comments, even though he is Jewish. Would he be also called an antisemite if he suggested that Tzipi Hotovely was no friend of British Jews? (She really isn’t).

    • beastrabban Says:

      I’m sure he has been called an anti-Semite. He’s certainly attacked the way Israel smears its critics with the accusation, calling it ‘a machine for creating anti-Semites’. As for Tzipi Hotovely, I didn’t know she hated British Jews. I’ve only come across her disgusting comments about the Palestinians.

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