Trailer for Matt Walsh’s ‘What Is A Woman?’ Documentary

Matt Walsh is a conservative American YouTuber, and fierce critic of the trans ideology. He has made a documentary intended to expose not only the ideology, but also the activists and medical professionals promoting it, and uncovering the immense danger and real physical and mental harm that it represents to vulnerable people. The film will be premiered on the right-wing internet site and channel, the Daily Wire.

The trailer for the film shows him going around asking various individuals the simple question, ‘What Is A Woman?’ Of course, the simple answer is that it means ‘adult human female’, as per the dictionary definition that has become one of the slogans of Kelly-Jay Kean’s gender critical movement. But politicians and officials don’t want to say this, because of the trans dogma that your real sex is not biological, but dependant on your psychological identification. A person is whatever sex they feel they are, even if this conflicts with their biological sex. Hence there has been the spectacle over here of politicians, mostly from the Labour party, evading or running away from the question when asked.

The trailer shows Walsh talking to professionals, who tell him that a man can have a vulva and a woman a penis, but who get uncomfortable and end the interview when challenged. A group of young women on a feminist march tell him that you have to support women to be on the march when he asks them. He asks the same question of a trans supporter on the street, who tells him that gender is in the mind. When Walsh asks if this would apply if someone believed they were a cat, the supporter simply walks off down the street.

Walsh also talks to gender critical people, like Scott Newgent and Jordan Peterson. Newgent is a transman, but states that he’s a woman, who has been surgically altered to resemble a man, but he will never be a man. He makes it very clear that the trans ideology is destructive and dangerous. ‘It got me at 42. Your children don’t have a chance’. This is in direct contradiction to one of the ideology’s supporters, who states that she thinks that only a very small part of the massive explosion in people being diagnosed trans is due to it becoming a social contagion. Jordan Peterson makes the point that there are feminine boys and masculine girls, and asks rhetorically ‘What are we supposed to do? Cut them up?’ This is one of the fears of the gender critical activists, particularly gays and lesbians. They are afraid that boys and girls are being forced to transition because their parents are afraid that they’re refusal to conform to established gender norms means that they’re gay. In their eyes, the medical transition of these young people is a form of gay conversion therapy. Feminists are also concerned about the challenge this attitude presents, as it also seems to reinforce traditional norms of gendered behaviour rather than challenge them.

I am very definitely not a conservative, and definitely won’t be signing up to the Daily Wire. But I do believe that Walsh is making a good point in this instance, one that very much needs to be heard. There are surgeons performing mastectomies on girls as young as twelve. And while I’ve no doubt that medical transition may be needed and entirely appropriate for some, this is not always the case. There’s an online community of about 20,000 detransitioners. These are people who underwent transition, only to regret it and who are now trying, as far as possible, to return to their birth sex.

And accuracy of language and description is particularly necessary in medicine. There have been a number of pieces put up on TV and YouTube about men being pregnant and giving birth. In fact these are transmen, who have taken the transition to a certain extent where they resemble born men in their upper bodies, but who have retained their female reproductive organs in order to conceive a child. A little while ago a number of gender critical YouTubers criticised an article from a Scottish midwifery journal, which stated that men could get pregnant and give birth. This mostly covered transmen, but at places it also seemed to state that biological men could also do so. This is simply wrong. Biological men simply can’t do so, and a transman giving birth needs the attentions of doctors, obstetricians and midwives, who are all trained the treatment of women, even if this fact is now being obscured by the trans rhetoric..

Walsh states that he has gone all over the world in the documentary asking this question. The film shows him asking it of a group of Maasai in Africa. They tell him they don’t believe a man can change into a woman, and at the end of the trailer tell him they don’t want to go to America, presumably because of the confusion that has been created over the simple question of biological reality.

Once again I want to make the point that I don’t believe anyone should be discriminated against, persecuted or abused simply because they wish to present themselves as a member of the opposite sex. But I do believe that the trans ideology is doing great harm, and needs to be challenged.


