Keir Starm Denies Breaking Lockdown Rules, But Will Step Down If Fined

I just got this email from Starmer

‘Ever since the first covid lockdown, I have always followed the rules. 

In that time, the British people have made heart-wrenching sacrifices. 

People were left desperately lonely. 

They were separated from family and friends tragically, many were unable to see dying loved ones. 

This was a collective sacrifice. 

People were entitled to expect that politicians would follow the same rules as everyone else. 

When my mother-in-law passed away suddenly just before the lockdown, my wife and I were unable to provide her father with the support we wanted to afterwards, because we followed the rules.  

Barely a day has passed where we haven’t agonised over that decision, but we did it, because we followed the rules.  

We all found those rules frustrating at times –

And I’m no exception to that. 

I had to isolate six times during covid, pulling me away from my work and the things that I love. 

But I did it, because we followed the rules.  

The idea that I would then casually break those rules is wrong. 

And frankly I don’t believe those accusing me believe it themselves. 

They are just trying to feed cynicism, to get the public to believe all politicians are the same. 

I am here to say they’re not. 

I believe in honour, integrity and the principle that those who make the laws must follow them. 

And I believe that politicians who undermine that principle, undermine trust in politics, undermine our democracy, and undermine Britain. 

I am absolutely clear that no laws were broken. 

They were followed at all times. 

I simply had something to eat while working late in the evening. 

As any politician would do days before an election. 

But if the police decide to issue me with a fixed penalty notice, 

I would, of course, do the right thing and step down. 

This matters. 

It matters because the British public deserve politicians who think the rules apply to them. 

They deserve politicians who hold themselves to the highest standards. 

And they deserve politicians who put the country first, rather than themselves. 

They will always – always – get that from me. 

Thank you. 

Keir Starmer
Leader of the Labour Party’

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8 Responses to “Keir Starm Denies Breaking Lockdown Rules, But Will Step Down If Fined”

  1. trev Says:

    “I simply had something to eat while working late in the evening.”

    Washed down with a couple of beers, together in a room full of other people…

    Not that I personally particularly care but I can see why others might be upset by all the revelations about such actions. To me it’s all a bit of a diversion, on both sides, and I want to know what those in power propose to do about the economic crisis, how are people meant to cope without government intervention, when will the wealth be shared so that we no longer need foodbanks, etc. Never mind who ate a cheese sandwich or drank a shandy, when does Starmer think is a the right time to introduce a Unconditional Basic Income and re-Nationalise the Utilities?

    • beastrabban Says:

      Those4 should be the real issues that determine his fate, but they aren’t. Just as the Tory destruction of everything good and decent in our country should be making people demand Bozo’s resignation, not partygate.

      • trev Says:

        Precisely. Breaking lockdown rules, however disappointing, is the very least they’ve done to the people of this country. Profiteering and cronyism with Covid PPE, as with the sale of public assets such as the Royal Mail shares fiasco and subsequent property portfolio carve-up, not to mention the destruction of Social Security and the deaths that caused, and the Bedroom Tax, cutting public spending to the bone, lying about building more hospitals, lying about cuts to Policing, the list goes on, Cameron even Privatised Air/Sea Rescue for God’s sake, nothing is safe, they would sell their own grandmother if they could.

  2. Brian Burden Says:

    Is this for real, BR, or is it an extended parody? I imagine as a former DPP Kier has sufficient inside contacts to feel safe from prosecution whatever the rights and wrongs. It is ridiculous that a man who has done so much harm to party machinery, membership and morale should be pursued by slavering journos for supposed minor infractions of the covid rules.

    • beastrabban Says:

      I think it’s for real, though there is more than an element of theatre in it. I’ll wait and see if he resigns, as you can’t trust anything he says after they way he’s broken so many promises and corrupted the Labour party.

  3. Brian Burden Says:

    P.S. New headline: “Starmer pledges to resign if hell freezes over!”

  4. Mark Pattie Says:

    It’s obvious Starmer has no principles. If he does resign, I only hope that it’s not Streeting who replaces him. I think Lisa Nandy might.

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