My Video for Self-Published Book on a Parliamentary Chamber for the Workers

One of the great commenters on this blog paid me a wonderful compliment the other day by saying how great it would be if I put up a YouTube channel to combat some of the claims made by a certain internet historian. But as this particular individual puts up two a day, this would be too great a task. Now I did put up two YouTube channels under my own name, David Sivier. The first simply deals with replica musical instruments I’ve made for myself and cardboard models I’ve made of various archaeological monuments and artefacts. Unfortunately, I tried getting the channel to accept images from my mobile, with the result that it no longer recognises me as the channel’s owner and so I have been able to put up anything more on it. Hence the launch of the second David Sivier YouTube channel. I’ve put up a couple of pieces of music there, as well as some political stuff. I may also have put up political material on the first David Sivier channel. One of the videos I put up was for my self-published book arguing that as millionaires and the heads of companies now dominate parliament – about 77 per cent of MPs are businessmen – we should have a separate chamber composed of workers, elected by the workers. The book examines the idea from the 19th century Chartists, who set up their own ‘parliament of trades’ in one of their meetings, through the anarchists and Utopian socialists like Saint-Simon, the German council revolution of 1919, and the corporatism of Fascist Italy to the self-management experiment of the former Communist Yugoslavia, where the local councils had a chambers for the workers.

A few weeks ago I found a launch video for Red Line TV, a left-wing YouTube channel based on the left-wing Labour Briefing. It’s put up a number of videos discussing topics like women’s rights, racism and the trans issue. In the launch video, they were appealing for subjects to discuss and inviting people to come on. I fancied sending them a copy of the book and suggesting they might like to talk about that as something different, and as provocation to get Labour actually representing working people again. Unfortunately, There doesn’t seem to be anywhere on their site you make such suggestions or contact them, except to become a member. I did find something about contacting them elsewhere, but this seemed to be through Twitter, and I don’t have it and don’t want it. I’ve therefore stymied in that department. If there are any other left-wing vloggers who’d be interested n talking about it, let me know.

Anyway, here’s the video:


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3 Responses to “My Video for Self-Published Book on a Parliamentary Chamber for the Workers”

  1. gillyflowerblog Says:

    That 77%. Are some businesswomen?

    • beastrabban Says:

      Hi Gillyflower – good to hear you again. I think they must be, although given the lack of women in boardrooms, those MPs are still probably mostly men.

  2. Jim Round Says:

    I see that a certain Telegraph reading YouTuber has put out a video about your “favourite right wing YouTuber”.
    I find this interesting as the YouTuber has tweeted his displeasure at being called out, he has threatened to sue Simon Webb as far as I can see.
    In fairness to Simon Webb, he appears to have just commented using publicly available information.
    I have said before that Twitter can Indeed be a cesspool, but if you know who to follow, and skip over all the name calling and inane comments, you can find some good information.
    Some tweets may have since been deleted.
    Another thing I have noticed is that Simon Webb has made videos about Patriotic Alternative and Tommy Robinson.
    I have not watched these videos but it seems that fans of both have been commenting on his channel. This is not surprising, given the contents of his videos, and I do wonder if he has worked out the connection.
    I have commented before that the History Debunked comments section is quite something, and if the channel was for education purposes rather than just mostly bad faith videos, then there should be an explanation that this is what they are all about, not simply “othering”.
    Words have meaning, around 10 years ago, so called “vigilantes” attacked the home of a paediatrician, thinking they were involved with paedophilia, it appeared they were influenced by something in The S*n, I think Zelo Street or a similar blog covered it at the time.
    Then editor/boss??? Rebekah Brooks allegedly shrugged and said it was nothing to do with The S*n.
    Videos, articles and stories do have an influence, not always for the best.

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