Email to Local Bristol Paper Calling for a Multicultural Protest against the Grooming Gangs

Today I sent off this email to the Bristol Post. I’ll let you know if they publish it.

‘Dear Sir,

I am appalled and disgusted by the latest news about the grooming gangs in Telford. Yet again the police and authorities were afraid to act against a gang of racist predators because they were of Pakistani origin, the victims were White, and they were themselves afraid of being accused of racism. I firmly believe that we need to have multicultural marches to show that this racism and racist politics is not acceptable. Apart from the anti-White racism of the gangs themselves, there are figures on the extreme right who are seeking to demonise ordinary Muslims by presenting this as normal Muslim behaviour. It is not, as is most forcefully shown by the Muslim politicos and legal officers who worked hard to bring the gangs to justice. We need to wrest this issue away from the racists so they cannot use it to create more hate and division. A genuinely multicultural march which included Whites, Blacks and Asians would show that the authorities that racism against anyone, whatever their colour or religion, will be denounced and opposed. I’ve no doubt that Blacks and Asians would support Whites in such a march, as Whites have for decades supported people of colour in their struggles against racism and hate. White support for the Black Lives Matter demonstrations and their participation in the toppling of Colston’s statue are only the latest example of this. I also feel strongly that Bristol would be a very good place for such a protest, although mercifully it hasn’t suffered the predation of such gangs, because of its diverse, multicultural population. I have written to Deputy Mayor Asher Craig about such a march in her capacity as head of equality and children’s services for this city, and eagerly await her reply.

Yours faithfully,

David Sivier’

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2 Responses to “Email to Local Bristol Paper Calling for a Multicultural Protest against the Grooming Gangs”

  1. Jim Round Says:

    Societies attitude towards sexual abuse needs to change if we are ever going to move forward.
    On more than one occasion, when a young boy has been abused by an older woman (on many occasions, a teacher) attitudes have been disgraceful, examples being the young man should be honoured, fill his boots, is lucky etc… no thoughts about his feelings or trauma, just an outdated attitude that helps no-one.
    Same attitude when pederasty is involved, (the far-right has form here, as several of their followers have convictions) it is treated less seriously than abuse of young girls. (Which is abhorrent also)
    There seems to be little appetite for enquiries into the culture of Radio DJ’s and TV presenters (Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris, Stuart Hall and the latest allegations against Tim Westwood)
    The culture of the police (Wayne Couzens and allegations of far-right extremism)
    Football coaches (Barry Bennell and the allegations against Celtic)
    Not many MP’s openly discuss the culture of the Far-right, apparently a growing threat and several followers have sexual abuse convictions (strangely brushed under the carpet by the usual suspects)
    The Catholic Church, VIP’s (Ghislaine Maxwell) and Westminster itself. (Allegations there going back several years)
    I really do find societies hypocrisy baffling, whatever you think about the Madeline McCann case, compare coverage between cases over the years and the implied class of the perpetrators and victims, yes, (as far as) I know, non-sexual, but I hope you get my point.
    I am certainly not minimising the terrible abuse suffered by grooming gang victims here, but we cannot prioritise one above the other.
    There is (rightly) focus on the perpetrators, but I really do feel that the victims get left behind and forgotten, no matter who the abuser(s) are.
    In too many cases they are left to suffer devastating mental health issues without support.
    We really can’t go on like this.

    • Mark Pattie Says:

      Exactly. If Tommy Rottenscum had spent as much time exposing the sexual, er, indecencies of Certain Seventies Celebrities as he had allegedly “exposing” largely-Pakistani (but certainly not practicing Muslim) grooming gangs, and had he disowned those assholes amongst his own clique who were accused of similar offences, I might have some respect for the bugger. Sadly, he is a violent, grifting, blue-tick, Islamophobic Shitterati of the very lowest order.

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