Another Step to Nazi Terror as Starmer and Lammy Mobbed Following Johnson Savile Slurs

Yesterday we had the unedifying spectacle of Labour leader Keir Starmer and MP David Lammy having to be protected by the rozzers, who bundled them hurriedly into their waiting cars. Stalin and Lammy were surrounded by a group of angry paranoiacs, who seemed to believe that the Labour leader was involved in some nasty conspiracies. Some shouted questions about Covid, suggesting they came from that part of the population that thinks that the lockdown is unnecessary, or, worse, that the pandemic is a ruse devised by the globalists to seize absolute totalitarian power through the imposition of the lockdown. I also heard someone shout at Starmer a question about him being a member of the New World Order. This is a conspiracy theory that’s been around for decades. It holds that there is some kind of Masonic/ Satanic plot to create a one-world totalitarian state. This has been going on for centuries and the American Revolution was one part of it. Washington DC is supposed to have been laid out in Masonic symbolism, and the occult, Masonic nature of the new American republic is shown in the design on the back of the dollar bill. This shows the eye in the pyramid as the slogan ‘Novo Ordo Saeculorum’ – ‘New World Order’. This theory became particularly widespread in the 1990s following George Bush senior’s comments during Gulf War I about creating a ‘new world order’. These were the same words Hitler used to describe the new international and political order he was going to build. And while some versions of the theory claim that the conspirators are just Freemasons and Satanists, I’ve got a feeling that others also blame the Jews, or at least the big Jewish banking families like the Rothschilds.

But the main accusation being thrown at Starmer was that he deliberately avoided prosecuting Jimmy Savile. But Starmer didn’t. He was unaware at the time that there were three witnesses willing to testify, and assumed there was only one. And I think she may have been unwilling to bring charges in the absence of other, supporting testimony. Hence he was advised that the prosecution would not succeed. It’s for that reason, I believe, that Starmer didn’t prosecute. And very definitely not because he had any ulterior motive or connection to Savile.

But that’s the allegation that’s been made by our utterly unprincipled liar of a Prime Minister. Members of his own party have condemned it, and cabinet officers have resigned. Yet Johnson refuses to retract or apologise.

Some particularly unscrupulous politicians have done this before. Lyndon Johnson, discussing what tactics they were going to use against a rival politician with his campaign team, is supposed to have said that they would accuse the man, a farmer, of f***ing his pigs. HIs team were shocked, and told LBJ that he couldn’t say that. To which Johnson is supposed to have replied ‘Let him prove it’.

But the tactic was used further back by another, totally malign politico and his supporters: Adolf Hitler. In addition to the usual lies and propaganda about Jews and the ‘November criminals’ who signed the Treaty of Versailles and formed the governing coalition of the doomed Weimar Republic, the Nazis also spread lies and vitriol about individual politicians and officials. This included declaring that one of the republic’s police chiefs was Jewish as part of his anti-Semitic smears, even though the man was a gentile. And the Nazis accompanied their lies and smears with grotesque violence, not just through coup attempts and the savagery of the ‘Night of the Long Knives’, but also in paramilitary street gangs attacking and fighting Jews and ‘Marxists’. One of them used to sing a repulsive little ditty about fighting ‘until the Jew lies bleeding at our feet’.

As far as I know, the paranoiacs who mobbed Starmer and Lammy aren’t members of the Tory party or any paramilitary organisation. Nor do I believe that they have any personal connection with Johnson. But they are clearly acting in his favour by believing his lies and seeking to intimidate Stalin and Lammy accordingly. It’s not quite the same as the Nazis’ tactics, but it’s not far off.

And it shows that Johnson is an active threat to this country’s democracy by following the Nazi tactic of lies and smears intended to provoke mob violence.

