Tweezer Seen Dancing at Music Festival after Johnson’s Resignation

Hee hee! The fun continues! A little snippet came up on the net reporting that Theresa May had been seen dancing at a music festival after Boris resigned. This all reminds me of sketch on Spitting Image when Thatcher was ousted. An announcer declared ‘And now we go over to Ted Heath for his reaction’. This was followed by Ted Heath – actually someone wearing a mask of his face – sat naked at the piano playing ‘Happy Days Are Here Again’ surrounded by tinsel and party balloons.

Unfortunately, any rejoicing for us ordinary mortals is going to be muted by the fact that, despite having resigned, he’s still going to stay in office as a caretaker until the Tories select another leader. And the Tories themselves are still in power.


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One Response to “Tweezer Seen Dancing at Music Festival after Johnson’s Resignation”

  1. Brian Burden Says:

    What a slap in the face for Dominic Raab! Normally, when a leader resigns, his deputy takes over until a successor has been appointed. Clearly Bozo thinks Raab unfit to lead a caretaker govt while Bozo’s successor is being selected. Still, I dare say Raab finds the extra cash handy!

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