The Internationale in Yiddish

This comes from Fenkow’s channel on YouTube, and is sung by Karsten Troyke. Unfortunately, it is all in Yiddish, and although the explanatory piece on the song’s YouTube page gives the lyrics in Hebrew and Latin letters, there’s no English translation. But I’m putting it up anyway because it’s another reminder that Jews formed a vital part of the international Marxist and socialist working class movement. This is, however, very much contrary to the current Blairite leadership of the Labour party, to whom such brothers and sisters are ‘the wrong kind of Jews’. Indeed, while Corbyn was in power one wretched female Labour politico declared that socialism was anti-Semitic, because it was anti-capitalist. She therefore expressed the same anti-Semitic identification of Jews with capitalism and business that Hitler and the Nazis did. And the Blairite purge of socialists and critics of Israel is chiefly directed against Jews. Four-fifths of those expelled are Jewish, with Jewish groups supportive of Corbyn and socialism, like Jewdas and Jewish Voice for Labour, particularly attacked. As for the attack on Marxists and socialists, Tony Benn observed decades ago that once the witch hunters had finished with the Marxists, they’d start on the socialists. And this is happening to decent people ,whether they’re Jews or not.

Jewish socialists have always been a part of the Labour party alongside their non-Jewish brothers and sisters. It is grossly anti-Semitic to throw them out. They, and everyone else who has been falsely smeared and purged, should be reinstated with an apology.


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18 Responses to “The Internationale in Yiddish”

  1. trev Says:

    I didn’t even vote in the locals I’m so disgusted and disillusioned with Labour. Then to see Starmer on the news celebrating in the street loudly declaring that “we’ve turned Labour around”, sickening.

    • beastrabban Says:

      I’m sure you weren’t alone. And perhaps that’s why the turn-out was so poor. As for Starmer, I didn’t see that bit, and I’m glad I didn’t.

      • Mark Pattie Says:

        Now it’s come out in the washing machine that *Sir* Keir Starmer *QC* attended his own lockdown party. I hope he resigns and that possibly Becky Long-Bailey takes over. She’d be an *actual* opposition to the Tories, which Labour badly needs.

      • beastrabban Says:

        Too right, Mark. I saw something on one of the news flashes on YouTube that said that Diane Abbott had said that if he’s the subject of a public inquiry, he should reason. I’ve mixed feelings about Abbott – sometimes I think she’s as good as gold, other times I could cheerfully throttle her. But she’s absolutely right here.

    • Cloverleaf Says:

      • Brian Burden Says:

        All but one or two of the Labour MPs in parliament were elected when Corbyn was still leader and therefore have his qualified stamp of approval. My advice, come the GE, is to google the candidate standing in your area to confirm he is a safe and clean pair of hands. I personally would not vote for anybody associated with the JLM or who openly campaigned against Corbyn. The rest I give the benefit of the doubt. A strong opposition party is essential, even when led by a baboon with a pink rosette. Talk of abstaining is playing into the hands of this vile government which is already taking steps, via the voter ID legislation, to deprive the poor and the old of the right to vote. Vote for the candidate, not the party. Mark Pattie – I would have thought Long-Bailley’s utterly lacklustre performance in the leadership contest makes her absolutely the last person one would want as opposition leader. She deserves sympathy for the shoddy treatment Starmer meted out to her, but not our votes.

  2. Cloverleaf Says:

    Tories and Labour are two wings on the same bird I wouldn’t waste my time voting for either of them, they’re a waste of space.

  3. Cloverleaf Says:

    When I look at political parties I see greedy pigs around a trough lol.

  4. Brian Burden Says:

    I think you meant “resign”, not “reason”! It’s more than ever essential to make use of the small remaining bit of democratic power we have by voting. The tories realise this, which is why they are enacting legislation on voter ID which will effectively disenfranchise the old and the poor. Abstention achieves absolutely nothing.

    • trev Says:

      ‘Not-so-Red’ Ed Miliband’s Blue Labour abstained from voting against the Tory Welfare reforms. If they can abstain then so can I. I can’t bring myself to vote for a Labour Party with Rachel Reeves involved, or Starmpit.

      • Brian Burden Says:

        Hi Trev. My priority is to see this vile govt replaced by something less toxic, which is why abstaining is pointless and self-defeating! IMO the Corbyn camp shot themselves in the foot by putting up Long Bailey as their leadership candidate, a nice girl, no doubt, but utterly insipid and uncharismatic. Had they put up John McDonnell, he would have had Bozo and his chums fleeing with their tails between their legs, and would never have humiliated Jeremy or launched the witch-hunt.

      • trev Says:

        Oh I agree I would dearly love to be rid of the vile Tory menace, they are public enemy number one, but replace them with what or whom? If it was just a case of replacing them with absolutely anything, a donkey with a red rosette, fine I would go for that but Rachel Reeves is far more harmful than any such ‘donkey’ and has already stated that the Labour Party does not represent the interests of the unemployed, “if you’re on Benefits then Labour is not the party for you”. She doesn’t want my vote, or presumably the votes if the other 2 million people in receipt of JSA /ESA or all the millions of people on Universal Credit. We are an inconvenience for her and for Labour.

      • Brian Burden Says:

        There is some hope in the fact that most of the sitting Labour MPs are pre-Starmer and, if Starmer wins enough seats to form a government,or coalition, they will, I hope, show a bit of spine and dig their heels in if he tries anything too obnoxious. My main concern is to avert the complete abolition of the welfare state and the NHS, which I think is the tories’ not very hidden agenda. It would be great if Jeremy made a grand return with his own new party, but the obstacles are enormous and I think Jeremy is too old and tired to summon up the necessary energy..

  5. Brian Burden Says:

    Have you sent a copy of the Internationale in Yiddish to the Chief Rabbit?

  6. Brian Burden Says:

    You say that four fifths of Starmer’s expulsions are Jewish. Is that really the case? If so, it’s extremely useful ammo to use in debate. Please confirm, if possible giving source.

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