Jim Round on New Labour’s Prosecution of the Grooming Gangs, and Mahyar Tousi’s Bias

Jim Round, one of the many great commenters on this blog, posted this remark adding more evidence to refute the right’s accusations that Labour was complacent about the Pakistani grooming gangs. The latest person to repeat the allegation is Mahyar Tousi, a right-wing Brexiteer Tory, in a video attacking Jess Philips. She had raised his ire by asking how many of the current Tory leadership candidates were aware of Johnson breaking the lockdown, but said nothing.

Jim writes

‘I was certainly no fan of “New Labour” but I read somewhere that under Labour, convictions of grooming gangs were far higher under them than under The Tories.
Let’s also not forget Johnson’s “staffing” comments and the alleged closeness of Jimmy Savile to Margaret Thatcher.
Also worth remembering that it was a Muslim, Nazir Afzal, who convicted many gang members.
As for Tousi, well, for someone who regularly gets his “news” from the Guido Fawkes blog, he has a cheek to call any other news outlets for bias and fake news.
He is also another one who deletes reasonable comments that disagree with him or correct his “news stories” an example being the young man who allegedly was kicked off his college course, in Burnley I think. There were, of course, two sides to this story and Tousi deleted or ignored comments putting across the other side.
Free speech but only if you agree with me again.’


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5 Responses to “Jim Round on New Labour’s Prosecution of the Grooming Gangs, and Mahyar Tousi’s Bias”

  1. Mark Pattie Says:

    Precisely. I remember when Johnson spewed out that disgusting smear about Starmer “failing to prosecute Jimmy Savile” as a deflection for the Government’s own rank insincerity. Re grooming gangs, several prominent British Muslims helped expose them. Nazir Afzal prosecuted many of them, and Maajid Nawaz helped expose many of them.

  2. Jim Round Says:

    Some light relief, feel free to repost if bored….
    The following comment is a parody, any resemblance to any events or persons living or deceased is entirely coincidental….honest….
    Hello There….
    You may not have heard of me, as I am one of the many unheard voices out there.
    Allow me to introduce myself,
    My name is Figel Fibbinson-Sellafield and let me tell you how I have been cancelled.
    Are you permanently outraged?
    Do you get regularly get mistaken for a jar of Beetroot on your weekly shop at Kwik Save?
    Do you believe every Tabloid smear story and hit job without research?
    When you see one person of colour in your area you think they are taking over?
    We’ll I have just the thing for you…(but remember, this is really all about me)
    I have a new book, Cancelled: My Sob Story, which is available at all High Street bookstores and on The Rainforest web shop (for a limited time, get a free jar of Snake Oil with every purchase)
    You can also read extracts in this Saturday’s Torygraph and Daily Abscess.
    You can read my column in the Daily Fail about how I’ve been cancelled by The Biased Broadcasting Corporation because they wouldn’t give me my one hundredth appearance on Kwestion Thyme.
    Don’t miss my daily show on GBeebies where we blame The EU for every failure in The UK.
    Also don’t miss my special guest appearance on an hour long special with Tucker Shop on Box News on Saturday, where we discuss the acoustics of an echo chamber made especially for us.
    I’m also on with Julie Brew-Up on Baulk TV, on Sunday, here we discuss COVID-19 and talk up frauds and grifters whilst bashing credible scientists.
    If that wasn’t enough, I also have a channel (The Home Of Freeze Peach) on the world’s largest video sharing website, where you can call into my secret phone-in and leave comments (but be aware, any comments or callers that politely disagree with me will be deleted or cut off)
    Here I will selectively rehash MSM (boo hiss) articles and videos and pretend no-one notices.
    Remember, we need to call out this cancel culture and show those rotten lefties we mean business.
    “Ye are the meeja”
    Thanks for reading.

  3. Brian Burden Says:


    Hi Beastrabban –

    NEC elections take place in about a week’s time. In Jeremy’s day, members received a nice little glossy booklet in which the candidates set out their stall. These days it’s all done by e-mail, and so far I’ve heard nothing. Please alert us when your voter details arrive!


    • beastrabban Says:

      Certainly will, Brian – but I’m not sure I’ll get one if they’re still doing this. I got an email from them a little while ago saying something about how you’d only be allowed to vote if you’d confirmed some details in the records or something.

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