My Letters to the Independent and the Guardian Urging a Multicultural Rally against the Grooming Gangs

Yesterday I also sent off two emails, one each to the letters pages of the Independent and the Groan, calling for people of all races to join together or rally against the grooming gangs. I chose these papers because I want it to come from the anti-racist left, not the conservatives or Tommy Robinson and his gang, who are already actively exploiting it. Here’s the email to the Indie

‘Dear Sir,

Like every other decent person, I am deeply disgusted by the recent revelations about the Pakistani grooming gangs and the way they were allowed to get away with their despicable predations for years because of local authorities and police forces scared of being accused of racism. But I am also puzzled why none of the anti-racist organisations have organised marches or demonstrations against them. I feel this is a profound mistake. Blacks, Whites and Asians have marched together for decades protesting against discrimination and murderous racism towards people of colour, and I feel the anti-White racism of these gangs should be treated no differently. Such a multicultural rally would, I’m sure, cement relations between people of different races and ethnicities by showing that all racism, whether against Asians, Blacks or Whites, is equally unacceptable.

Yours faithfully,

David Sivier’

And this is the the letter to the Groan

‘Dear Sir,

I am deeply concerned by the recent reports of the Asian grooming gangs, not just about the activities of these evil men themselves, but also by the way the left and the authorities have mishandled them. Local authorities and the police allowed them to get away with their vile crimes for decades and this is helping to break the public’s trust in them. It has also not helped that these were mostly Labour local authorities. I am also very concerned that there have been no marches and protests by mainstream anti-racist organisations, like Stand Up To Racism. Rather their protests have been against the exploitation of the issue by anti-Islam agitators such as Tommy Robinson. 

This desperately needs to change. Whites have supported Blacks and Asians in their campaigns against discrimination and racist hate crime by Fascists. The Black Lives Matter protests two years ago were only the most recent examples of this. We need similar multicultural rallies against the grooming gangs. They do not, after all, represent the Asian community, and such a rally would cement relations between people of different colours and races by showing that racism against one group is an attack on all, and will not be tolerated. And this is regardless of whether the victims are White, Black, brown or whatever.

Yours faithfully,

David Sivier’

I don’t think they’ve been printed, but I might be wrong.

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