European Court Bans Rwanda Flights, So Tories Now Talking about Leaving It and Getting Rid of Its Human Rights Legislation

More dangerous nonsense from the Johnson gang currently holding Britain hostage. A few days ago the European Court of Human Rights ruled that the deportations of the channel migrants to Rwanda was illegal and stopped it from taking place. This has sent the Tories and their supporters into what Molesworth would sa was ‘a fearful bate’. They and various right-wing YouTubers are now suggesting that Britain should leave the court, and that Boris should issue a British bill of rights. You know, like parliament did at the time of the Glorious Revolution. They’ve been talking about this for as long as Brexit has been an issue, if not before. How dare those dreadful foreigners tell us what to do! Patrick Stewart made an excellent video about this issue a few years ago. He played a Prime Minister, who said he was physically sick of Europe and European legislation. His cabinet then inform him that the European legislation on human rights is based very much on British law, and that we were one of the major parties to its compilation. If you’re against European Human Rights Legislation, you’re also attacking it’s basis in British law, at least when it was formulated. But why worry about such petty historical facts when you have the chance to get the Brexiteer public into a frothing nationalistic rage?

And then there’s the problem of what the Tories are going to replace the European legislation with. The chances are that it’s going to be much weaker on protections. We’re already seeing the Tories passing legislation to clamp down on demonstrations, especially after the various protests by Extinction Rebellion. My guess any Bill of Rights the Tories pass will be worse, and very much curb the right to free speech and assembly, as well as a range of other rights, all while proclaiming that it’s doing the opposite.

Tony Benn is absolutely right. He said that what the Tories would do to migrants, they will start doing to the rest of us. And they are.

They are using the public outrage against migrant deportation – outrage they have done much to foment – to begin another stage in their campaign to deprive the rest of us of our rights. Let’s not fall for their lies and nationalist hysteria.


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10 Responses to “European Court Bans Rwanda Flights, So Tories Now Talking about Leaving It and Getting Rid of Its Human Rights Legislation”

  1. Brian Burden Says:

    Power without responsibility – answerable to nobody.

    • beastrabban Says:

      Reminds me of a quote one of the Prime Ministers made about the press having all the power and morals of a prostitute.

  2. Jim Round Says:

    And we go again.
    In my opinion, both acts need updating of for the 21st Century, they must NOT be watered down in any way, and media mouthpieces, clueless politicians and people acting in bad faith should not be allowed anywhere near any genuine reforms.
    Did you see the GB “News” interview with Mr Garlick?
    A certain person appeared to say he didn’t need any human rights, what I took from that this so called “man of the people” wanted rights that protected him and people like him, his followers would have no rights, as you said earlier, its what people DON’T say that is interesting, but that would mean the mask slipping.
    I have said previously, if GB “News” really was alternative, it would defend the ECHR and UN Convention, and properly explain it to its viewer (sorry, viewers)
    Instead, it continues to be a visual version of the Daily Mail, (notice how many DM “stories” are picked up the next day)
    I read somewhere a comment from a visitor from a Scandinavian country who couldn’t believe the state of our media, they said they it wouldn’t be allowed there. In the words of Zelo Street, “our free and fearless press” eh…

    • beastrabban Says:

      Hi Jim! I didn’t see the interview on GB News with the utterly fake ‘man of the people’. I had to look for it on YouTube. I didn’t get very far watching it, but I think you’re right about the Fuhrage and human rights. After all, he founded the Brexit party as a private company where only he and the other directors could vote and ordinary members couldn’t. Which show how democratic his Britain would be.

  3. European Court Bans Rwanda Flights, So Tories Now Talking about Leaving It and Getting Rid of Its Human Rights Legislation | sdbast Says:

    […] European Court Bans Rwanda Flights, So Tories Now Talking about Leaving It and Getting Rid of Its Hu… […]

  4. Mark Pattie Says:

    I increasingly think the Rwanda Plan is just a massive popularity stunt from Priti “Heartless” Patel. I read an article the other week about her evil plan forcing survivors of *genocide* out of hotels. I also think she’s being a bit racist, as she obviously thinks “Oh, most of these migrants are black Africans, so we’ll send them to a landlocked, impoverished African dictatorship with minimal resources!”.

    • beastrabban Says:

      Thanks, Mark. I got a feeling that you’re right about it being a publicity stunt, and yes, given Patel’s views, there is a whiff of racism about it. I wonder if the Tories are only pretending to tackle immigration so that it remains an obvious crisis they can exploit.

      • Mark Pattie Says:

        Certainly our favourite right-wing ‘Tube historian thinks they are only “pretending” to tackle immigration, but for a different reason. Although I wonder, would he support Kemi Badenoch were she to announce her leadership bid? She does at least stick to her principles.

  5. Mark Pattie Says:

    If they wanted to “teach them (the migrants) a lesson” and send them to Africa, maybe Ghana would be better? After all, they have long-standing ties to the UK, and are a fairly rich (by African standards) country, so might be better equipped to receive these refugees?

    • beastrabban Says:

      Ghana would be far the better choice, but it looks like no other African country will take them. Ghana would like western Blacks to immigrate there, bringing their skills to help uplift the country. The last thing they want is those migrants who want to go in the other direction.

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