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11 Responses to “Another Step to Nazi Terror as Starmer and Lammy Mobbed Following Johnson Savile Slurs”

  1. trev Says:

    It seemed like a rather disparate bunch of assorted crackpot, almost as if the Savile jibes were chanted as a random aside, the main focus of the mob’s gripes being more concerned with Covid-denial/anti-vax/anti-lockdown sentiments and Starmer’s (understandable) cooperation with the Government throughout much of the pandemic rather than voicing opposition to lockdown procedures and safety measures. There were also some weirdos who were invoking the Magna Carta and accusing Starmer of not recognising their ‘Rights’ under such to be exempt from the Law! I think these crackpot have been wanting to have a go at Starmer for a while, Savile or not.

    • beastrabban Says:

      I get your point, and I’m sure you’re right, but Johnson throwing around the Savile gibe didn’t help. As for the nutters ranting about Magna Carta, they got into Private Eye for trying to take over a library somewhere. They argued that they couldn’t be arrested for it, as it was a public building and therefore they, as members of the public, had a perfect right to occupy it.

      • trev Says:

        They are either some form of Anarchist or perhaps an English version of Libertarian, no doubt influenced by the American “Freeman” notion. The mob surrounding Starmer also included at least one bloke waving or carrying an England flag, so probably some Rightwing extremists amongst them too.

      • beastrabban Says:

        It looks like they’re more Libertarian than Anarchist, Trev, and it really wouldn’t surprise me if the ‘Freeman’ and ‘sovereign citizen ideologies ain’t in there somehwere.

  2. Jim Round Says:

    It was Resistance GB, Will Coleshill is involved, he is an ex Tory councillor.
    Yes, its Twitter, but ….

  3. Brian Burden Says:

    Zionist schmionist! The mob’s real beef was Starmer’s alleged protection of paedos! I missed this post until just now, so I commented on the incident on one of your other posts. So far as Starmer is concerned, I see this as a case of chickens coming home to roost for his witch-hunting of his loyal membership on the basis of bogus anti-Semite slurs, and I feel no sympathy at all for him personally. But it marks a v sinister development in UK politics. Bozo is using Trump’s tactic of firing up the mob against his opponents. It wasn’t a throwaway comment in the heat of debate; it was a cold, calculating libel and marks the way Bozo and his pals in party and media plan to fight the next GE campaign. I think the best way of combating it is to follow Bozo’s example of delving into the past, and dusting off the innumerable outrages committed by the Bullingdon Club while he was a member – inviting a musician to bring along her priceless spinet for a recital and then smashing the thing up, public shagging with tarts at Bullingdon banquets, and so on and so forth. Throw enough mud at Bozo and he will retreat like the coward he is. Let him get away with it, and more mud will be thrown at the Left!

    • beastrabban Says:

      Thanks, Brian. It does seem that the mob were chiefly enraged by Starmer’s refusal to challenge the lockdown, but you’re absolutely right about Bozo’s Savile slur being calculated to rouse his supporters to mob action.

      I’m afraid I know very little about the Bullingdon club, except that they were very entitled toffs who went around smashing things up. It sounds a bit like the Assassin’s Club, which was another bunch of rich hoorays, who supposedly paid restauranteurs to allow them to smash up their premises. I hadn’t heard about the prostitutes, but it really, honestly, doesn’t surprise me. Not after seeing that photo of our former chancellor Gideon Osborne sat next to a madam with a line of coke in front of him.

      But I have to say that what really outrages me is the insult to the pianist and the destruction of her spinet. I’ve a very strong interest in early music – I used to subscribe to ‘Harpsichord and Fortepiano’ for a time – and some of these early keyboard instruments are so richly decorated in themselves that they’re works of art. Frankly, I’m horrified as this is just sheer, utter philistine vandalism. How can anyone do something like that, and then bleat about the threat to British culture and values? Or sneer at chavs for being uncultured riff-raff? And with that level of contempt for culture, how on Earth can they be considered fit and proper people to decide what we should have in our museums and art galleries and taught in our schools?

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