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6 Responses to “Trailer for Matt Walsh’s ‘What Is A Woman?’ Documentary”

  1. Jim Round Says:

    Some good points made in this post.
    Again, I cannot help but think the video by Mr Walsh will be little more than “othering”
    It is right that these issues need to be discussed, but Trans issues do seem to be the latest hate target from the usual suspects.
    Going back to one of my previous comments, if it wasn’t Trans issues, it would be another minority or marginalised group getting flak.
    On the subject of activists, several centuries and decades have been filled with them. A certain Telegraph reading YouTuber has books published criticising suffragettes, likening them to terrorists.
    I do not find it surprising that any activists that rebel or protest against “mainstream” opinion (Extinction Rebellion, Just Stop Oil etc… regardless of personal beliefs wether they are right or wrong)
    Are always smeared and sneered at by predictable outlets.
    Anyone who wants to sensibly discuss these issues are soon shouted down and ridiculed, cancel culture eh…

    • beastrabban Says:

      There are some real issues with the trans movement and ideology, Trev, that desperately need to be tackled. But I agree with you that there is an element of political opportunism in it. The culture war presents a set of emotive issues apart from bread and butter issues like the economy, the failure of neoliberalism, growing inequalities of wealth and the impoverishment of ordinary people of all colours. Though they’re doing their best to blame it all on Biden in America. But ,many critics of the trans ideology are on the left, and many of the supporters and promoters of the trans ideology are very definitely on the right, so that it’s not simply a case of the trans-supporting left versus gender critical right. And from what I gather the contemporary trans movement isn’t a movement of the grassroots poor – it comes from the corporate elite.
      As for the right accusing the suffragettes of terrorism, a few years ago feminists were making the distinction between suffragettes and suffragists. The suffragettes were the militant part of the movement responsible for smashing windows. I’ve heard that some of them did firebomb buildings, although I’d want to see this corroborated. The suffragists were the peaceful demonstrators for women’s right to vote. At the time I’m thinking of, back in the ’80s or ’90s, feminists were laying more stress on the Suffragists rather than the violent section of the movement. But you could argue that their violence was justified through their exclusion from the franchise.

      • Jim Round Says:

        Yes, I agree that there are issues and they are very real, though I would say all ideologies have issues. It is the apparent failure to have reasoned debates on the subject.
        Another example I would give is the difference between Islam and Islam fundamentals, often we are told that “you cannot criticise Islam” knowing full well that you can, just that more often than not, the debate descends into racism and/or Islamophobia.
        If I remember correctly, a Muslim scholar offered to debate Tommy Robinson, as far as I know, Robinson declined and/or ignored the offer.
        On the subject of sources, can I ask how reputable historians verify their source material?
        I will give a crude example, I could say a London Double Decker bus was found buried at The South Pole, my source would be the Sunday Sport.
        Yes, it is an extreme example, but no worse than what some newspapers have printed over the years.

  2. Mark Pattie Says:

    Ironically isn’t Caitlin Jenner (America’s most celebritised trans woman) a Republican. I’m certainly critical of trans ideology where it overrides historical accuracies- for instance, I think it would be inaccurate to suggest that *Caitlin* Jenner won medals in the ’76 Olympics- she did, but as *Bruce* Jenner (she only transitioned in 2014). Although I am convinced that Matt Walsh is a genuine, outright *trans-phobe* rather than just a Sceptic.

    • beastrabban Says:

      I think you’re right about Caitlin Jenner being a Republican. I’ve also got a feeling that despite being trans, he/she isn’t a supporter of gay marriage, which certainly seems contradictory.

      • Mark Pattie Says:

        Speaking of contradictory conservatives, Douglas Murray seems to idolise Viktor Orban (President of Hungary and a raving homophobe) whilst also saying how homophobic Islam is. Whilst I’ve no doubt some, if not most, Muslim countries ban homosexual activity, others are more liberal (Lebanon and, ironically, Turkey). The hypocrisy is stunning.

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