Happy Easter Everyone!

I hope the readers and commenters on this blog are all enjoying this beautiful Easter bank holiday weekend. I haven’t put up posts for a few days for a couple of reasons. One was that I felt too ill and tired a few days ago, and the other is because, well, the weather’s just too good to write about horrible stuff that makes me angry. Not that there isn’t any shortage of that kind of material, not with Johnson and his wretched cronies in power, destroying people’s lives and dignity. Grrr! There are definitely several issues I want to attack and comment on, so expect a few posts on them shortly.

But in the meantime, I wish you all a great, relaxing and happy weekend. And don’t let the Tories or Blairites grind you down.


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2 Responses to “Happy Easter Everyone!”

  1. Brian Burden Says:

    Happy Easter! Hope you’ll feel better for the holiday!

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