My Email to Stand Up To Racism Urging a Multicultural March against the Grooming Gangs

Yesterday evening I also sent this email to the anti-racist organisation, Stand Up To Racism, also calling for Blacks, Whites and Asians to march together as a show of solidarity against the grooming gangs and racism generally.

‘Dear Sir,

I’m sure you share my disgust at the recent reports on the Asian grooming gangs and how they preyed on White girls for decades, as well as the way they were allowed to get away with it by police forces and local authorities who were afraid of being accused of racism if they intervened. But I am also greatly concerned about the lack of response to this monstrous scandal by mainstream anti-racist organisations like yours. While White people have been marching in support of Blacks and Asians in their struggle against racism for decades, I very much regret that there have been no such marches in support of these victimised White girls. This, in my opinion, is a grave and odious mistake, as it gives more ammunition and plausibility to islamophobes such as Tommy Robinson. 

A few months ago Robinson and his supporters turned up in Birmingham for a public launch of his film about the city’s ‘rape’, which included testimony from the gangs’ victims. There was also a counterdemonstration by your organisation and Unite. However, while the protesters shouted anti-racist slogans against Robinson, they made no public gesture in support of the raped and abused girls. Robinson’s video of the demonstration, however, appears to show his organisation as by far the more anti-racist and diverse. One of his protesters was a young Black man wearing a T-shirt with the anti-racist slogan ‘Black and White, unite and fight’. Unfortunately, I don’t see the mainstream anti-racist organisations doing this against the grooming gangs.

This gives the impression that your organisation and others aren’t concerned about anti-White racism and hate crimes, and that the only racism that matters to you is that against Blacks and other people of colour. Thus Robinson is able to present himself as the only person standing up for these girls against a bigoted and complacent establishment.

I feel very strongly that the only way to combat this is to organise genuinely multicultural rallies against these grooming gangs, just as there have been rallies against the BNP and NF and in support of refugees. I would be very grateful indeed if you could organise one as one of the leading anti-racist organisations here in the UK. I would be particularly grateful if your branch in Bristol could stage one. This is not one of the towns plagued by these gangs, but it has a diverse, multicultural population, who have demonstrated against Robinson and his attempts to stir up hatred against Muslims. Now we need to go further and demonstrate in support of these gangs’ victims as part of the wider campaign against racism. I have also sent an email to the head of Bristol’s equalities and children’s departments in the council about the possibility of organising such a rally. 

I would very much like to hear your reply about this suggestion, which I intend to publish on my blog. I look forward eagerly to receiving it.

Yours faithfully,

David Sivier’

While I hope for a reply, I’m not confidant I’ll get one. A few months ago I wrote to Unite about the way the rally against Robinson and his film in Birmingham was mishandled by them and SUTR. They attacked Robinson for his racism, but showed no support or sympathy for the abused girls. This strongly gives the impression that Unite and SUTR really didn’t care about anti-White racism, no matter how vicious it is. I didn’t get a reply, despite requesting one. But perhaps this time it’ll be different.

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5 Responses to “My Email to Stand Up To Racism Urging a Multicultural March against the Grooming Gangs”

  1. Mark Pattie Says:

    Good idea. I just hope that organisation don’t think you’re secretly a Kemi Badenoch-supporting Tory or such. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s not a binary thing about Labour letting down the victims and (insert far-right blowhard group) standing up for them. Their local Labour MPs condemned the grooming gangs, as would the local mosques if the perps had been devout Muslims. Which I’m pretty sure the vast majority of them weren’t.

    • beastrabban Says:

      I hope SUTR don’t think I’m a Badenoch-supporting Tory either! Thanks for pointing out that Danchuk and Champion were active trying to bring the grooming gangs to justice. Do you know any more about that, or can point me to further information as I’d very much like to put up something about it. The Conservatives and those further right are doing their best to smear all the Labour party over this, so I’d appreciate anything that could help disprove them.

      • Mark Pattie Says:

        Speaking of Kemi Badenoch, I believe Britain First have backed her leadership campaign. Dear God! I thought they were overtly racist assholes who wouldn’t want an “ethnic” PM even if that person was her. Speaking of Ms Badenoch, has Simon Webb come out and endorsed her yet?

      • beastrabban Says:

        No, but Jim Davidson and various other right-wing blowhards have. I didn’t know Britain First had endorsed her! Like you, I would have thought they were far too right-wing to want anyone of colour to be the next PM. But obviously they don’t care what she is, so long as she’s against Muslims, immigrants and the proles.

  2. Mark Pattie Says:

    I believe the likes of Toby Young and Laurence Fox endorsed her, but I didn’t think a fascist bunch of thugs would support her. Fortunately, she’s out of the leadership bid now. That being said, I admire the fact that she is authentic and sincere in her convictions (not in the Johnson sense!). Plus she would’ve called out Starmer for the lack of diversity in his own shadcab.

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