Sajid Javid Now Scared of Labour

All the current candidates for Tory leader are, in the humble opinion of Yours Truly, absolutely terrifying. They’re all saying they’re going to cut taxation, with one – I can’t remember who – saying he intends to cut corporation tax down to its very lowest level, 15 per cent. As the news programme which interviewed this specimen pointed out, cutting tax means cutting expenditure. But obviously, this particularly Tory candidate didn’t say what he was going to cut expenditure on, and to my knowledge neither has the rest of them. However, I should think it’s fairly obvious: it’s going to be whatever remains of the welfare state, plus the privatisation of the NHS. And additionally, it doesn’t matter whether the new incumbent on No. 10 is Black or Asian, he or she will still seek to restrict immigration. And while they’re election may not mean that the Tory party as a whole isn’t racist, they’re still going to ignore the racism in the Tory base.

Mind you, as the great commenters on this blog have pointed out, Labour’s front bench really isn’t as diverse as the Tories. I can think of a number of reasons for this, from racism in the Labour leadership – Starmer and his coterie have significantly failed to punish those responsible for the racial harassment and bullying of Black and Asian MPs – to fear that some of the best qualified Labour MPs are particularly vulnerable to Tory attacks and smears. Diane Abbott, despite the personal attacks, really isn’t stupid, and having been elected in the 1980s she is now a veteran MP. But the Tories and their base particularly loathe her because of her tough stance on White racism and her left-wing politics. Which means she’s one of the Labour politicos who’s most subject to press vilification and online abuse. Someone said that she receives half of the misogynistic messages sent to women MPs. I can honestly believe it. And because of her close relationship to Corbyn and her left-wing views, she clearly isn’t going to get a cabinet post under Starmer. But I don’t doubt that there are other Black MPs, who could be given a cabinet post without the dangers of attack and smears Abbott would run.

But there are some hopeful signs. I just caught a headline on a GB News video that appears to show that at least one of the Tory hopefuls is rattled. Sajid Javid has apparently said that ‘the danger is that too many people believe Labour is fit for government.’ And if he’s saying it, you can bet that there are others thinking it. I just wish Starmer could show his party that he’s fit to run it and govern the country.


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9 Responses to “Sajid Javid Now Scared of Labour”

  1. Mark Pattie Says:

    Javid is just as insincere as the rest of the Johnson clique. My personal preference would be for Tugenhat, although Kemi Badenoch would skewer Starmer over his apparent support for BLM when only two of his cabinet are from a minority background. Has Simon Webb done a video on the apparent lack of diversity within the SNP. Only 2 of the 48 MPs are not, as he would put it, “ethnic Scottish”. Somehow I don’t think he will support Starmer’s Labour though, even if the majority of the shadcab are “ethnic English” and Yvette Cooper is more sincere in her intentions than Priti Unprincipled.

    • beastrabban Says:

      Webb hasn’t done a video about the lack of diversity amongst the SNP,, although there was a fair amount of criticism aimed at Hamza Yusuf when he complained that all the official posts were held by Whites. The argument was that only 3 per cent of the Scots population is Black or Asian, so he was really showing his own prejudices. As for the Labour party, Webb has said on one of his videos that he wouldn’t ever support them because, among other things, ‘they’re ‘high-spending’. So he’s definitely swallowed all the right-wing economic nonsense about the Labour party.

      • Mark Pattie Says:

        If Simon Webb thinks Labour are high-spending, I dread to think what he thinks of Sunak’s tax hikes- opposed by only 10 Tory MPs (out of 360-odd). I suspect he only voted Tory in 2019 because he either has a very right-wing constituency MP, or because there was no Ukip or BXP candidate in his area. I get the feeling he would be backing either Reclaim, Ukip or the English Democrats in the next GE.

      • beastrabban Says:

        You’re absolutely right – he doesn’t like the Tories either, though I really don’t know what he thinks of Sunak’s tax hikes or who’d he vote for otherwise.

      • Mark Pattie Says:

        I think Simon Webb’s kind of Tory MPs (that is assuming he likes any of them) are endorsing Suella “Charlatan” Braverman to be the next Tory leader. ‘Cept, I think he has a *slight problem* with her being Conservative leader. As to who he’d vote for, my own best guess would be Reclaim or Ukip. I do not believe he would endorse Anne Marie Waters, as unlike some of his fellow Tubers, he is probably not Islamophobic enough.

      • beastrabban Says:

        No, he’s not Islamophobic, despite his attitude to non-White immigrants. I’ll give him that. One of his videos was about how Islam and Christianity are part of a single jewel. He’s also not anti-Semitic, which really annoys his commenters who are genuine Nazis.

  2. trev Says:

    The solution in part to the problem of the so called ‘cost of living crisis’ (which is really a crisis of Capitalism) rather than Sunak’s temporary sticking-plaster Rebates, would be to re-Nationalize the power companies, and perhaps also introduce a Unconditional Basic Income, as well as creating a functioning generous and non-punitive Social Security system with a robust safety net in place of Universal Credit and Sanctions. Alas, there is no way in hell that Starmer and sidekick Reeves are going to do any of that, in my opinion.

  3. Jim Round Says:

    These candidates are definitely “none of the above”
    To see smears and cheap jibes from members of their own party directed at them and not having the guts to say anything about it, sums up the state of our politics and politicians.
    As you said previously, Labour are no better (think Jeremy Corbyn)
    As for certain YouTubers, it makes me wonder who would be their ideal candidate.
    One thing that does surprise me is why immigration is so high, who in their right mind would want to come and live here.

    • beastrabban Says:

      I think a lot of it is comes from the fact that to some people, their own countries really don’t offer them the opportunities Britain does. Racial and religious toleration is one fact. The Tories are nasty, but we haven’t got to the level of mass ethnic cleansing of some countries just yet. Also, even with living standards in the west and especially Britain declining, they aren’t as bad as those of the Developing World. Some of the people who travelled to Belorus hoping they’d get through to the EU did so because they hadn’t been paid back in their countries of origin and were literally faced with starvation.

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